Jodha Akbar Tuesday 25th May 2021 Update Zee world

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Jodha Akbar Tuesday 25th May 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Tuesday 25 May 2021, Jalal and Pratap start the game while BDas thinks that it would have been better if Jalal did not come to Amer. The other Rajput king instigates Jalal on his game, Jalal and Pratap try their best to outdo each other, Bharmal thinks of dousing the tension getting built up and comes up with a plan, a soldier comes and announces that the function will start soon and hence the audience is needed there. Jalal and Pratap end the game on equal terms.

Bakshi Bano is arranging gifts for Sukanya when Sharifuddin comes and shouts at her, Jodha comes and Sharif passes some nasty loaded comments, Jodha feels uneasy but leaves. Sharif tells Bakshi that they will get the gifts back as there will be no marriage. Bakshi Bano is shocked.

The mahout is arranging food for Jalal’s pet elephant when AK comes with a soldier and asks him to drug it.

Jalal is waiting when Menavati & the gang comes, he says that he is waiting for Jodha and Jodha walks down the stairs in a green lehenga, Jalal is mesmerized looking at her. Sukanya teases Jodha about the green color, Jalal says that she is wearing it as it’s his favorite color, he asks everyone to go inside the function hall while he spots the halwai and goes to meet him. The halwai is pleading with him and Jalal asks him to make the food preparations better than the previous time. Pratap looks at him and thinks that Mughals always use force.

AK and Sharifuddin discuss their plans for foiling the marriage and taking revenge from Jalal, AK doesnt let Sharif know about his daav( drugging the elephant)

The function starts and everyone is enjoying the dance while on other hand, Hawaai goes berserk , AK, Sharif and Atga Khan come there and think that Jalal has to be informed as he is the one who can control Hawai, AK goes and shows the red rag and divert the attention of Hawaii to the place where the function is being held so that maximum damage can be brought about and Jalal comes forward to tackle Hawai.

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The function comes to a halt when the loud cries reach the hall, Jalal runs to see and starts controlling the elephant, Pratap talks to his men about how to control it and Jalal does the exact thing. The man standing beside Pratap says that though Jalal and Pratap are enemies they think alike. Pratap says that Jalal is indeed a great soldier.

Jalal tells the mahout that Hawai should not be punished as this is someone else’s game plan. He wonders who can that person be.

Bharmal is worried about the elephant fiasco and relieved that Jalal did not get hurt, Atga Khan also tells Jalal to be careful but Jalal says that he will face everything and can’t run from Amer, Bharmal assures that the culprit will get caught.


Jodha Akbar Tuesday 25th May 2021 Update Zee world: MA signals to Hameeda that Jalal should leave Agra but both have a face-off, H says that she has given birth to Jalal and rite now the time is not conducive to leave Agra. MA is exasperated to hear this but restrains herself and agrees that it’s okay to use her mind more than the heart in this situation.

Bharmal orders his soldiers to find the culprit asap.

Menavati goes into Hyper mode and asks Jodha to see if Jalal is angry with the situation.

An hakim comes with some ark for Hawai and Jalal says that he will give it to Hawai himself.

Aga Khan comes and informs Jalal that the culprit is not found and Jalal says he can’t trust either Rajvanshis or the Mughals.

Jodha comes and requests Jalal to leave Amer because if something happens to him then it will malign the image of Amer. Jalal is hurt that she doesnt care for him. He gives her his robe, shamsheer, and pagdi and asks her what she will do in such a situation. Jodha taunts him and tells him that she pity him when Jalal gives her the befitting reply that destiny chose him to be the emperor. She leaves.

At the Mehendi ceremony, the sisters tease Jodha, the chhoti fauj also comes for Mehendi, they too talk about Jalal, MA gets angry at Jaaveda as she is taking an active part in the Mehendi ceremony, threatens her and leaves the venue.

Jalal in contemplative when chhoti fauj comes and ask him how is their Mehendi, they tell him that Jodha’s Mehendi is most beautiful and she will be dancing in the function, he asks them where and they show him the direction to the hall but tell him that men are not allowed in the function, and it will go nightlong.

Jalal thinks if Jodha is dancing then he will definitely watch it as he is a king and her husband.


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