Jodha Akbar Friday 22nd October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Friday 22nd October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Friday 22nd October 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Friday 22 October 2021, Jodha says to ruks that Salim liked a girl in Amer and that girl is Mann bai, she likes Salim too, we will announce their relation on the anniversary day, Ruks says I like Mann bai too, congrats, Jodha asks Ruks to not tell Salim about it, Ruks says don’t worry I won’t tell, Jodha leaves, Ruks says I won’t tell Salim that you think he likes Mann bai as I didn’t tell you that Salim likes a common girl, there will be a fight between your mind and Salim’s heart, who say that you need Mairum Zamani position to rule, all you need to have a great mind to do politics and mind which can think more than Jalal and Jodha.

Salim comes in court and says to Jalal that I rejected heir’s position earlier, I want to take it now, all smile, Jalal comes to Salim and says it’s your right only and I am happy to give it to you, he asks Maan to bring heir’s stamp and sword, Salim sits on the throne of an heir, his aarti is done, then priest makes him wear heir’s turban, Jalal smiles and gives him the sword of an heir, he accepts it, Jalal hugs Salim, all say congrats, then Salim is given a stamp of an heir, Jalal says now you can use the stamp and can pass any order for people’s good, Salim nods. ruks says Salim has won the task but right is mine, will use Salim’s stamp and write statements.

Salim calls Qadir in the palace, he says from today you are a soldier of Mughal army, Qadir says don’t know how to thank you, Salim says by hugging me, he hugs him, Salim says to other soldiers that you all do a great job so I am raising your position from a soldier. all soldiers chant for him. Haidar sees this, his uncle says that finally, Salim took his position, Haidar says you are only seeing Salim as heir but can’t see his future, there will be war between Jalal and Salim as their way of work is different, soon there will be a force of Salim in Mughal’s army who will be against Jalal, his uncle says you will go way ahead, in which army you will go, to Salim’s or Jalal’s? Haidar says I will be on both sides, I will be a snake for both of them, and then will spit venom soon I get the chance.


Jalal comes into jodha’s room who is doing pooja, Jodha says to Jalal that you forgot you cant come in mandir wearing shoes, Jalal leaves shoes outside and says sorry Kahna, I forgot in excitement, he says to Jodha that soldiers are chanting for Salim, Jodha says yes he is taking his responsibility seriously, Jalal says soon his name will be written as great heir then as great king, Jodha says I trust you will give him good guide and what game you played that Salim had to accept heir’s position, first I didn’t understand your point but then I got impressed, Jalal says thanks but it was Birbal’s idea, Jodha says even then you should be praised that you have given the job to Birbal in court, Jodha lies her head on his chest and says this is the best gift for me on an anniversary that Salim is heir now, Jalal says but another gift is to give to you, now come and give me food.

all princes come and congrats Salim on becoming official heir, Salim smiles looking at Aram and takes her in arms, he says to princes that I am just brother for you all not heir, Murad says we are happy that our brother is heir, Salim says I took it for good of poor, I thought I can help poor via accepting this heir, Daniyal says now you are powerful, you can order anything, Salim says power should be used for poor only, otherwise power and respect both fades away, Aram ask will you not use your power for me, Salim syas just order me, Aram says I am sister of heir so I can punish anyone who irritates, Salim says just tell me who irritates you, Aram says my mother irritates me the most as she keep ordering me to do this or that, one princess says yes now you have become queen of all, Aram says I am angry with all, she runs from there, princess says she will be pacified soon, she is like this only, Murad says to Salim that you take rest, its raining, Salim says I want to be here for sometime, you go, Murad says you must be missing Amer girl, they leave, Salim looks at sky, it starts raining heavily, Salim recalls his meeting with Anarkali, Qutub ask him to come inside, Salim says maybe this rain can cool fire inside me, this rain reminds me of my childhood which I want to forget, the bruises which still pains, don’t know what this rain will bring with it.

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Otherside Anarkali is coming to Agra in rain, Qutub says to Salim that you are missing Anarkali? Salim says we miss people who we love but I hate her so much, I want to remove every memory of hers forever. Otherside Anarkali recalls her moments with Salim, they both recall their meetings, song Ishq ki hai yeh dastan. Anarkali says that God make me meet Qutub so that I can ask him that why he didn’t meet me, why he didn’t fulfill his promise.

Jodha Akbar Friday 22nd October 2021 Update Zee world: Jodha says to Shamshad (Qutub’s mother) bano that you are going to be mother-in-law, how our daughter-in-law? Shamshad says she is a very nice girl, Jodha shows her gifts which she has bought for the bride, she says Salim is your half son so Qutub is like my son too, so his bride should get gifts from me, you can’t say no to it, Jalal says comes there and agrees with Jodhal, Jalal orders that there will be the huge wedding of Qutub, Shamshad thanks him and leaves, Jodha says now I want to bring bride too so that I can rule over her, Jalal says am I less for you to rule over? Jodha says you always tease me, I am not talking to you, Jalal sys I tease you so that I can come close to you to pacify you, I have invited Bhagwan das to the wedding of Qutub so that we will final Salim’s relation with Mann, Jodha ask Jalal how you understand talk of my heart, Jalal says because your heart is with me, he says my heart is with you, Jodha says no, I forgot it somewhere, Jalal says don’t worry, we will find together, he gets closer, Jodha gets shy and says I don’t have time, I have to prepare for marriage, she smiles at Jalal and leaves.

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