King Of Hearts Monday 23rd December 2019 Update


This is King Of Hearts Monday 23rd December 2019 Update.

King Of Hearts Monday 23 December 2019 Update

The Episode starts with Sid telling Raj that he will meet Payal Walia. Payal Walia is seen going on a stage. She addresses to the media and thanks them.

She says hers company was small before, but become big with time. She says she is taking over Sen Gupta company and will be CEO of the company. Reporter asks how is Neil? Payal says Neil is unwell and is unable to run the company. She says his family should get him treated. Reporter says Ragini was running the company as CEO and you have sent her behind bars on attempt to murder charges.

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She asks Ria to come on stage and tells that Roshni married Neil for money and have attacked my sister. Sid hears her. Ria comes to Neil’s house. Neil asks why did you come here. Ria says this is my house and asks him to leave with his mum. Neil falls down. Naina takes him with her.

Someone informs Payal that Neil Sen Gupta have bailed out his wife. Payal says this is what I was expecting, but until he will save her. Sid says this fool doesn’t know that Roshni’s husband is Siddharth Khurana. He says I know how to make you taste dust. Ragini comes out of cell and asks about Sid. Lawyer says Neil has done this. She comes home. Mitul says you have come home. Roshni says what do you think that I will be there. Ria comes and says your handicapped husband can’t go from one room to another. Naina asks how dare you talk to my bahu like this and is about to slap Ria. Payal comes and holds her hand. She says we are progressive people, but don’t allow servants to slap us.

She introduces herself as Ria’s sister and asks Naina to move from her way. Roshni says talk is not over yet. Payal laughs and says it is over. She asks Ranjeet to bring lemon water for her. Ranjeet refuses. Mitul asks him to bring. Roshni asks Payal to get up. Police comes just then. Payal acts and says she is hurting her. Inspector asks Roshni to come with him and says new case is filed by you. Roshni asks who have put these allegations. Sid comes and says I have done. Neil asks what is happening? Why you are blaming my wife. Sid tells Roshni that their relation is purely professional now. Neil tries to interfere.

Sid says you people are lucky. He tells Neil that you and your wife have ruined Khurana enterprise name. He says he is Siddharth Khurana. He says I don’t want to see their faces and asks Inspector to take them. Payal intervenes. Sid asks who are you? Do you want me to talk to you like this. Payal says this is my house and how can you talk to me in this tone. Sid asks Payal if she is woken up. He says I think you are in dream world, if you wake up then you could see that I am not interested to talk to you. He asks her not to interfere and asks Inspector to take them away. Roshni asks what is this drama? Sid says you will know when you reach to Police station.

This is the end of King Of Hearts Monday 23rd December 2019 Update

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