Jodha Akbar Saturday 2nd October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Saturday 2nd October 2021 Update Zee world
Jodha Akbar Saturday 2nd October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Saturday 2nd October 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Saturday 2 October 2021, Jalal comes to the kids, Jalal asks who threw the ball at me, all are silent, Salim comes forward and says I had hit you by mistake, I was giving it to Haidar, Jalal says this means you don’t know how to target ball to a particular person? he asks all kids to take their positions, I will show how to hit the ball, all take their positions, Jalal gives the ball to Salim and asks Salim to hit the ball at him, Salim takes the ball and gives it to Jalal, jalal catches the ball, Jalal gives the ball to everyone and asks them to give to him, he makes them learn how to catch the ball after sometime Jalal ask kids to stop it and take rest, all kids start leaving, Jalal stops Salim, he says to Salim that you know why I behave differently with you?

because you are special, you are going to take my responsibilities, and being king is not easy, Salim says to Jalal that I don’t wanna take your place (kingship), jalal says it doesn’t matter, you have to take these responsibilities, Jalal says only you have the right to take these responsibilities, do not leave anything in between, you have to complete every work irrespective of how much time it takes., Jalal says I hope you will not disappoint me, Salim thinks that sometimes he punish and sometimes sugary talks.

Jodha is making garland for Kahna when she recalls how Salim had been ignoring after returning to the palace, Jalal comes there, Jodha greets him, Jalal asks what are you doing, she says I am making garland for Kahna, Jalal says you use white flowers why yellow flowers today? Jodha says color doesn’t matter, intention matters, Jalal sits with her on the floor and starts making garland, Jodha asks what are you doing?

Does Jalal say why Kahna is only yours? Jalal says I have noticed that you are not eating and not feeling well because of Salim so I have decided we will go on a jungle journey tomorrow, Jodha says how can we leave Salim, Jalal says there are many like Hamida, ruks, and Salima who will take care of Salim but I have to take care of you so we both will go only, Jodha says you know very well how to pacify me, Jalal says this time only me and you will go out, I know you love Salim a lot, I have talked to Salim and he has understood me, I now just want to spend some time with you and if you don’t agree then I will complain to Hamida that her daughter doesn’t listen to me, Jodha smiles, Jalal says keep smiling like that, want you to spend time with me, Jodha says okay I will be ready to go with you, they both smile.

Jodha Akbar Saturday 2nd October 2021 Update Zee world: in the jungle, there is one suspicious person, he comes into some house and tells his master that Jalal and Jodha are coming in the jungle, the master is none other than Sharif, Sharif smirks and says now I will get Jodha, she can’t be away from me now, I will kidnap her then will free my father then will kill Jalal, this way revenge will be taken and you will be with me too, he asks his man to go and tell others to be prepared, we have got chance after many years, I don’t want to lose it, he gives cold coins to man and says you will get more after work is done.

Hamida is making Salim eat laddoos, Salim says I like laddoos a lot, will you make it for me daily, Hamida says why not for my loving son, Jodha comes there and greets Hamida and Ruks, Hamida ask Salim to greet his mother, he angrily does, Jodha calls Salim to her, he doesn’t listen, Jodha asks Salim to come to his mother, Hamida says to Salim that you promised me that you will listen to me, go your mother is calling you, Salim goes to Jodha, Jodha makes him sit in a lap, Jodha asks can I go out of place for one day? forgive me I won’t be able to take you out and won’t be able to make you listen to a story, please take care of your dadi and don’t play in the mud, Hamida says don’t we are here, Ruks says yes his bari Ammi is here, you go with Jalal, Zakira comes and says Jalal is waiting outside for you Jodha, Jodha asks Salim to take care of himself, Hamida says I suggested Jalal take you out for somedays, Jodha leaves, Ruks comes to Salim and thinks that Jodha Jalal can be with you but your son won’t be with your ever.

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Salim is acting like a king and all kids are acting like people in his court, Haidar says king I have one question is IQ bigger or cow? Salim says good question but why should I give tension to myself, Birbal will answer it, Murad acts like Birbal and says IQ is bigger, Haidar says what proof you have? Murad says I am Birbal so I am always right, Haidar says this is not right, you have to answer me, Birbal in real comes there and ask Murad and Haidar to not fight, he says Murad is right, IQ is bigger than a cow, a cow gives milk for one family only but with IQ, king serve whole nation so IQ is bigger, Salim says I agree, Haidar says this is wrong, he is king so can say anything, Birbal says being king, his duty is not to solve these questions but serve the nation.

Jodha is in her tent, Jalal comes there, Zakira is making her ready, her hairs are open, Zakira says you are looking very beautiful Jodha, Jalal will go crazy, maybe he will offer to marry you again, Zakira finds Jalal there and leaves there, Jodha asks Jalal why are you seeing me like this. Jalal comes to Jodha and says today I am feeling like marrying you again, Jodha says its not good to listen to other’s talk like this, Jalal says I am just praising my wife, seriously seeing you today, I remember old days, a flashback shows how Jalal saw Jodha firs time, then how they went for boat journey, then their consummation scene, Jodha says I remember each moment spent with you, they are like precious pearls in my heart. Sharif with his men is coming near Jodha’s tent, he says to his men that distract soldiers of Jalal then I will enter Jodha’s tent.

Jalal and Jodha are sitting on the bed, Jalal says I still remember how you threw arrows on me, Jodha says you are still taunting me for that, you didn’t change at all, Jalal says your this anger makes me love you more, Jodha says you have brought me here to make me angry, Jalal holds his ears and says sorry, Jodha smiles and says okay I forgave you, sharif’s men start fighting with soldiers, Jalal listens to some noise.

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