Jodha Akbar Sunday 26th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Sunday 26th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Sunday 26th September 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Sunday 26 September 2021, Salima is been taken to Jail, all are sad seeing her going, Rahim comes to Jodha and touches her feet and says I am sorry, what Salima, I ask forgiveness on her part, Jodha says it’s not your fault, Rahim says I don’t understand how can she do this, Ruks thinks that Salima is totally in my hands now, on my insistence, Salima alleged Salima, now Salima is away from Salim and its time for Jodha to go away from Salim, I will create such misunderstanding between you and Jalal that you will keep busy in solving them.

Jodha comes to Salima, Salima says I knew you will come, you will, believe me, she hugs Jodha, and says believe me that I never took Salim less than Murad and Rahim, Jodha says that trust is a thing on which we live but if trust is gone then relations become bitter, Salima says you also think that I gave opium to Salim? Jodha says my heart doesn’t accept it but all proofs are against you, I don’t understand you are also a mother, how can you do this with an innocent kid, Salima says you know how to use words and swords and you know that words hurt more than swords and today your words hurt me a lot, you are Salim’s mother so you can doubt anyone but let me tell that I didn’t give opium to Salim, Jodha says if this is the case then why didn’t you speak infront of Jala when he was punishing you, why you didn’t object on his decision.

Salima says I didn’t give opium but I cant go against my husband, its a sin, remember you were also house arrested but you were not criminal, same case is with me, soon truth will be out, if Jalal had thought me as criminal then he would have ordered to kill me but he punished me for house arrest this means he is not totally convinced that I am terrorist, I have no proof that I am innocent but I know God is not against me, I have no regret with this punished but it hurts more that you also thought me criminal without investigation, but its not your fault, its your care for your child, Jodha says tell me everything about this matter, Salima says I just wanna tell you that what we always see is not the truth, tomorrow truth will come out but these bitter words will become reason for hatred, I don’t want to destroy my relation with you, Jodha says if you are not culprit then its very big mistake to house arrest you, Salima says wait for tomorrow, Salim Is being used in this plan but I have faith on Jalal, I request you to keep an eye on Salim, he needs you now, Jodha thinks maybe Ruks wrongly alleged Salima.

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Jodha says to Jalal that I can’t believe Salima can do this, Jalal says I also but Salim has given statement against her, Todar comes there, he says we have got a letter for you, it was thrown in the palace, Jalal ask to read to the letter, Todar reads that Salima gave opium to Salim but enemies of Salim are not less, there are many enemies in your palace only, your own wants to hurt Salim, Salim will be attacked during the celebration of heir announcement in which Salim will have to go in public, your well-wisher, Jalal says who is this own person? Todar says it can be anyone, many want Salim to not be king, Todar says we can postpone this celebration, Jalal says no this will prove that we are weak, celebrations will happen but we will take care of security, call all ministers, todar leaves, Jalal says to Jodha that don’t worry, I won’t let anyone hurt Salim.

Jodha Akbar Sunday 26th September 2021 Update Zee world: Jalal says to his ministers that celebration will happen, after me my son will become king, but someone wants to kill Salim, I won’t let that happen, we have to keep an eye on everyone, there is some person in between us who is plotting all this, we can’t take any risk, minister says yes we have to tighten our security we can postpone celebrations, Maan says we don’t need to back out but we will look after security, we can’t sit with these warnings, Jalal asks Birbal what is he thinking? Birbal says according to the letter Salim will be attacked while going in celebrations tomorrow so if we make Salim go out of the palace today then he will be safe, Jalal says we will act upon this idea, make Salim go out of Palace today only, nobody should know about it, security will be tightened around Salim, tomorrow enemy will try to attack but we will catch him. Maan says I will not go with Salim as I have to check preparation in the palace, Jalal agrees.

Maan gets a letter, he opens it and reads that I know you mean Singh, I also know that someone is trying to kill Salim, if you want to know about them then meet me near the lake, you well wisher rajvanshi, Maan thinks to tell this to Jalal. he leaves.
Maan Singh comes in the jungle, one person comes to him, he is in the veil, Maan asks to show his face, he shows, the man says that my intentions are not bad, enemies have come to know that you are taking put Salim out of place today via secret route, Maan asks how do you know? the man says leave this, you go and protect Salim as the enemy will attack Salim tonight only, maan leaves. the man comes to his soldiers, he says to soldiers that I fooled Maan Singh that I am rajvanshi, now its time to work.

Salim is going out of the palace through secret route, he is inbox, the same man with his force attack the caravan of Salim, Rahim, Todar starts fighting with them, Maan comes there, the man says to maan that thank you for coming here for our help, all ministers are shocked thinking that Maan is involved with attackers, Rahim thinks Maan is involved with attackers, Maan thinks that this man gave me news of the attack and he is attacker only, Maan starts fighting with attackers, one attacker tries to being Salim out os box but Maan throws him away and takes Salim in his arms, attackers leaves from there, Rahim takes Salim from maan and says that surround Maan sigh, arrest him, Maan says I am innocent, other minister says that Maan your plan is out now, they put the sword on Maan’s neck, Maan is shocked and tensed.

Jalal ask maan what I am told is true? maan says no its not true, Todar says that attackers knew your name, Rahim says your soldiers have told that you went to meet them, Maan says yes I went to meet them, because I got letter from them that meet them to know about attack, Birbal says if you have got the letter then show it to Jalal, Maan says its in my room, Rahim goes to bring letter letter, he brings letter, jalal ask to read, Rahim reads the letter in which it is written that thank you maan singh for telling us that Salim will be taken out o fpalce tonight only, by this you removed the scar on rajvanshies which bharmal had put by giving his daughter to Mughals, Jala is stunned, Rahim reads that we will look for your assistance in attack, for plan, come to lake side, one soldier says that this means maan singh is betrayer, Ruks smirks, Todar says the way Rahim held Salim was very dangerous, Maan says I was protecting him, Jalal ask do you have any proof that prove you innocent, Maann says it was plan to show me culprit, I swear on maa that I am innocent, Jalal says till investigation you will be in jail, he ask to take Maan from there, Jodha is in tears, Maan folds this hand infront of Jalal and leaves with soldiers, Ruks think my every trick is working, now jodha is remaining then my mission will be fulfilled.

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