Jodha Akbar Saturday 23rd October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Saturday 23rd October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Saturday 23rd October 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Saturday 23 October 2021, Mann says to Daniyal will Jalal and Jodha like our skit? Daniyal says why not, you have worked hard and when you will play Jodha, you will look like Marium Zamani, she says you act very well too, Daniyal smiles and thinks that wish this drama becomes real, I should tell you what’s in my heart, Mann sees mango on the tree and says wow I like mango, Daniyal says I will bring it, she says no you will get hurt, he jumps on the tree and plucks mango, he says your wish my command, he falls from the tree, Mann shots.

Murad says to Daniyal that you should be careful, now your foot is hurt, who will act in the skit, all plead to Salim to act as Jalal, Salim says I can’t do all this, all request him, he says fine, I will do it but nobody will laugh, they agree.
dancers with Anarkali is coming in function in the palace. from the other side, Mann is coming with her friends, they tease her with Salim’s name, Anarkali finds Mann coming there, she hides, Mann asks who are they? friend says they are dancers, they will perform in function, Mann leaves without seeing Anarkali.

Jalal and Jodha come in function, they sit on royal sofa, all greets them, Haidar fumes, Ruks, Salima and all congratulate them on marriage anniversary, Jodha is wearing marium Zamani’s royal crown, first Muslim priests come and congrats them, they pray for their blessful life, then Hindu priests come and prays for them, Hamida gifts Jalal a dagger which has stones engraved in it, Ruks gifts him sword, then Aram and Murad comes and says we are presenting a skit for Jalal and Jodha which will take them to past, see how they met first, Salim comes in Jalals get up, Murad says Jalal went to Amer and saw most beautiful princess Jodha, Mann comes there in palanquin, Jalal recalls how he saw Jodha in palanquin, then Salim and Mann enacts scene in which Jodha gave conditions to Jalal for marriage that she will not change religion and will have mandir in palace, Jalal and Jodha recalls that moment, How Jalal said that conditions are big but not that much that king of hindustan cant fulfill it, then Salim Mann enacts scene where Jalal and Jodha had sword fighting match, Jodha smiles seeing that scene, then Salim-mann shows scene where Jodha asked Jalal to not wear shoes in Kahna’s mandir, ishq hai woh ehsas plays.

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Anarkali is getting ready for the dance, another dance says that your foot is bruised, she says infront of heart’s bruise.
Salim and Mann enact a romantic scene, they are sharing an eyelock when Salim starts imagining Anarkali, he comes closer to Mann, caresses her face, Rabba is Pyar Mein plays, Salim brings Mann closer thinking she is Anarkali, ruks says after sometime Salim will see Anarkali then will see his reaction, Haidar says soon Salim you will your love as dancer infront of you that is my gift to you, what your father did to me, you will have to pay for this, Ruks thinks now is time for a twist in this night. Murad says this was the story of Jalal and Jodha, Jalal who didnt have a heart was given heart by rajvanshi queen Jodha, Jalal says Salim you enacted very well, Jodha says Mann you were imitating me? she laughs and says you did very well.

Jodha Akbar Saturday 23rd October 2021 Update Zee world: Aram says now it’s time for Jalal to give a gift to Jodha, Jodha asks Jalal are you ready? he smiles and says to people that my wife has asked me for the gift to sing for her, Tansen plays an instrument, Jalal starts singing Meri dadhkan tum ho, mera dono jahan ab tum ho, mera Allah Ishvar tum ho.. tum ho tum Ho Zindagani.. Jodha blushes and recalls her love moments with Jalal, she gets in tears, Jalal sings Dil ko dadhkana tum ne sikahaya, mohabbat kia hoti hai tumne bataya, mei to pathar tha tumhari ankhoon ne Insaan banaya, tumhi kahani ho tumhi fasana.. Jodha smiles and has tears, all praises Jalal, Ruks says really it was nice,

Jalal asks Jodha did you like it? Jodha says you touched my heart, it was a most beautiful gift, I have to agree that what you decide you do it, Jalal says now your turn, Jodha gets up, she says With Allah’s name, today I Marium Zanmani Jodha, will speak something in praise of Prophet Muhammad (P.b.u.h), all get up from their seats, she says he was great Prophet of Islam, last messenger, Muhammad’s meaning is that whose praises than all others, he was born to Abdullah and Amna, he preached Islam and taught people about peace, today I want to pray for Jalal, for my Mughal family, and for everyone’s life, Jalal says wow you went ahead of me today even, I will remember this gift whole life, Hamida says now we should meet people who are waiting to seek and Queen.
Anarkali is wearing ghungroos she says that I never liked it and now fate ie tying them on my feet.

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