Jodha Akbar Thursday 14th October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Thursday 14th October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Thursday 14th October 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Thursday 14 October 2021, Bela’s father ask to handover Salim to them and they will kill him, jalal shouts how dare you talk about my son like, he is heir of Mughals, father says you promised that we will follow our rules, we all always followed you, we never went against, we supported you, you are same king who sent a 8 year old prince to old women’s house as punishment, you have set an example for justice then why saying opposite now, now on one will marry my daughter, I want justice, we never interrupted in your rules and now its your time to decide that will you bend your rules or will go from here with high head.

Jalal says don’t worry, you will get justice, king Jalal will not break his rules, Jalal leaves.
Salim and Farhan are running, Farhan ask Salim to go from river side while he will go from jungle side to distract goons, they leave respective side, Salim comes to Anarkali, she ask where is Farhan and bela, he is silent, she says you must have send them in hiding, you did a great job by becoming two lovers together, Salim says I couldn’t fulfil my promise, I couldn’t make them one, he tell her everything what happened there, Salim says I cant become weak, I will go back there, Anakali says no, you cant go there, they will not leave you, I have seen Jalal was there, Salim is shocked, she says Jalal have seen you and you are soldiers of his army.

Salim says I cant forget my promise to king of world(God), just cause of king of india, I will go there, he is about to leave but falls in Anarkali’s arms, she finds blood on his back and ask what happened Qutub, he is in dizzy state, she says nothing will happen to you, she finds Jalal and his army coming there, she says I have to save Qutub at any cost, she makes Qutub hide behind a big stones and hugs him, he is unconscious, she opens his shirt to see his wound and looks at him sadly, she is in tears and looks around for help, she brings water and applies on it on his wound, she wipes his wound and treats it, Salim rest in her arms, she looks at him.

bhagwan says to jalal that they are wrong, they are asking life of Salim, we should attack them to make them silent, Jalal says no this is sensitive matter, Salim has interfered in their personal thing and ihave given them right to live according to their rules, Salim as killed their son in law, before taking any decision, I have to talk to Salim, don’t tell anyone about it, Jodha comes there and says Jalal you returned so fast, you follow your promise a lot, how was event? Jalal says it was good, you should have been there, Jalal and Jodha comes in room.

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Jodha says to Jalal that I asked bhabhi indirectly and she is ready for SAlim and Mann bai’s marriage, if this happens then we will do engagement now only, Salim will be happy to know that he will marry girl of his choice, he wa away from us for long, his life spent in war field but by giving him life partner of his choice, can make him happy, Jalal ask where is Salim? Jodha looks at his face, Jodha ask what happened, Jalal says nothing, I just wanna ask Salim if he is ready for marriage, Jodha says I got afraid tha Salim did any mistake and you will punish him again, Jalal says nothing like that.

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it morning, Anarkali is driving boat, Salim unconscious lying in boat, he wakes up, Anrkali smiles at him and says thank God you are safe, I got afraid seeing your wound, Salim smiles looking at her, she moves away, Salim gets up and try to drink water but cant because of wound, Anarkali says I will help you, she make him drink water with her hands, they share any eye lock, feel awkward, SAlim smiles, he finds Anarkali’s dupatta rolled around his body to protect wound, he takes off it and wears his shirt, Anarkali looks away being shy, he gives dupatta to her, she takes it and wears, she ask Salim to go away, Jalal must be finding you, Salim says I am not afraid of jalal, for lovers, I will stand like a wall infront of king Jalal, I wont let Farhan”s heart break and nor will break hopes of Bela, I can go against in anyone for love, she ask aren’t you afraid of Jalal, Salim says I don’t cara about anyone when it comes to love and I know I am not wrong as I am with love, he leaves, Anarkali is impressed by him, he turns and thanks her for her help, he says now I will give end to Farhan and bela’s life, its my promise, he leaves, Anarkali smiles broadly.

Jodha Akbar Thursday 14th October 2021 Update Zee world: Jalal is offering prayer, Salim come there, Jalal ask where were you? Salim says you know where I went and you were there too, you cn punish me but I didn’t do any mistake, Farhan and bela loves each other, bela asked Farhan to take her from there, I just helped them, for me love is not crime, the one bela was being forced to marry, she didn’t love hi, it was crime, that’s why I went there and stopped the marriage, I didn’t go against anyone and if you think that I am wrong then you can punish me, I wont let Bela marry that prince, he leaves, Jalal says oh God Salim doesn’t know that he has already killed Prince.

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