Jodha Akbar Friday 25th June 2021 Update Zee world

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Jodha Akbar Friday 25th June 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Friday 25 June 2021, Ruks praising Maham n for her idea .maham thanks for her support, Ruks says she had control over Jalal’s brain, Maham says jalal is doing this nikkah for putting down Jodha, Ruks says she is very happy that once Benazir becomes begum then she would become special in place of Jodha and she will be thrown out of Agra, maham tells ruks to make sure that the nikah happens fast.

Jodha is very much worried and says to moti that she is going more close to jalal with each passing time and now he is even doing nikkah with her, if anything happens to jalal I will not forgive myself, I want to protect him, moti says dont lie that you are worried as jalal is doing nikkah with benazir but because you started loving jalal, Jodha says stop it, moti says face always shows what’s in heart and your worried face is showing how much you love him, and you also know why he is doing this marriage only to make you jealous, to take revenge as you pushed him earlier, Jodha is thoughtful.

Jalal says to atgah that time is short but prepare everything on time, atgah assures, atgah ask why you seem worried? jalal hides his feelings and says it’s because of cold weather nothing else, atga leaves. jalal is thinking, here moti says whether you said it your worry for him or he says it revenge but I can see that its only love, the day you pushed him he is not smiling, he lives alone, he seems worried all the time.

Here jalal remembers how Jodha had put two conditions before marriage and how he accepted. Moti says even you are not happy from that night. Jodha says nothing like that. moti says then why are you worried if he is marrying? Jodha says I dont know but I can’t let this happen, I have to stop it, I have to save him as I l… she stops from blurting out anything, moti asks you what? Jodha leaves to meet sharif.

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In her room, Benazir is all dressed as a begum and telling Zakira how her plans had come to bear fruit zakira ask why she jumped in the pond? benazir tells her How she had jumped into the pond how she shed fake tears to gain the sympathy of shehenshah and fooled ruks Maham. And jalal … Into agreeing to marry her to The shehenshah, they laugh.


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Jodha comes to meet Sharif, he smirks and welcomes her that without my message you are here to meet me, Jodha says I have to save jalal at any cost he is marrying Benazir, sharif angrily says how much you love him, Jodha says to be in limit, sharif says what you want from me? Jodha says I tried to expose her but she escaped and now all think that I am jealous of her, tell me what should I do, Sharif says there is a way but it’s very difficult, will you be able to do it? Jodha says I can do anything for hi, sharif says you have to expose her once again, she needs a snake from time to time, you have to stop the snake supply, and then she will react. Jodha says ok and leaves.

Jodha Akbar Friday 25th June 2021 Update Zee world: Priest in his home gets up from sleep and says to his son that I am feeling that something is wrong in Agra, son ask should I inform jalal? he says no need, soon son will rise and two entirely different individuals will become one, they will see the new world and will write their name in history, soon jalal will change and will know the meaning of his name MOHAMMAD. The Eternal love has come at the doorsteps of time.

Jalal says to Hamida that I am doing this nikkah to save Benazir, Hamida asks to think again. Jalal says the other option is to give her to people and you had seen what they did in the case of adham. Benazir comes and says I had wished to get married but knew that it is impossible for a bandhi but thanks to you. My mom uses to say that one should visit Jumna darbar before marriage. Jalal says it’s a good thing we will go there, Salima is also there. Benazir is happy and leaves. She comes to zakira and says you gave me the brilliant idea you have given to me, Zakaria says this is our last chance so make sure you finish your work, near Jumna you will have to cross the river, you both will be alone and you can finish your work there, Benazir says I will kill jalal and will jump in river s nobody will know about me then mali will free himself and will be mine.

Salima comes to hamida and asks for a suggestion, they both think about Jodha’s words and Hamida says her allegations proved wrong. Salima says Jodha never say false things and never puts wrong allegations on anyone. Hamida says but she was proved wrong. Salima says if one doesnt have proof that doesnt mean she is not saying truth, hamida says if thats the case then we should keep an eye on Benazir, she ask salima to provide support to Jodha as she is all alone, Salima assures her.

Jodha is complaining to kahna for not listening to her, Salima comes and says I was worried for you that’s why I came here. Jodha says you also believe I am wrong. Salima says I believe you, Jodha says that means you believe that she is poisonous, Salima says she proved herself but if you are saying that you have seen her then I believe you, Jodha says I am very happy that there is someone who is always with me, like me jalal is also important for you and we should make sure that benazir stays away from him, Salima says opposite is happening as jalal and benazir are going to darbar as benazir had a wish, Jodha says not wish she just wants to kill jalal and got a chance, I have to do something so jalal doesnt go along with her, what should we do save jalal from her poison..


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