Jodha Akbar Thursday 9th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Thursday 9th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Thursday 9th September 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Thursday 9 September 2021, The episode begins with …. Jodha lying on the bed unconscious and Hakima checking her. The entire family with Jalal stand surrounding her bed .. gloom and depression prevailing everywhere. Hakima says that Jodha might not be able to tolerate the sight of the dead body Hassan again. Jodha suddenly rises from the bed. She looks at Hassan lying wrapped up in white cloth before her.
Jodha rushes to Hassan and she scolds everyone for wrapping her child in white cloth as it was a bad omen.

The entire family stares at mother and child. Unable to hold back their tears … Jodha lovingly holds Hussain in her arms talks to him lovingly. Jalal then comes to her tries to explain the situation to Jodha but Jodha is unable to accept the truth. She weeps uncontrollably. She pleads shehenshah to get her Hassan back. Jodha is distraught… The entire family is in tears watching the heart-wrenching scene of Jodha weeping over Hassan’s dead body

Jalal takes her into his arms and tries to pacify her …. Control her. Maulvi Sahab comes and does a ritual. Maan Singh takes Hassan away.

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In their hojra Zeenat and Qasim are happy that Hassan was no more than their half job was done. Qasim declares they have taken revenge for one eye of his father.

In her hojra Jodha is weeping before the empty paalna. Jalal comes to her…. takes heartbroken Jodha in his arms. He tells her that he was shehenshaha he could do anything but could not get his son back. Jodha says she always did well for others why was she punished. Jalal pacifies her that this was a bad time it would pass soon … Jalal tries to calm Jodha. Jodha is further distressed as Moti removes the patina from her hojra. Jodha is resting her head in Jalal’s lap he is caressing her gently. He tells her to sleep. Jodha wants to sleep forever. Jalal replies that he too was living after losing his child. Jodha then laments the loss of her child That Maham’s curse was having its effect. Jalal tells Jodha lovingly that he was living because he loved her. He was living for her sake. How would he live if she talked of falling asleep forever??

Jalal is heartbroken as Jodha shares her grief. Maham wants Jalal to go for final rites .. Jodha wishes to hold Hassan for one last time. Jodha wishes to go with jalal but she is stopped,
but Jalal and Maham prevent her forcibly.

Jodha Akbar Thursday 9th September 2021 Update Zee world: Next scene .. Jalal is seen carrying the body Hassan in his arms the entire royal entourage is following him…while the royal ladies watch from the harem balcony. Jodha is grief-stricken … Hameeda and Salima control Jodha with difficulty Moti bai is very worried about Jodha ….she too is upset with the passing away of jodha’s child. Her firstborn…She offers Jodha a drink, But Jodha refuses to eat or drink anything. Jodha stops moti from lighting Kanha’s lamp. Jodha throws the lamp away. Jodha accuses Kanha that all her life she lit his lamp but he has snatched away the light from her life and plunged her life into darkness. She vows never to light Kanha’s lamp again all her life.

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