Jodhaa Akbar Sunday 15 November 2020 Update

Jodhaa Akbar Sunday 15 November 2020 Update

Jodhaa Akbar Sunday 15th November 2020 Update: On Jodhaa Akbar Sunday 15 November 2020 Update, Jodha and Jalal are lying on the bed, Jodha says I should leave now, Jalal says dont go, Jodha says I have to go to Aram bano, you know she can’t sleep without listening story, Jalal says I can’t sleep without you, please stay here tonight, Jodha says no, Jalal says its king’s order, Jodha laughs and says you are stubborn like a small kid, Jalal says I won’t let you go, Jodha says then Aram will come, Jalal says let her come, DasI comes and says BakshI and some people want to meet you in garden, Jodha says but she went to pilgrimage.

Jalal comes and meet caravan of who were going for pilgrimage, BakshI says we were stopped and said that Indian’s are banned in Saudia, Salima says crown ceremony has not done and they have started putting sanctions, we should stop the ceremony, Jodha says but Salim will get hurt, Jalal says the ceremony will happen at a given time only.
Salim comes to Dargah to pray, he gives some coins and says to distribute in poor in name of late Rashid Khan, Anarkali comes there and listens to this, she greets Salim, he looks at her, Salim says your father died because of me, I can’t ask sorry to him so praying to God to forgive me, soon I will become king, I want to serve people and will make sure that no one is hurt in my nation, Anar says I am happy to see you happy, I was tensed seeing you that night in pain, Salim says thank God you were there that night else my life would have stopped that day, Anar puts a hand to stop him from saying anything, Salim touches her hand, she blushes at first but then moves away and says this is wrong.

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Salim says hiding you feel it wrong, you love someone and dont tell him, this is wrong, I love you a lot, she stops him and says some things are better not to be said, I am your servant only, I can’t be your love, Salim says you are not servant or dancer for me, you are Nadira for me, you are that AnarklaI who loved me as a common soldier, Anar says that Anarkali died when she wore ghungroos, now this Anar is dancer, I dont deserve your love now, she turns away, Salim thinks that the day I become king, I will marry you and will make you Queen of India, this is my promise, he leaves, Anar prays to God that in what situation I am in, I can’t tel the one I love and also I can’t deny my love, she thinks to say bye to him but then thinks that my one move towards him can give him hope and can destroy Mann bai’s life.


Jalal ask to start the ceremony, a crown is presented to him, Jalal says this ceremony ws stopped earlier but I will complete is today and I wanna see who can stop me, he says I am giving crown to.. prince Murad, all are shocked, he comes to Murad and makes him wear crown, SAlim is shocked, Jalal says he is my legal son, I dont think Iran’s king will have any problem and he will not stop people from going to pilgrimage and Jodha will not have to change religion, ambassador says good, Jodha says what Jalal did, Salima says Salim is so hurt, Jalal looks at Salim and says I dont think anyone should have any problem with my decision as my its king’s decision.
Salim is angry un his room, Jodha comes there and says I know what happened today was wrong, Salim says you said that when son becomes young, the father becomes his friend, he says I dont have problem that he made my brother Murad wear the crown but why did he insult me like this infront of all, Jodha says I am hurt what happened with you, Salim says no one can do anything, you can’t talk to Jalal, I didnt have problem with making Murad next king but Jalal has to answer that why did he insult me, why did he not gve me my right, he leaves from there angrily, Jodha is tensed.

The episode continued on Jodhaa Akbar Sunday 15 November 2020 Update as Jalal is standing near weighing machine, Jodha comes there and says you did justice, you gave happiness to one son and made other one hurt, you wanted to make people so you hurt your son, Jalal says you think it was for me, ask me why did you go to village and serve people, Jodha sys ou serve people as Marium Zamani, Jalal says as king I have to serve people too, I can’t take basice rights from people, flashback shows that how Birbal informs Jalal that caravans are stopped from going to pilgrimage, Jalal says this is so wrong, this is right of every Muslim, Fazal says we cat go for war, we were in problem from many days and this war make us more weak, Jalal says we have to over-rule king of Iran, I will fight this war with my mind, I will give crown to Murad for time being to fool Iran’s king, fb ends, Jodha says but how will you handle everyone, how will you remove the rift between two brothers, today one side is your family and other side is nation, I am asking you to tell Salim everything, he can think that you didnt think about him infront of nation, Jalal says I wanted to talk to him but I know I will get weak if I talk to him, I now he is hurt with me but trust me that crown is of Salim only, Murad will not sit on throne, I will explain everything to Salim on right time, Jodha is tensed.

This is the end of Jodhaa Akbar Sunday 15 November 2020 Update on zee world.


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