Jodha Akbar Tuesday 28th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Tuesday 28th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Tuesday 28th September 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Tuesday 28 September 2021, Jalal along with Rahim and Birbal are in the market in disguise, Jalal ask to keep an eye on everyone, they find one person scolding a tailor that I am rajvanshi and you have made a Mughal dress for me, tailor says we know how to stitch rajvanshi clothes, somedays a Mughal came and ordered to make 30 rajvanshi clothes, he was happy with clothes and reward me too, Jalal comes to tailor, tailor ask what you want? do you guys want rajvanshi clothes?

Jalal ask who rewarded you? Does tailor say why you wanna know? birbal says we want to see rajavnshi clothes you made for a Mughal man, if we like the clothes then we will give order of 30dresses too, tell us his name and address, Tailor says his name was Altaf, he was giant man but was good at heart, Jalal says ok we will find Altaf. Jalal says to birbal that why would a Mughal order to make so many rajvanshi clothes, birbal says something is fishy, Jalal says nobody went out of agra after the attack on Salim, so they must be in agra before they plan anything else, we have to find them, Birbal says you know very well Jalal where this kind of people stays in agra.

Jalal comes to one restaurant, he finds a group of men eating food there, Jalal says we can find Altaf here, Rahim recognize one person in the group that he attacked Salim, one person says to other that Altaf we got a lot of worthy things in our last work, Altaf says don’t talk about that, don’t call me by my name, you told my name to tailor too, Birbal says to Jalal that we have got the person, Jalal comes to Altaf, Altaf says I don’t talk to strangers, Jalal puts dagger on Altaf’s neck, and says don’t move else I will kill you, I am King Jalal, now I am not stranger, I know that you attacked Salim in rajvanshi disguise, Altaf says we just did that on someone insistence, we are just puppets, we were asked to attack to Salim but not harm hi, they real planner is someone else, Jalal ask the name? Altaf says I don’t know about him, I only know that he is in Agra.

Salim is getting disturbed in sleep, Jodha comes there, Salim looks at her, Jodha smiles, Jodha says Salim forgive me, till when you will be angry with me? I know you will not get sleep before listening to my story, come in my lap, Salim moves away, Jodha says so much anger is not good, come I will tell you a story, Salim gets up and says to Jodha that you tell me a story every day, today I will tell you a story, Jhodha says it will be fun, Salim says there was one kid, he used to love his parents a lot, he did a mistake and was punished severely, parents made him away from them, he used to miss his parents, he used to crave for listening to story but his parents didn’t come to meet him, Jodha says enough, I can’t listen anymore, Jodah says it was learning not punishment, you love your mother a lot, she folds her hand and asks Salim to forgive her, don’t be so angry, please forgive me, she cries, Salim says I am sleepy and sleeps, Jodha recalls how shogun bai said that Salim will be great King but will not forget these days.

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ruks comes into the activity room and looks at the chessboard, she looks at humans who are standing as knights and pawns, she imagines Maan, Salima, Jodha, Salim in replace of other humans as pawns, she plays the game and orders her pawns to finish Maan, Salima, she says now I have killed everyone who was protecting Salim, now only Jodha is remaining, how will you save your son? now you will see my such trick which nobody had seen in chess before, she asks Salim to come to her from jodha’s side, Salim comes to Ruks, Jodha is shocked, Ruks says when your own son is not yours then this game is over too, imagination over, Ruks laugh at her imagination and says I am a winner.
Jalal comes to the place which Altaf has told him to be his master planner’s place, they come in house and jalal is shocked to find Sharif’s father as the master behind all this, he looks at him, the father is shocked and says you here, he tries to run but Rahim doesn’t allow him, the father looks Altaf, Jalal says you sued to tell me about future, now tell what is in my hands, will I kill betrayer today or not? father says please pardon me for last time, I will not do anything from now on, Jalal says you have crossed limits this time as you attacked my child but seeing your face, I think that someone helped you from palace only, I doubted Maan Singh, he is a lion and cannot help a fox like you, tell me who helped you in this, father says I will tell you, he tells Jalal something which is muted.

Jodha Akbar Tuesday 28th September 2021 Update Zee world: Jalal comes to the palace, he asks where is ruks? Ida says she is listening to music, Jalal says I will not leave her, she gave this in return to my loyalty, Ruks is enjoying music when Jalal comes and shouts to stop all this, Ruks is shocked, Jalal says to ruks that now I know who attacked my son, now I know who tried to show my loyal as my betrayer to me, I have come to know who is the real snake I was feeding for so many years, now I will not leave you, he raises his sword and puts it on Rehsma’s neck, Ruks is more shocked, Jalal says to Resham that I want to kill you but it will be a shame to kill a eunuch, I have come to know that you planned attack on Salim with Sharif’s father, you did this to me who gave you work, Ruks says Resham you did all this?

Jodha comes there too, Jalal asks Resham why they betrayed me? Resham says it’s not betrayal but loyalty, I am loyal to Maham Anga, she loved you more than her son but what you did, you killed his son Adham and put Maham in jail, all must have forgotten her but I cannot forget the day when she died, she was the one who gave Mughal new life but she died very badly, that day I decided to take revenge of her death, I have proved my loyalty to Maham Anga, all are shocked.

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