Jodha Akbar Wednesday 25th August 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Wednesday 25th August 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Wednesday 25th August 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Wednesday 25 August 2021, Jalal says Zakira is responsible for this. Jodha says I don’t feel like she is the culprit. Jalal says we have some rules here.
Jalal says the poison has been found from her room and she has to be detained. Zakira says I am not the culprit someone is doing this. She says I feel bad not because I am being captured but the real culprit is still at large. Take care of the king. That person might do this again.

Sakina says to her sister that this is our wedding age and our mom is doing the nikkah. Her sister says don’t you say anything she will kill us if she hears. MahaC comes there and asks whats going on? The elder one says sakina wanna buy some jewelry. She says why are you saying no then. There is going to be a nikkah in the temple. Get what you want. MahaC says you can ask for some and get it here but just know that you can’t go out of the temple. Come and hug me now. Both daughters hugs her.

Jodha says I kept zakira with me. I can’t imagine that she this with shahenshah. SHahenshah saved her life. Shehnaz says why do you worry? Thank God shahenshah is fine now. Jodha says yeah I should be grateful for that. Jodha asks what happened to your hand. She says it got burnt with water. Jodha says take care I asked you so many times.
Jalal comes in there. Shehnaz leaves.
Jodha says you look so tired? Jalal says look at yourself you look more tired. She says come I will massage your head. He says what about your tiresome. Let’s go out we will both feel better.

At the lunch, MahaC asks her daughter sakina to eat. She says I don’t wanna eat. MahaC says I don’t want to. Mahac says I asked you to. She says this sakina is always like this. She is so bad at eating. MahaC asks Haider to eat. She says enjoy it. haider asks what is this? MahaC says it’s the heart of a lion. He says I am not in the mood to eat. She gives Hazir baig. He says this is so good just as you mahac. Its my favorite too just like you.

Jalal says what are you thinking? Jodha says nothing shahenshah. He says now you will conceal thing from me? Jodha says I can’t believe that Zakira did this all to you after so much favor. Jalal says the bottle was found from her room and she is the only one except for moti and shehnaz who can come to your room. She knows much about poison, This shows that she did this. Jodha says I can’t believe it. Jalal says I had no relation with her maybe that’s why. Maybe she did this for someone else. Jodha says she is with me for so long I couldn’t feel anything like this in her mind. They sit. Jodha says zakira was in the temple the whole time where did she bring that poison from? Jalal says I don’t wanna talk about it anymore. Look the weather is so well. I don’t wanna ruin this.
He places his head on her shoulder. He says I feel so peaceful with you. When you are not here I don’t feel good. Jodha says I will always be with you. We have been parted for once I will never leave you again.

Jodha Akbar Wednesday 25th August 2021 Update Zee world: Shehnaz says asks moti where is Jodha? sHe says Jodha is in the angoor bagh with Jalal you are not allowed to go there. sHe says but I will go. I have to show her the jug. She says stop Jodha has seen the jugno before. Shehnaz says stop me if you can. She is about to run she strikes with todar mal. She falls on the floor. Todar mal sees that her hand is burnt. He asks how did this happen? She says nothing just with the water. Moti takes her from there. Todar mal wonders about the same kind of burnt on shehnaz’s hand.

Shehnaz’s room door is being knocked. She wonders whom can it be? She says is that todar mal’s men. She says I will not open. Someone says I am the shahi soldier open it. The lady gives her a letter and says we are with maham. She has sent you the letter.
Shehnaz reads the letter that says don’t worry you have reached the castle. We are not far from win. Our men will soon attack and you will get what you deserve. We will rule now. She says thank God I heard good news.

MahaC comes to prince haider and says I have a request. He says order please. MaahaC our nikkah should be done with simplicity I don’t want the world to know about this nikkah. He says yeah I wanna conceal it to. She holds his hand and says you are so beautiful. There is a light on your face. he says thank you. She cuts his hand with her nails and says you are weak like normal people. You bleed as well. For some people, love starts with pain. The more pain the more gain. He binds a cloth around the cut and kisses it. She leaves.

Adham khan says in his room that shehnaz is not mad. Does that mean she made me a fool? his wife comes in. He asks what are you doing here? She says I hid here so I thought you’d miss me. but you don’t miss me at all. I thought you will look for me and I will shock you. Adahm khan says I am not shocked with the recent thing in the house. She says yeah I heard that there was poison in Jalal’s turban we can’t trust anyone. She says yeah let me check your clothes. Take off your cloth if there is some poison in your clothes. She touches him. He says what are you doing? She says I have checked all the clothes of you and ammi jaan. If there were poison in my clothes I would have been dead. she says how will I ever live without you. What if something happens to my husband.

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Salima says you did so good ammi jan. SHahenshah will be so happy. For a kids there is nothing better than mom’s food. Hamida says I couldn’t do much for him in the childhood. So I feel better when I cook for him now. He like my food too. Jalal comes there. He says ammi jaan I am so happy that you called everyone and made this food. Hamida say I have made your favorite dishes.
She says start it Jalal. Jodha comes and says stop shahenshah. Everyone is shocked. Hamida ask what happened? She says apologize me ammi jan. Jodha says after what has happened we have to check the food.
maham says hamdia made this food. Are you trying to accuse her? Jodha says I am not trying to say that. Ruks says maham is right. THis is disgrace. Jodha says we have to be careful. if someone can come in our room and place poison in shahenshah’s turban then why not in his food? Ruks says you are exceeding your limits. You are accusing hamida.

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