Jodha Akbar Wednesday 15th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Wednesday 15th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Wednesday 15th September 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Wednesday 15 September 2021, Slim puts water on the pigeon’s wound and says I will treat you, the other kid (Murad) comes and says this is mine, I have hunted him, Salim says it’s very bad, look how cute he is, Murad ask his pigeon back, Salim says no I saved him so I won’t give him, Murad asks him to give pigeon, the kids start fighting on pigeon, they all are beating each other when a soldier comes and separates them, Murad says ok let’s go to father, he will decide.

Jalal is practicing sword fighting with one guy, both are fighting with two swords, the guy corners jalal, jalal too grabs him, jalal says very well done khanekhana (probably Rahim), I am happy to get a learner like you, jalal says don’t think from heart when you are in a war. Salim and murad comes there. Salim says to jalal that Murad hunted a pigeon and I saved this pigeon so he is mine, mother says that we should not hit animals, Murad says you also hunt father, Jodha comes there, Jalal says I am understanding the matter, Murad you hunted the pigeon but Salim saved him, savor is greater than hunter so pigeon is of Salim, Jodha says you all are brothers so you should not fight, stay with love, Jodha gives them all parsed, they take it and eats. Jodha then gives jalal, he takes it too, all kids greet jalal and leaves, Jodha stops Salim and says why you played in the mud, jalal says he is kid, anyway today is the birthday of Humayun, I want to gift poor people, there will be a ceremony, he leaves from there, Jodha ask Salim to come, you have to take bath, Salim says again? Jodha says yes.

Murad is with Salima, he says that jalal always favor Salim, I am angry with him, Salima says you are wrong, jalal was right, savor is greater than hunter, Salim is elder to you, you should respect him, Murad says I am Jalal’s son too, Salima says but he is heir to the throne, he will be next king, you should respect him, Murad says I hunted that pigeon it was mine, I didn’t do anything wrong, Salima says you didn’t listen what jalal said to you.
Salim is taking bath in the royal bathtub, Jodha says you should make Murad understand but not fight with him, you should have talked to him, he is your younger brother you should not raise your hand on him, Salim says pigeon would have died if I wasted time in talk. Java’s son Adham comes to her and says jalal also killed many pigeons but now he is saying that savor is greater, I have seen lion’s head in his room, jalal is biased, Javed says don’t talk like this, Adham says why not, I know how is jalal, he killed my father, he had put my grandmother in jail, he is against me, java slaps him and ask him to stop it.

Jodha gets ready in her room, Zaikra says today is humayun’s birthday so marium zamani should look good, jalal comes there and says aren’t you ready? she says I am, jalal looks at her, and says one thing is less? Jodha ask what? jalal puts black spot under her ear and says be safe from evil eye, he ask about Salim? Jodha says he is not ready, jalal says he is my son, how he saved pigeon, I am impressed, he is my son after all, Jodha says when he is naughty then he is my son? and when he do good then he is your son, jalal says he went on me, Jodha says now he have traits like me, I can give three reasons to prove that, first reason he thinks from heart like me, second I also saved pigeon in amer like this only, third when you and ruks were about to kill deer in jungle, I saved him by letting fire in jungle, jalal smiles and says you have got the point, ok I accept that he went on you, now happy.

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Ruks comes to jalal and Jodha, she ask where is Salim? I have prepared a special dress and jewelry from him, Salim comes there and says to Jodha that I am looking good in dress you gave to me, Jodha says you will also like the dress of ruks, Salim says no I will wear this only, this is my favorite color, ruks says in which Salim is happy, I am happy too, Salim is looking nice, he is king, he can do anything, she ask Hoshiyar to put dress in corner, she kisses Salim and says be safe from evil eye, Jodha smiles.

Jodha Akbar Wednesday 15th September 2021 Update Zee world: Hamida prays for Humayun’s soul, Salima comes there and says there is the ceremony in which Salim will give gifts to poor, Hamida ask where is my prince? Salim comes there and hugs her, he says I am here dadi jaan (grandmother), he ask hwo I am looking? Hamida says you are looking lovely, he ask why are you crying dadi, tell me anyone said anything to you? I will punish him, hamida says when my grandson is with me then can anyone say anything to me? Salim wipes his tears and says I know you are missing dada, don’t worry I will marry you when I grow up, all laughs, hamida says you cant marry me, he says why not, when jalal can marry my mother then I can marry his mother too, Hamida says grandsons doesn’t marry their grandparents, Salim says to Jodha that you always say that wives cook fro husbands, dadi do that for me so why I cant marry her? Jodha says don’t like this with dadi, Hamida says when you grow up to marry, maybe I will left this world till then, Salim says I wont let you go away from me. hamida hugs him.

Salim is sitting in weighing machine, in otherside of weighing machine gold is put to calculate his weight, Murad and Adham are jealous, Murad says to Salima that I want this too, Salima says its Salim’s turn, the last piece of gold is put by jalal, Jodha and ruks, weighing machine moves, jalal says to maan and Rahim to be with Salim and distribute this gold in people, maan agrees.
Salim is with maan and Rahim, Salim touches things and then gives it to poors, Salim listens some music noise and turns to see it, he then goes to see, Rahim goes behind him. Salim follows the music, Rahim ask where are you going? Salim says I am just going to see from where music is coming, Rahim says i am standing here.
Salim comes in one room and finds girls learning classical kathak dance, his eyes are stuck on one girl, he smiles seeing her dance.

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