Jodha Akbar Wednesday 18th August 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Wednesday 18th August 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Wednesday 18th August 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Wednesday 18 August 2021, Shehnaz stabbing Jalal is just a dream of her, Jalal asks what happened, why are you looking at my knife, you like it? this was given by my father and I can’t give it to anyone, he leaves, Shehnaz thinks that soon I will get my knife and my throne, now your every breath is in debt to me, you will count your days as soon I will finish you.
Jalal is sleeping, he dreams of Jodha swing baby cot, he says dont swing empty cot, it bad omen, then he sees in his dream Jodha taking out a kid from the cot, Jodha says this cot is not empty, it has our child, Jalal gets up from a dream.

Jodha is doing aarti, Jalal comes there, Jodha says why you came so early, Jalal says I couldnt wait, Jodha says okay take aarti, he takes, Jodha asks what you want to say, Jalal says I saw a beutiful dream. Jodha says the dream of early are said to be true and I witnessed it too, Jalal ask what you had seen and become true, Jodha says before our marriage I dreamt that we were marrying, that time I got angered but now see it became truth, Jalal says you would have got angry on a dream, Jodha says that time things were different, Jalal says I pray that my dream becomes true, Jodhaskssk what saw, Jalal looks at the cot, Jalal says you were swing cot in a dream but cot was not empty, one of my wives took the child out of the cot and was playing with him, my dream broke there but that wife and child is in my mind still, Jodha says then this is very good news for ruks, Jalal says she was not ruks, he puts a hand on her face and says it was you Jodha begum and as you said that early dreams are real so you will become Mario Zamani, Jodha smiles shyly.
soul talk- Jodha says your dram made you excited and happy and now you wanted this to happen, you called me Mario Zamani that day 1st time, you were happy and I was getting peace to see your smile, you were full with emotions and I wanted you to be happy.

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soul talks end, Jalal prays to Kanha and goes from there. Jalal says get ready there is an important announcement in court, he goes.

Jalal and all are present in court, Jalal says today I saw a beautiful dream and it is said that dreams of early morning fulfill. Jalal says that one feeling made me happy, I want to share my all happy with my people. Jalal says tomorrow is a very important day, that day I won against him in the war of Panipat and won throne Agra, Utah says how can we forget that day, we won this sultanate that day, Jalal ask to bring gold coins, he says distribute these coins to all, servants distributes coins in all, there is Hindu idol on one side of the coin, qazi objects, Jalal says see another side too, they see and on another side, there is Allah written on it, Jalal says Allah and Bhagwan are sides of the coin and by running both religion side by side will make the country successful these coins will currency in the country now, he asks to attach to distribute it in common people too, one qazi whispers to other why don’t anyone argue with him other qazi says that Jalal doesn’t listen so who wants to go against him, Jalal looks at Jodha happy face and smiles to her.

Jalal and Jodha are walking, Jalal says I can see you want to say something, Jodha says I liked your idea, Jalal says I know, Jodha says all were happy on this idea of coins, Jalal says some people didnt like it and it really doesnt matter, Jodha says wish ruks was there too, Jalal says she must be embarrass thats why didnt come, Jodha says let bygone be bygone, Jalal says she betrayed me still I forgave her because of you and I want to thank you that you stooped me from doing anything in anger, Jodha says we cant to bad in return of bad and I am happy you didnt punish her and understood her why she did that, Jalal says to leave it to come with me.

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Maham says to Resham what, Resham says I listened to Jodha and Jalal and they both know this fake pregnancy thing and Jodha asked Jalal to forgive ruks, I am feeling bad, Maham says I am feeling bad that ruks didnt got punished even after doing that, that too on Jodha’s insistence, Resham says you were punished but he forgave ruks, Maham says no it’s better to get punished then taking Jodha’s sympathy, Jodha played well, she asked Jalal to forgave ruks and ruks tried to bring Jodha down but instead made her bigger.

Maham comes to ruks, Maham says I felt bad that you got miscarriage, I mean your plan was short termed, the child which was never ther how he can die, ruks says Jalal got to know the truth and he forgave me too that proves that I am his special wife, Maham says it was your luck, ruks says not my luck but my relation with him, Maham says you dont know the truth, his new special wife Jodha asked him to forgive you so he forgave you, ruks says she doesn’t know about it what are you saying, Maham says it maybe that Jodha knew about before Jalal, think when Jalal get to know about bakshi’s cheating he gave her punishment, he used to call me bari ammi but gave me punishment then why he forgave you, because Jodha asked to that not because she cares about to you but she maintained her position in Jalal’s eyes, still Jalal is with you, he didnt break relation with you like me and I promise again that your secret will be secret with me, she leaves, ruks recalls how after miscarriage news, Jalal asked dasi to take cot to Jodha’s room again.

ruks comes to Jodha’s room, Jodha is making garland, ruks puts the foot on it, Jodha says no worry I will another for Krishna, ruks says one side you are acting innocent and Otherside putting me down, Jodha asks what are you saying, ruks says why you bring that cot, you were making fun of me as you knew that I am not pregnant, Jodha says you made fun of things, you played with our emotions, ruks says what you did, you knew about and were doing sympathy, I am not ashamed of my act, I am helpless that you asked Jalal to forgive me, Jodha says what I did was not to put to you down, I could understand why you did that and I made Jalal understand it, I asked Jalal to think about his relationship with you and I am happy that he still think you as his best friend, ruks says I dont take anyone’s
sympathy, when the time will come I will give back your sympathy with interest, she leaves, Jodha says your arrogance makes me sad but I am happy that you will help me sometime.

At night, someone comes into court, it is Shehnaz, Shehnaz looks at the throne in court and says this is my right to sit on it but Jalal is sitting on it forcefully, she sits on it and says I am queen, for the reason I was hiding is finished now, now I will come in open.
Jodha is telling about Yashoda and Krishna to Rahim, Rahim asks about Yashoda’s husband, Jodha says and baba was her husband, Rahim says like here is your husband, she looks up and Jalal is standing there, all smiling, Jalal comes there, Rahim says like Yashoda’s husband, Jalal says is your same like him and your husband, Jodha is shy and ask Rahim to say Parnaam to Jalal, he does, Jalal says to Rahim that Jodha didnt answer your query, Rahim ask her to answer, Jodha says yes he is my husband, Rahim says then when you will have a childlike Yashoda had kanhiyya, Jodha blushes and ask Rahim to go, Jalal smiles broadly.

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