Jodha Akbar Thursday 30th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Thursday 30th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Thursday 30th September 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Thursday 30 September 2021, Jodha is sleeping in her room and recalls how shaguni said that she will be torn between the love of her child and duty, she wakes up and says I have to talk t Jalal.
she comes to Jalal who is sleeping, she puts her hand on his chest. Jalal wakes up with start and takes a dagger in his hand, Jalal sees Jodha and ask you here in the night?

Jodha says nothing, you sleep, Jalal says stop, I know we have a problem between us regarding Salim’s upbringing but we are husband and wife and we love each other, did you see a bad dream? Jodha says yes, I am worried that you are going away from Salim, I am feeling torn between you and Salim, Jalal says it will be fine with time, we will see Salim as a great king, you will see how our child will be good person, Jodha says that’s all fine but you know how much Salim is angry with us, the time he has come back, he didn’t listen to my story and lullaby, he didn’t eat with my hand, Jalal hugs her to console her, Jodha cries, Jalal says don’t worry, I promise you that I will set everything, he asks Jodha to go and sleep, Jodha says you too take rest, she leaves.

Jodha comes to Salim who is wincing in sleep, Jodha sit beside him and says what happened Salim, I am with you here, she kisses his forehead, Salim holds Jodha’s hand in sleep, Jodha is overwhelmed with emotions, she thinks that if you were awake, you would have not let me even sit beside you, you are so angry with me, I hope that you forgive me and hug me, I don’t know whose evil had been cast on us.

Jodha is getting ready, she says today I will destroy all the distance between me and my son, I will make food for Salim today and will make father and son eat together, Zakira says this is a good idea, Jodha says we should stay more like family then king, Mario Zamani and heir, the cook of the palace come to Jodha crying and says please save my daughter, she cook for the palace, today she did a mistake as she added some less spice then Luks’s taste and now ruks is hell-bent to kill her, please save her, Jodha goes with her.

Jodha comes to ruks, ruks says I know why you are here, but you stay out of this matter, I will handle this cook, Ruks holds hunter and is about to beat that cook, Jodha holds hunter and says this way you will handle her? she asks Zakira to take her to doctor, Rusk says her punishment is done yet, she did a mistake, Jodha says whats her mistake? she added some less spice, Ruks says I have decided her punishment, she asks hoshiya to keep beating her till she gets unconscious, Jodha says nobody will hurt her, Ruks says you are forgetting that harem is under me, Jodh says you are forgetting that I am marium Zamani, whole India comes under me including you too, if I stop any punishment then It should be stopped, I order that from today, before giving any punishment, you will take my nod, Jodha asks Zakira to take cook to doctor Zakira takes her away, Ruks says to Jodha that you didn’t do good, she leaves from there.

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Maan says that there is some problem in one state, I wanna go there, Rahim says I will accompany him too, Jalal says ok, Ruks comes there in anger, she says to Jalal that I want to talk to you, Rahim and Maan leaves, Jalal ask the matter, Ruks ask what is my value in Mughal sultanate? Jalal says who said that? Ruks says whats my position? Jalal says you are Mughal wife, you are my first wife and friend, whatis matter? Ruks says so much happened, they show me low place, they think that I have no value just cause I have no son? Jalal says who said that > Ruks says Mariuma zamani, she used her powers and insulted me, I will not take that insult because people will think that I have no value, I will be included in that dasies who lives in this palace on your and Marium Zamani’s orders, jalal says nothing like that, Ruks says ok then write a statement saying that Marium Zamani’s orders will not apply to me, else I will leaves this palace because I am not respected here, ruks cries and leaves from there.Ruks is puffing Hukkah, hoshiyar will accompany you wherever you go, ruks says I am not going anywhere, Jodha can be marium Zamani but jalal will take my side in this matter, Hoshiyar says but you said to Jalal that you will leave palace, Ruks says I know Jalal won’t let me go anywhere that why I warned him, now Jodha have to take back her decision and from today her orders will not apply on me.

Jalal says to wives that Jodha was right in her decision, we cant punish dasies on everything, we can ignore such small mistakes, she is human and can put less spice in food as mistake, Jodha by forgiving her has valued her position of marium Zamani, ruks says you mean to say that I should leave palace, Jalal says nothing like that but you had given this condition only and if you don’t follow it then it’s your decision, Ruks is shocked, Jalal leaves from there, Salima says to Ruks that don’t take small things on heart, don’t think about going from here, Jalal and Jodha are right, Ruks says if he is king then I am Mughal too, I will stand on my statement, I will not stay here where I am not respected, I will leaves from here.
Hamida says how can she leave from here, phuphi says she was saying she will get farkhandi, how will she live there, Hamida says I will talk to Jalal, ruks cant leave from here.

Hoshiyar tells Salim that ruks is leaving the palace, Salim says then I will go with her too, tell this to Jalal and Mariam Zamani, he thinks that only Ruks loves me and Jalal is sending away from me. I won’t let it happen.
Zakira tells Jodha that ruks Is leaving the palace, Jodha says she making an issue of a small thing, I have to stop her.

Ruks ask Hoshiyar to not take anything from the palace, I will not take anything to eat or clothes from the palace, I want to show that I don’t rely on Jalal and Jodha, Jodha comes there, ruks says you must have come to see what I am taking from here, don’t worry, I am not aking anything, Jodha asks hoshiyar to not pack things, Ruks says you won’t do this, Jodha says as mariuma Zamani I can stop anything, rusk says you are forgetting your decision will not apply on me, I am leaving this place, Jodha makes her sit, Rusk says don’t touch me, I am jalal’s wife too, Jodha says yes you are his friend too, Ruks says that’s why he asked me to go, Jodha says you are misunderstanding, Ruks says I am not respected here, I will leave, Jodha says to think about SAlim nly, wiil he is able to live without you, he loves you a lot, I don’t want Salim to be away from his bari ammi, ruks cries, Jodha hugs her and says I know you cant live without Salim so please stop, ruks wipes her tears and smirks.

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