King Of Hearts Saturday 21st December 2019 Update On Zee World

This is King Of Hearts Saturday 21st December 2019 Update On Zee World.

King Of Hearts Saturday 21 Dec. 2019 Update On Zee World

Roshni continues to act drunk.She calls Payal but Payal ignores her.She walks over to Payal and Mittul pulls her back.Naina asks Roshni why she’s creating a scene.
Roshni says she’s not.She pulls Ria and spins her around then throws her to Neil.

Ria and Neil stare at one another.This upsets Payal.Roshni asks Neil if he thinks she doesn’t know anything.

She tells Ria that she saw her cooking for Neil and he liked it.
Payal is shocked.
Roshni tells Naina that she saw Ria cover Neil with a blanket when he was shivering and she was crying for him.
She says Ria likes Neil.
She continues to act drunk and making everyone uncomfortable.
Payal pulls Roshni and Roshni slaps her.
Everyone is shocked.
Roshni makes fun of how her makeup looks.
Payal tries to hit her back but Roshni docks.
Roshni says she likes Sid a lot.
Mittul panics and realises Roshni actually took the pudding with the powder.

She calls Sid and explains that a cockroach distracted her and she must have given Roshni the wrong pudding so he needs to come and help out before Roshni blurts out their plans.
Roshni tells everyone that Sid keeps trying to get her to go along with his plans.
A ball comes out of nowhere and hits her on the head.
She starts crying.
Mittul takes her to the room.
In the morning, Neil slips and falls as he’s leaving his room.
Ria sees him and runs into the room.
Roshni is about to go to him but she pretends to be asleep when she sees Ria.

Payal calls Ria out of the room.
She asks herself if she made a mistake by bringing Ria to the house as she’s beginning to fall for Neil again.
Sid, Raj and Bunty are still setting up the office.
Sid complains that the actors he hired didn’t show up.
Raj suggests they postpone the meeting.
Sid says it has to happen today so that he can give Neil his property back.

Raj asks what they will do.
Raj asks Bunty for suggestions.
Payal is about to leave the house with Mittul for the meeting with Sid.
Mittul complains that something is wrong with her sandals.

Payal tells her to fix it as Payal doesn’t wait for anyone.
Mittul goes back into the house to pick some cubes of sugar.
Sid asks Raj what they will do as the actors didn’t show up.
Raj says he has a plan.
Payal and Mittul are on their way.
The driver complains that the car stopped.
Payal tells him to fix it.
There is a flashback of Mittul putting the cubes of sugar she took from the dining into the fuel compartment of the car.

Raj brings some actors who are terrible at acting.
They keep forgetting their lines.
Bunty and Sid train them on how to act and pretend to speak Chinese.
Sid tells them it’s their attitude that matters and not what they say.
Naina goes to meet Ria in her room.
She talks to her nicely and tells her that Neil never got over her and it seems destiny has brought them together.

King Of Hearts Saturday 21st December 2019 Update On Zee World

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Ria asks what she really wants
Naina says she wants to talk.
Naina tells her to tell the sad stories to her family instead.
Neil enters the room and berates Ria for speaking rudely to his mother.
She says if he finds out what his mother did, he would react differently.
Roshni is eavesdropping.
She wonders what Naina did.
Payal arrives at the fake office for the meeting.
Sid tells her to think of it as her own office.
She says it will be the first time he’s talking nicely to her.
He introduces her to the fake Chinese men.
They overact and manage to confuse Payal.

She asks why they are greeting her the Japanese way.
Sid, Bunty and Raj panic.
Sid says both countries are close so the men travel back and forth
Payal doesn’t buy it.
Sid distracts her with a compliment on her looks.
The men continue to overact.
Roshni rushes into the office and says Payal stole her shares.
She lunges at Payal but Sid holds her back.
He calls security to take her away.
Payal is still shaken.
Sid and Raj shake hands with the Chinese men.
Sid tells her that the deal has been done.
Payal says she needs time to think about it.

Next day, Roshni is in the office with Sid.
He says he doesn’t know what to do as his plans failed with Payal.
Roshni tells him all that happened between Ria, Neil and Naina.
Payal walks into the office building.
Sid’s secretary phones to alert him.
Roshni hides in a cupboard.
Payal sprays some perfume as she is about to enter the office.
She is wearing a sexy pink dress.
She looks at him flirtatiously.
She sits on his desk, right in front of him.

Sid is uncomfortable
She asks how she looks in her gown.
He tells her that she looks ravishing.
She grabs him and says nobody has ever stood up to her.
Sid says he wants to turn on the air condition.
He runs to the other side of the room.
She goes to him and says they are about to go into a deal but they don’t really know each other.
Sid stutters.

She gives him an invitation to dinner.
He says okay.
When she leaves, he opens the cupboard and Roshni hits him with a folder and accuses him of flirting.
He says he didn’t flirt but she invited him to dinner so they can get the deal signed.
Roshni tells him to go to dinner.
She says she will go to the house and try to get Naina out so that Neil and Ria can get close.
Sid is at the restaurant with Payal.
She rubs his leg with her foot and he jumps off the chair.
She says nobody has ever said no to her.

He calls the waiter.
When their order is brought, Payal ignores her food and just stares at Sid.
He gets a message from Roshni telling him to flirt back.
He turns and sees her seated at another table, wearing a hijab.
Payal offers Sid some alcohol.
He says he’s observing a fast.
Payal orders juice.
Sid asks the waiter if he’s sure it’s just juice.

Roshni sends him a message to stop looking at her and pay attention to Payal.
Sid turns to watch Roshni.
Payal slips something in his drink.
Sid takes a sip of his drink then he starts paying Payal compliments on her looks.

He goes overboard and Roshni is jealous.
Payal then makes him drink some wine.
Roshni gets worried.
Sid starts to ramble.
Roshni sends him a message to end the drama.

Payal tells him she booked a room for them where she will sign the document.
Roshni in surprised.
Sid tells Payal that after signing the document, they will leave.
She says okay.
Roshni is upset.
Payal takes Sid into the room.
He says it seems she’s up to something else as he can’t see the documents.

She goes into the bathroom to change.
Roshni enters the room to drag Sid out.

This is the end of King Of Hearts Saturday 21st December 2019 Update On Zee World

Payal returns to the room and is surprised to find him gone.

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