Jodha Akbar Thursday 26th August 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Thursday 26th August 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Thursday 26th August 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Thursday 26 August 2021, Jodha says anybody can put poison in food too, ruks says you are doubting Hamida, Salima says no, Jodha has got the point, Hamida supports Jodha and says she is right, there are many attacks on Jalal so we should check food, ruks says Jalal you also agree with Jalal, Jalal says don’t exaggerate it, Jodha just care for me, Hamida says I will call a servant to taste food, Jodha says no I will check it, Jodha eats food, Hamida says I will check Mughal dishes(non-veg), she checks it and says Jodha you did right, infront of Jalal’s security, my food is nothing, Jalal you can eat, Jalal eats and says food is amazing and sugary too while looking at Jodha, Jodha blushes.

zakira is in jail, todar comes there and says tell me why you tried to kill Jalal? there was nothing your gain in killing then why you did, zakira says why would I kill him, he freed me, gave me respect then why would I try to do that, I proved my loyalty to him even, todar says why you said Jalal’s life is in danger? zakira says because I am prisoned and the one who tried to kill Jalal is free, he says what about shehnaz, do think she can do that, zakira says she cant, todar sys her hand was burnt, she says it was with water, todar says with water hands doesn’t burn like that, todar says I think that you are being framed falsely, I promise I will free you till then you have to be here, he leaves.

Jalal is sitting with Jodha, there are diays in pool, Jalal this this makes me recall amer, the ganghuer one year back, that time I wasn’t able to show you face, Jodha says you blamed me too so I was angry and to went to amer, Jalal says don’t recall bitter memories, Jodha says I don’t like this thing about you, you show love and 2nd minute you make me angry, Jalal says and in 3rd minute I get close to you, Jodha says you will be burnt stay away, Jalal says if I get burnt coming near to me then I will, Jodha pushes his hand says why don’t you understand that you are precious, you have to take care of yourself, Jalal says I wanna tell you that you are important to me, you were affected by poison earlier then why you tasted food today, Jodha says you didn’t listen to Hamida she said that your life is very precious, you are king many people live with your life, Jalal kisses her forehead and says when you are with me then nothing can happen to me, Jalal lies his head in her lap, Jodha says Jalal here.. Jalal says I don’t care about anything, when I am with you, Jodha says okay you take rest, she massages his head.

the morning, Adham comes to Maham, he says shehnaz is Jalal’s sister so if anything happens to Jalal then she will be the heir so we should kill her, if she wanted her mother only then she would have gone after taking her but she want throne so we should finish her, Maham says stay away from this matter, after much difficulty I got the chance to play, you don’t try to harm shehnaaz, Adham says okay if you don’t want me to say anything then I wont, he leaves, Maham sis frustrated.

Rahim is sitting on tree, Salima ask him to come down, and throw mud, Rahim says it is part of earth, Salima says its not good to play with mud, he says but carpenters play with daily and you praise them too, Salima says yes they makes wall but you can’t. come down. Jalal comes there, Salima says what to tell you, Rahim is very naughty, look he is sitting on a tree and has mud in his hand, he knows that I cant go there and will not ask any bandhI to touch her, Jalal says to Rahim to not give any problem to Salim, Rahim says kids have the right to give a problem to mom, Jalal says he is very clever, Jodha comes there and ask Salim what happened, Salima says I know you are about to brust in laughter so laugh, Jodha laughs.

Jodha Akbar Thursday 26th August 2021 Update Zee world: Salima says when you will be a mother then you will know how it is to handle kids, Jodha is shy, Jodha says comes infront and says to Rahim that I saw one rat died on this tree where you are sitting, Rahim what, eww, he comes down fast and says Salima you didn’t tell me, Jodha says look your clothes are smelling too so there was a rat, Salima says to Jalal that I am going to wash Rahim’s hands, she goes with Rahim. Jalal says to Jodha that you are very good with kids, Jodha says nothing like that, Jalal says afer seeing today I think that you are ready to be a mother, I mean you can handle kids very well, so whats say, Jodha says Jalal you are also naughty like Rahim, Jalal smiles and goes from there, Jodha blushes.shehnaz comes to Jodha and makes angry face, Jodha ask where were you, come here, shehnaz says you have no time for me and you are making garland without me, Jodha ask her to not get angry, where were you?

shehnaz says I was with Jalal’s friend, who is always in court, that one with beard and fair complexion, he called me in his room but he is not a good man so I ran from there, Jodha thinks that it is todar but why he called shehnaz maybe he had some work.

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Maham brings Adham to her secret place, he says this place is very strange, Maham shows him chand begum and says look here is our throne, Adham is shocked to see chand, Maham says I did all this for you so that you can get the throne, Adham says what for me? being a woman you did this with a woman if Jalal knows that you did this with a queen then what he will do, Maham says I know Jalal has distanced me but I am chief minister, people have fear of me not because I kill them to beat them but I control their minds, I have that power still now, chand begum knows the way to treasure, she will tell us in sometime then we will show chand’s condition to shehnaz, she will think that Jalal did that and will kill him then throne will be yours.

shehnaz sees todar and starts acting weird, she starts going somewhere, todar follows her, shehnaz smirks, she comes to a room, todar also goes, Jodha sees him going before shehnaz, she goes there too todar comes in the same room, shehnaz turns and says to him that you wanna play hide and seek with me, lets play, todar says no I don’t, I am going, she stops him and says no play with me, he says I don’t wann to, she holds his hands and tries to blindfold him with her saree, todar hold her saree and says I don’t wanna play, I wanna talk about something else, Jodha comes there and sees todar holding shenaz saree, she aks todar if you have any work with shehnaz, he says no and goes from there, Jodha is thoughtful.

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