Jodhaa akbaar Saturday 14 November 2020 Update

Jodhaa akbaar Saturday 14 November 2020 Update
Jodhaa akbaar Saturday 14 November 2020 Update

Jodhaa Akbaar Saturday 14th November 2020 Update: On Jodhaa akbaar Saturday 14 November 2020 Update, Salim is in thoughts, he recalls how he saved AnarkalI from snake, how she took his hand to get up, he says anarkali, Queen of India, it feels good to listen to it, Ruks comes there, she ask did you try to find out why Iranis stopped Jalal from giving you crown? Salim says I would have asked them but Jalal said he will handle them, he said he will make me wear crown on pious day, Ruks says you are innocent, you can’t get crown and throne, Iranis want Jodha to accept Islam so that you become legal Muslim and only then you will get throne, Jalal is trying to find out way, they didnt tell you about it but there is one problem, Jalal will not ask Jodha to change religion so maybe for his promise to Jodha, he will destroy your future, Salim is shocked.

Salim comes to Jalal and says ask why did you stop giving me a crown? tell me clearly that you dont want me to become king, why you are not letting me enter any meeting? Jalal says you wanna know whats my decision? Salim nods, Jalal shows him throne and says this has many pricks, king has to answer many question, this throne makes you away from family, they make brothers enemy, what you think you will get everything by getting this throne? no it will take away your sleep, it was me only who wanted to make you king, I was making you wear crown but I will never force Jodha to change religion, I ask future king Salim that what would be his decision if he was in my place? give answer to yourself, he leaves, Salim thinks.

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Jodha brings food for Salim, he says I am not hungry Maruim Zamani, Jodha ask what happened? Salim says you knew everything even then you didnt tell me, Iranis asked you to changed religion to make me king and you didnt inform me, Jodha says I didnt want to get hurt, Jalal will find way to solve the problem, Salim says Jalal has asked me to find solution and tell him, Jodha says Jalal has solved many problems but this problem has involved his loved ones, you, me and nation, he wants to know what you would decide, he wants to check you, Salim says but this decision is for me only, Jodha says when son is raised, the father wants son to take charge of everything, you have to become king, you will have to handle every matter, have faith in you, I am sure you will solve this matter too, when you feel hungry, eat foo, I have made it with love for you, she leaves, Salim is impressed.

Jalal is getting ready, Jodha is making him wear a coat, she ask him to stand straight, Jalal ask why you seem miffed with me? Jodha says why did you put Salim in this problem? Jalal says I want to know what would be his answer, his opinion matters, Jodha says I dont know anything but Salim should not be in problem, Jalal says Salim is future king, he has to solve these problems, Jodha says I know you want to make him big king but why you take weird steps, Jalal says I am weird that’s why you like me, I promise I won’t let anything wrong happen.

Daniyal says to Murad that Jalal wants Salim to answer king of Iran, how can he dare to stop Salim from becoming king, its only Jalal who will decide it, Murad says if needed then we will do war against Iran. Haidar’s uncle thinks that if war happens then Haidar will be benefited.

In court, Salim comes, Jalal looks at him, he greets Jalal, Jalal asks Salim to answer his question infront of all, he says to all ministers that I asked Salim that if was in my place, what would his answer be to this problem, Hamida says to Jodha that this is a test of Salim to become king. Salim says I wanna ask one question, he says when in childhood I hit a guy, you punished me but didnt ask for my opinion then, I want to say that every time I had to follow your orders why? Hamida says enough, dont forget he is the king of India.

The episode continued on Jodhaa akbaar Saturday 14 November 2020 Update as Salim says I am just answering, he says only orders of king matter, everyone has to follow his orders, only king of India will decide that what will happen in India and nobody can stop him, if I was king, I would have not let anyone interfere in our matters, we are self build people and if anyone will try to surpass us then we can answer him with guns, weapons and bravery, Jalal says great, he hugs Salim and says you proved today that you deserve to be king, I am announcing that I will crown Salim, invite ambassadors of Iran too, one priest says that Iran’s king is influential, royal family of Iran is very religious, they follow Islamic rules, they wanted to trade with India but they didnt like it when you cancelled tax from indians, they have helped us in past too, we can’t insult them, Jalal says they have insulted us, everyone in India have freedom to follow any religion, we can’t make India a islamic nation, as Salim said, last decision is fo king so as king I announce that tomorrow is crown ceremony of Salim, Salim smiles.

Ambassadors of Iran gets invitation of the crown ceremony, they say to Jalal’s priest that you know Iran’s king will not like it and Jalal will have to suffer, the priest says I can’t do anything, ambassador says we will come in function to show Jalal that what mistake he has done, king of Iran will not forgive him.
Jalal comes to Harem, hamida says Salim gave a right speech today, Salima says Salim proved that he is talented, Jodha says my son is talented but Jalal always test him, Ruks says good thing is that decision is in Salim’s favour, Jala says I had to take a decision in his favour else I had to bear the wrath of Jodha, Hamida says to Jalal that you rule whole India but my daughter(Jodha) rules you, keep it up Jodha, all smiles, Ruks thinks that I will not let you live in peace Jodha.

This is the end of Jodhaa Akbar Saturday 14 November 2020 Update on zee world.

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