Jodha Akbar Sunday 20th June 2021 Update Zee world

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Jodha Akbar Sunday 20th June 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Sunday 20 June 2021, jalal is going somewhere and remember the priest’s words that nikkah time is over. He comes and meets bharmal who has head down and gets flashback when he scolded shivanI that to have some shame, he is a common worker how can you like him, he orders das to find him. Fb ends. Jalal says your daughter loved common worker you knew about it? He says I can’t see tears in your eyes so tell me. Bharmal says I had no idea that she will do something like that. Jalal says you didnt know then why did you send her here then tried to make relation with mughals and readily accepted for proposal, bharmal says I am your culprit and I insulted you so I am ready for punishment. Jalal says you are my father in law and even then you did that, this is your mistake and as mughal ambassador, you cheated this is your mistake so your punishment is that you will be sent to jail.
Mirza asks what are you doing jalal, he is your father-in-law, jalal says as a king I have to take a decision as a king.

in harem all ladies are gossiping that Jodha’s sister was characterless and insulted jalal. Jodha listens to this. They say that jalal has sent bharmal to jail. Jodha is stunned and comes to the balcony where dadI , maham and ruks are also present. She sees soldiers taking bharmal away and is pained. Maham says to ruks that atlast jalal took decision, ruks says yes as bharmal was at mistake not Jodha. Maham taunts that rajvanshI women are characterless. Jodha thinks it hurts when your own ditches you and I have to bear this pain all life.

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in the morning, mirza comes to jalal who consoles mirza and says it’s sad that they are our own, mirza says free bharmal. Jalal says he is at the mistake he knew about shivani. Mirza says what about Jodha whats her fault, and why we are giving punishment to the father for the daughter’s mistake. Jalal says bharmal cheated whole mughals and punishment is needed and that girl could have told me, mirza says maybe her values didnt allow her to tell you that she loves someone, jalal says values?

She ran away with someone. Mirza says she was in love and had to take this step and she did her best for me, think if she would have married me then 3 lives would have spoiled me, I had to see tej in her eyes whole life. I will come out of this pain but not after marriage. Jalal asks why he is doing this? I dont have a heart and doesnt understand this, mirza says when he will love, he will know why he is saying this, he will know why shivanI did that. DasI informs that Jodha wants to meet jalal. Mirza says they are my culprits so I must decide their punishment and I am asking you to forgive him. He says love can make a common man stand infront of a king. And a king to bow down to someone, when you love someone you cant see them hurt and you cant give them pain, jalal is thoughtful.


Jodha comes and greets mirza, he greets and leaves. Jodha says to jalal that though bharmal is at fault but his mistake is not that much big, please free. She keeps on pleading but jalal is only thinking about mirza’s words that you cant give pain to your love. He looks intensely at crying Jodha and leaves. Jodha is confused.

Jodha is crying and says to motI that because of bharmal not only rajvanshis but mughals got insulted. Hamida thinks me as her daughter and what bharmal did, I am cursing why I took shivanI with me to mandir. Jodha says should I curse them or my fate, I used to feel proud for being rajvanshI and now I have to bear taunts all life. MotI says they were not wrong but it was a situation that made them do that. Jodha says I can’t stand with the relation which is based on lie. ShivanI could have told me so I wouldn’t make this relation. DasI comes and informs that jalal has free bharmal and allowed him to go to amer. Jodha is happy and says jalal again showed his greatness.

Jodha Akbar Sunday 20th June 2021 Update Zee world: On the terrace, hamida comes to meet rajvanshI family. Bharmal and dadI ask forgiveness. Jodha is looking from far. Hamida says I know how it feels when you come to know about your daughter’s affair with someone low, dont say sorry. DadI says no we are at fault. Maybe we couldn’t instill values in our children, look at mirza and his values. We failed in raising our kids. Hamida says no look at Jodha and her value, shivanI did it in her childishness. She says tomorrow is shubratri(hindu festival), please stay we will celebrate it. Bharmal says sorry but what we did after that we can’t stay here and bother you, let us go. We will come. Hamida says ok. Jodha comes there so hamida leaves.

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Jodha says mirza jalal and mirza forgave but I dont have the guts to do that, you could have told me about shivanI but you cheated mughals because of you my family is facing insult, you could have told me I could have done anything to stop this proposal so my husband wouldn’t be hurt, my dever wouldn’t be in pain. Jodha says to bharmal that you had insulted my family and this mughal Jodha begum will never forgive you, bharmal is tensed.


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