Jodha Akbar Tuesday 27th April 2021 Update Zee world

Jodhaa Akbar
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Jodha Akbar Tuesday 27th April 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Tuesday 27 April 2021, The episode starts at the harem, Jodha’s daasi and she discuss about the power of Rukaiya and her importance in the harem.

Menavati at the kali mandir, tells Shaguni bai that she has lost, and asks her to tell Jodha’s future. She says that Jodha’s future is bright, their prayers will be answered and she will earn lots of name and fame. Menavati is relieved to hear this.

Jodha asks for Motibai and finds her sitting alone, she rushes to reach Moti and comes face to face with Ruk. Both recall their first meeting. Ruks comes to know that Jodha is the one who got married to Jalal. Ruks asks to apologize and give her the necklace. Jodha gives the necklace but does not apologize. Ruks-Jodha has their second verbal fight. afraid

Someone calls Jodha to meet MA, Ruks asks Hoshiyar to keep on wearing the necklace as she has to teach Jodha a lesson.

The Hindu girls/women are eager to meet the new bride, Jodha but MA warns them to behave and they have to listen to MA’s hukum and asks them to leave the place.

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Maan Singh and BDas are admiring the palace, AK is furious to see that his enemy is being treated as guests. AK is introduced to the duo. AK belittles and talks low of Rajputs. Jalal comes and greets. BDas says that looks like AK are not happy with their presence. Maan Singh tells Jalal everything to Jalal whatever AK had said to them. Jalal asks him to make arrangements for their nice stay.

MA is overlooking with anger as Jodha is an adorning idol of Krishna. She gets irritated with bells and is about to leave when Hameeda arrives and is surprised to see the idol. MA tells Hameeda about Jodha’s conditions, Hameeda tells that Jalal is like this, he can never hurt anyone and Jodha will soon come to know this. MA notices some clothes in Hameeda’s hands, she tells that it is for Jodha, MA tells her how Jodha burnt the shaadi ka joda. Hameeda gifts her the clothes and Jodha is surprised to see that, Hameeda tells her that she had made them especially according to her tastes and cultures. Hameeda asks her to get ready for the grand function, Jodha wonders and tells Moti, what is this function all about and is it necessary for her to attend.

A purdah in between Jodha and Jalal, both are getting married according to Islamic customs. Jalal says Qubool Hai and Jodha nods her head. sunny

Jodha Akbar Tuesday 27th April 2021 Update Zee world: All the guests including BDas/MaanSingh in the assembly hall, Hameeda Bano enters followed by Jodha who greets everyone with a pranam. Then Rukaiya arrives with her fleet of days and then Jodha comes to know that the verbal fight she had earlier in the day was none other than Rukaiya. Moti is worried about how Ruk will take revenge on Jodha. All the ladies hand over gifts to Jodha, MA comes and gives cold stare and some gifts. Rukaiya comes and gives her the same necklace and tells her to wear it now but Jodha deflects it very wisely queen

Finally, Jalal arrives, wow his BG is so awesome, he greets everyone and then takes his seat. They are asked to feed sweets to each other. Jodha takes a small bite but Jalal holds her hand, gobbles the whole rasogolla and looks at her intently, and smirks.

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Jalal is weighed and then tells that the gold should be distributed to the poor.

A song starts, some people perform welcoming the couple, Jalal is stealing glances on Jodha and looks at Ruks too. He goes to Ruks and she fills his ears with the attitude of Jodha and that she didn’t accept her gift, what will people think about her behaviour towards Jalal. Jalal gets angry and says that the real tamasha will start now No

Everyone praises the dancers and Jalal says that Agra and Mughals are full of talented people. Jalal tells that his begum, Jodha has got a very sweet voice and asks her to sing in front of everybody. Jodha is shocked as is everyone else.

Jodha stands in the middle of the hall, starts singing a song praising the valour of Rajputs, all are shocked and then stand, Jalal is angry, Ma has disapproving looks, Ruks again instigate Jalal against Jodha as she will cause the downfall of the pride of Mughals soon, finally after some moments, Jalal shouts, BAS!!! and tells that the function is over, leaves the hall.

Ruks is furious at Jodha, MA tells that she will join hands with her to bring down Jodha. MA fans Ruks ego. MA and AK talk about the pathetic condition Jodha is into and wait for the time.. Jalal recalls the FB of Jodha’s talwar and Ruks words and decides to take revenge.

Jodha is sleeping and she wakes up hearing some noise, Jalal is shown walking down, she spots Jalal. Jalal says that he has come to take revenge and Jodha shouts. She comes out of her dream and finds Ruks in front of her. Ruks tells her that is she surprised to find her at this hour and was she waiting for Jalal. But he will never come to her as he always spends his time/nite with her-Ruks. She tells Jalal’s likes and his fetish to achieve things and then forget about it.

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