Jodha Akbar Monday 20th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Monday 20th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Monday 20th September 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Monday 20 September 2021, Jodha is doing Tulsi pooja, she prays that protect my Salim and gives him the strength to bear all this and make Qadir fine. Moti asks her to eat something, Jodha says when their son Is away from their mother then how she can eat.
Jalal ask maan about SAlim? Maan says security is tight around him, Jodha comes there and gives aarti to Jalal and Maan, jalal looks at her sad face.

Salim is sleeping and recalls his time spent with Jodha, someone puts a hand on his forehead, Salim says I knew you will come to me, I knew you will not be able to stay away with me, he turns and finds Ruks instead of Jodha, he asks about Jodha? ruks says I tried to make her understand but she didn’t accept to come here, she is Marium Zamani so she has to follow rules, don’t worry I am here with you, she asks why you are not sleeping Salim says this bed is very hard and food is not good here, my hands are hurt, Ruks says don’t worry everything will be fine, I have brought royal food for you, she shows him food she has brought and makes him eat, Salim gets dizzy after eating it as there was opium in it, Ruks says you are not my son but my servant.

Salim in dizziness says that I am your servant, Ruks says what will I say, you will do that, Salim repeats, Ruks says your mother doesn’t care for you, your message doesn’t love, you are just toy for her, not son and for jalal,, you are not the son but an heir only, this pain you will have to bear for whole life but don’t forget what your parents did with you, she makes him lie on the bed, Salim sleeps, Ruks thinks that soon you will have only one relationship that will be with me, now I will be your Ammi, not bari ammi and you will be my servant, have peaceful sleep. she smirks and comes out of the hut, Resham is there and asks about Salim? ruks says he was worried and not sleeping but I made him eat food and he slept, nobody should know that I came here, Resham says you didn’t do any crime, you are his mother, ruks thinks that what game I have played, innocent Jodha, you have the heart of mother but you trusted a stepmother and forgot that stepmother is always stepmother, she recalls flashback in Jodha says to Ruks that I will go to meet my son at any cost.

I will bear the punishment of jalal but I will go to him, Ruks says its about Salim, if you go to meet him then he will become weak, the Mughal king should be strong, do you want to make him weak? its about 5 6days, once Qadir get fine then Salim will return but if you go to meet Salim then Jalal will not like it and it will be against Salim, Jodha says you are right, I have to become strong, Ruks thinks that Salim will hate you maximum zamani and I will go to Salim, fb ends. Ruks says to Resham that I might be stepmother of Salim but I am the best mother of.

Jodha Akbar Monday 20th September 2021 Update Zee world: Salim is cleaning house with Fatima bi, Salim says to Fatima bi that I am hungry, Fatima says there are no wood to lit stove, I will go and bring wood sticks, Salim says tell me I will bring, Fatima says no I will go, Salim says I have dadi in palace and her responsibility is on me and you are like my dadi so you are my responsibility and I have to do Qadir’s work so tell me from where to bring wood, she says there is jungle near house, Salim takes the axe and goes from there.

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Salim comes in market area, soldiers and Rahim in disguise follow him, Salim comes in jungle and starts cutting wood from axe, Anarkali with Sakina comes there too, they find Salim cutting wood, Anarkali says she is prince Salim? sakina says yes, what happened to him he used to have many dasies around him and now he has to do work, it all happened because of you, Anarkali says I just said truth and tell me are you his friend or mine? lets go from here, Salim hits his foot while cutting and screams, Anarakli looks at him and recalls how zil bahar said to her that what you did with Salim was wrong? he was not at fault, he didn’t deliberately hurt Qadir, if an ant gets crushed under your feet then is ti your fault? anarkali says no, zil says that fault was of Qadir, he went to Royal garden and was stealing mangoes and if a soldiers had caught him, remember don’t blame a person for his unintentional mistake and when someone is in problem then help him, flashback ends. Anarkali comes to Salim and gives him wood sticks, Salim says you? I don’t need your help, Anarkali says don’t show attitude, you do not king now, Salim says this all problem has happened because of you, Anarkali says I am helping you as my mother said, SAlim says I can do my work, Anarkali says the wood sticks you have collected will not work as they are wet and will only give smoke not fire, she gives him dry stick and ask him to find sticks like that, Salim says I knew that, you go I don’t need your help, Anarkali says you are such egoistic, don’t even know the difference between dry and wet wood, she leaves, Salim looks at dry sticks.

Jalal comes to Jodha and ask are you angry with me? Jodha says no how can, its just that my Salim.. Jalal says are you missing him a lot, Jodha says it was not included in your punishment that I cant miss Salim, jalal says my punishment also doesn’t include that you stop eating, he holds her hand and ask her to look at him she looks, jalal ask do you think that I am SAlim’s enemy? I am his father, I miss him too, seeing him in punishment, my heart hurts, you know after much difficulty I have got Salim,.

I lost my children, I killed 30,000 people to come out of it but then I realized that life is about making other people happy and serving them then I got Salim, I am happy that Salim got this chance to serve common people this is blessing of god on him, I was warrior then I met you and became human but Salim will become human first then a warrior, you know Salim is taking good care of Salim, Jodha says you know everything about I don’t know about Salim even after being his mother, she says shehenshah can I got to meet him once? Jalal says I respect your emotions but I cant grant you your request.

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