Jodha Akbar Wednesday 13th October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Wednesday 13th October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Wednesday 13th October 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Wednesday 13 October 2021, Salim is riding his horse, he comes to Farhan and says what you think of yourself, why you didn’t tell me that Bela is getting married, if you would have told me then we would have gone to Bela, Farhan says that’s why I didn’t tell you as you would have left function, also I have lost hope over my love, Salim says wow, she is a girl and showing guts, waiting for you and your love is gone? Farhan says I love her but she princess and I am commoner, we cant become one, Salim says then why you didn’t think of it before loving?

Farhan says love doesn’t see anything, it happens, Salim says then you have to protect your love, you have to win in your love, she is waiting for you, you will have to go to her and I will make sure that you get your love, I am heir, I rules every state of country, Farhan says they live in jungle, they don’t follow Mughal rules, Jalal cant go against them, Salim says but I can, message of love is greater than everything, I have promise to someone that a princess can love a commoner, I will not let her down, your marriage will happen for sure with Bela.

Jalal says to Jodha that I will give blessing to marrying couple but where is SAlim? dasi comes and says Salim is not in his room? Jodha says maybe he doesn’t wanna go, you don’t worry and go in marriage, Jalal says if SAlim is not here, I will give blessing to this marriage, otherside Salim says to Farhan that this marriage will not happen at any cost.

Bela’s father order his soldiers to do good arrangements as Jalal is coming in marriage. in night, Salim, Anarkali and Farhan are going there in boat, Farhan says to Salim that your life is precious, leave all this, Salim says you knw I like to play with danger and this time its about my friend’s life so I will do everything, Farhan says thank you prince Salim, Anarkali says he is Qutub, Salim is tensed, Farhan says oh yes he is Qutub, I just remembered Salim, Anarkali says thank God he is not here else I would have jumped from boat, Farhan says he is not that bad but he is prince, SAlim says you are right, he is heir so have attitude, Anarkali says that Salim could have come with you guys but he didn’t, and Qutub came to help his friend, that’s why I like common people not royal, Salim says me too.

Salim ask Farhan to take rest, he sleep, SAlim looks at anarkali and then see otherside, Anarkali ask why you took risk of your life for making Bela meet her love, Salim says that even if I lose my life in all this then I will be happy that I got killed for love, the love for which I lived, I got died for it, the death which comes for love is better than heaven, Anarkali says you have great thought, the girl whom you will love will be so lucky, the one who can do so much for other’s love, what he will do for his love, Salim says everything, my love would be my world, Anrakali says royal people cant think like that, Salim says I think that prince and beggar both should get love, she says that keep ypur heart safe, its of some girl, Salim says I have already given my heart to someone, they look at each other and smile, Anarkali is about to fall from boat but SAlim holds her in time, they share an eyelock, female version of song ab tu hi bata tere hun main kia plays.

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Salim wakes Farhan up, Farhan says I don’t know how I will pay your debt, SAlim says you can by getting your love.

SAlim helps Anraklai coming out of boat, he ask her to go to Bela and bring her out of palace, then you come here at river side as if you don’t come here then I will keep thinking that your life is in danger and I wont be able to concentrate, just give her message and come back here, they leave to meet Bela.
Jalal, Bahgwan das come for marriage, they greet Bela’s father, Jalal gives him gifts, father says that we want to give a respect to you, he makes Jalal wear their tribal turban, jashn Starts, Anarkali comes to Bela and ask her to not cry anymore, your lover Farhan has come to take you, be ready to go to him, Bela says that good he came else I would have died in this marriage. outside Jalal mets the groom and blesses him.

Jodha Akbar Wednesday 13th October 2021 Update Zee world: Bela is take by girls for her marriage, Anarkali is tensed, Salim finds Bela coming in function, he ask Farhan to go to her and he will keep eye on them, Anarkali is shocked to find Jalal there and says that if he finds Farhan and Qutub here then it will be problem, I have to inform them, Farhan comes in function and lifts Bela on his shoulders and starts running from there, all are shocked, girls shouts that Mughal have kidnapped Bela, Bela’s father ask soldiers to follow him, Jalal ask who dared to do this, father ask soldiers to hit them with arrow, they hit Salim, Salim takes out arrow from his back and fights them with his sword, he ask Farhan to run from there, Jalal comes there, Salim says to Farhan that we are surrounded but we will not leave Bela here, Salim starts hitting them with arrows.

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Farhan says to SAlim that your life is more important then my love, lets leave from here, Bela ask them to go away, they sit on their horses and runs from there, Jalal says he is Shaikhu baba, the groom is running behind Salim but Salim hits him and leaves from there, groom falls on stone and dies there only, all are shocked, Jalal prays for his soul, his deadbody is taken from there, Jalal says that what happened shouldn’t have happened, the worst part is my son Salim was there too, Bela’s father says that because of groom died, he was taking side of a Mughal who kidnapped my daughter, Salim helped a soldier who trapped my daughter, that soldier is taking advantage of Salim’s friendship, I lost our son in law, Salim is criminal, Jalal says if Salim have done it then there must be reason behind it, he cant kill someone like this, father says that he is criminal for our tribe, we want justice, we want blood in return of blood, I want SAlim to be killed too, Jalal takes out his sword and says enough.

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