Jodha Akbar Saturday 18th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Saturday 18th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Saturday 18 September 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Saturday 18th September 2021, Jalal says to Anarkali that you can visit the whole palace, Anarkali says one ill-mannered guy stopped me from seeing the palace, I dont know who was he but when I said your name then he ran away with fear, jalal looks at Salim and ask him to come close, Jalal says this girl want to see the palace, I want you, Murad and Daniyal to accompany her and if that ill-mannered guy comes then bring him to me, Salim looks at Anarkali.

Anarkali is with Murad, Salim and Murad. they gossip about her, Salima says we have to throw her out, Murad says should I push her on the ground then she will not come back in the palace, Salim says no, I will handle her in some other way, Anarkali ask won’t you show me palace or should I go to Jalal, Murad says no Salim will show the palace, they take round of palace, after sometime Anarkali says I am tired, I will come tomorrow to see remaining parts of palace, she leaves, Salim says she will come back tomorrow too, she was making me afraid with Jalal’s name, now wait and watch what I do with her.

Salim is drinking milk and says what that girl thinks of herself, I have to teach her lesson, Ruks is there too, ruks says yes you have to teach her lesson as you are heir to throne, but she is clever so to fight with her you have to finish this milk, Salim drinks the whole glass in one breath, he gets inebriated, Jalal comes there and ask what happened to Salim, Ruks says its all your fault, you made Salim busy whole day so now he is sleepy, Jalal says you are right, I gave lot of work to him, he lifts Salim in his arms and takes him from there. Ruks says jalal couldnt guess anything but what if Salim tells him that he is feeling dizzy after drinking milk only, I have to spy on thme.

Jalal brings Salim to Jodha, Jodha ask what happend to him? Jalal says it was his first day in palace so he must hae gotten tired, Jodha says he doesnt sleep without listening to my lullaby, Jalal says many things happen for first time, ruks spy on them, Salim in sleepy state says I have head ache, jalal says I think its because of heavy crown, Salim ask Jodha to sing lullaby, Jalal says see your wish is fulfilled, now I will listen to your voice too, Jodha ask are you child, jalal says no but I am sheku baba, Jodha smiles and soo jaa.. kanhya ho kar rahi gi.. jalal looks at her, Salim sleeps, Jalal says that today he called you maasa insted of ammi jan, I am happy, Jodha says he is like you, he says good things in sleep and also he is respecting both the religions like you, jalal says I hope that he becomes more good king than me, the king whoe respects all religions, he is respected by people, the king who bow down to his nation, his nation can give their lives for that king, ruks is seeing all this, she says thank God jalal didnt know anything. she leaves from there.

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its morning, Daniyal comes to Salim and says that girl (Anarkali) has come, Salim says again? Murad says we have to follow jalal’s roder. Anarkali comes there with full attitude and says lets start from where we left, Salim says to Murad that this girl is so egoistic, Murad says if you say then I can kill her, I am your right hand, just order me, Daniyal says lets eat some laddos, Murad says shut up, Murad signs to haidar to do something. Anarkali says to Salim that I wanna see special court, Salim says its far from here, she says so what, everywhere jalal’s order follows so who can say no to me, Salim says dont give warnings, lets goo, Haidar says to Murad that lets do our trick.

Jodha Akbar Saturday 18th September 2021 Update Zee world: Anarkali alongwith Salim and Daniyal comes in angori garden, Murad and Haidar has put rope on ground, when anarkali passes by it, they pulls it, anarkali slips and falls in swimming pool, all kids laugh on her, Anarkali says that Salim you have done it, Salim says you were going forward and cannot see what is going to come, you have fell with your mistake, Anarkali says I will go and complain to Jalal, Salim says I didnt do anything, Anarkali says I know you must have pushed me, ruks comes there and says to Anarkali that dont forget you are talking to heir of mughals, Salim says this is same girl who called smaller than finger, Ruks says you dont have manners, say sorry to Salim, Anarkali says why would, he has pushed me so he will say sorry, ruks says how dare you, zil bahar comes there and says I am sorry rukaiya begum, my girl is innocent, she ask anarkali to says sorry, she says I didnt do anything wrong so I wont say sorry, Salim have to says sorry as I am his guest and he pushed me, ruks says how dare you speak infront of royal family, you will be punished for this mistake.


Jodha comes there and says to ruks that show some softness towards her, fights happen between kids, you dont have to get this much anger, Ruks says along with kids, their parents should know their position, Salim is going to be king so this family should be punished so that it sets an example as to how to talk to the heir, Mughal palace is under my custody so I have decided to throw Rashid out of the palace, his job is taken back, zil bahar takes Anarkali and goes from there.

in her room, Salim ask ruks what was the need to take her father’s job, ruks says that you are king you should set example that whoever will try to insult you, he will be punished, king is that from whom people should be afraid, she says I have made laddos for you, eat it.
zil bahar scolds Anarkali that because of you, your father’s job is taken, Rashid says dont scold her, she is kid, she didnt do anything wrong, Rashid says to Anarkali that you should understand, Salim is next king, we all have to respect him.

Ruks says to Salim that girl had done huge mistake so she had to be punished, Salim says I am sleepy, I will go to Jodha and listen stroy from her, Ruks says you sleep with me, I will tell you story, she says there was a fairy whose wings were cut off, then a prince came in her life, fairy understood that this prince will bring her wings back so she made prince under her influence, Salim sleeps, ruks smirks and looks at opium.

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