Jodha Akbar Friday 17th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Friday 17th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Friday 17th September 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Friday 17 September 2021, Salim says this crown is very heavy, I can’t wear it, jalal says it is made heavy so that you remember the responsibilities on your head always, jalal ask him to take the sword in his hands, Salima takes and breaks pearls on it, he gets tensed, jalal smiles and says you will get time to play, jalal says from now Salim will be a minister of Punjab and his salary will be 500rs, Murad will get 300rs salary, daniyal will get 2000rs salary, Javed’s son Haider will get 500rs salary, Shamshad Bano’s son qubutdin will get 250rs salary, jalal says my heir has sat on the throne for the first time today, from now on he will sit with me in court and will see matters with me. jalal asks to start the court session, the betrayers are shown in court, jalal gets angry at them and says that you people were provoking others to fight with Mughal sultanat, you are betrayers and I will not forgive you, he announced to crush them under elephants feet.

Salim is shocked, Salim says no father, if they are crushed under elephant’s feet then they will die, you say that savoir is bigger than the killer, they are bad but you are not, jalal caresses his face and make Salim sit on the throne again, jalal says I am changing my decision, now they will be given punishment to be jailed for life, Jalal says today my heir gave the first verdict and made me realized that I am human and savoir is greater than the killer, I am happy. Jodha thinks Chisti was right, Salim thinks and lives from the heart only, he will bring change in the palace.
Rashid says to bahar that today is a ceremony of the new heir of the palace, I have got the invitation, Anarkali is excited, bahar recalls how shogun bai had predicted that fate will change and she will go to the palace.

Murad says to Salima that why I didnt get a state of Punjab under me, is Salim more efficient than me? Rahim says you will get it too when you grow up, Murad says why will you listen to me as you are all’s right hand and will take his side only.
Javed says to Haidar that look you have got a job in palace, Haidar says I will not stop in only this, I want states, provinces, I will win provinces after provinces and will become king like Salim, Javed ask him to not go against king jalasl ever.
Daniyal is eating, her mother asks him to not eat much now, he is a minister and he should think to work, daniyal says so should I stop eating? she takes the plate from him, daniyal runs from there.

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Salim says to Jodha that I like playing and jalal made me sit in the palace, Jodha says you did justice in court today, Salim says how can jalal order to crush anyone, Jodha says to leave it and wear this crown, jalal comes there too, Salim says no I dont wanna wear it, Jodha says you have to wear till jashn, Salim says when I will become king, I will make a huge crown of iron and will make jalal wear it, he will then know how it feels and I will make a soft crown for you, jalal is listening all this, Jodha says what if I tell everything to jalal? Salima has his back to jalal and says I am not afraid of him, a fact he is afraid of me, didnt you see how he agreed to my decision in court, Jodha laughs and finds jalal in the room, Salim says when I will become king, I will change rules and will allow kids to play, jalal says shekhu baba, Salim gets afraid, jalal says so I am afraid of you? Salim says Hamida has called me, he runs from there, Jodha laughs. jalal says to Jodha that you know why I dont angry with Salim? Jodha asks why? jalal says when he laughs, I find you in him, Jodha says and his hair and complexion are the same like you and also his ability of cooking stories, she laughs, jalal laughs too, Jodha rests her head on Jalal’s shoulder.

Jodha Akbar Friday 17th September 2021 Update Zee world: Salim comes to ruks, ruks ask what are you doing here? Salim says I am thirsty, ruks make him drink water, Salima finds paan and asks what is this? ruks says this is Paan, you wanna eat? Salim says no how can I eat this, ruks says why not, you are heir to the throne, you can do anything, eat it, ruks says that I have mixed opium (a narcotic drug) in it, I will see how will it affect Salim, now when Salim will want opium, he will come to me and I will make him addicted, Salim says yes I can do anything, he takes paan to eat but he finds some noise, he sees from balcony Anarkali coming in the palace,. Does he say what this bad girl is doing here? he says to ruks that Nadira has come to our palace, I will go and see her, he leaves the Paan there, Ruks gets and angry and says who is this Nadira that interrupted my work.

Salim comes into the garden, naira finds him setting his crown, she laughs at him, Salim ask why are you laughing, Anarkali says your crown is bigger than you, how you are handling it, Salim says what are you doing in the palace, Anarkali says I have come to roam around, Salim says security is my duty, you can’t go in, she says jalal has invited us here, Salim says jalal is my father, Anarkali says I will tell him that you are not following his order, Salim gets afraid and says I dont wanna talk to you, you leave from here, I have to handle many things, Anarkali jokes that handle your crown only.

Jashn starts, Tansen Raam Tanu starts his song with his band, one band member starts the song, his voice chokes and he coughs in between, Anarkali completes the tune and sings hiding behind the curtain, jalal likes it and calls her infront, jalal ask her name, she says I am Nadira, my father is Rashid, jalal says I know you, in fact, I announced your name, jalal says I like your voice, please sing for us, Nadira sings beautifully, Rahim says wow such voice in such tender age amazing, Salim says why all are p[raising her, after song jalal says great, Raam tanu you should be jealous of her voice, he ask what gift you want? Anarkali says I wanna see a full palace, jalal says you can do that, Anarkali says I tried but someone stopped me, jalal asks who? Anarkali says he was an ill-mannered guy, jalal asks his name? Salim points Anarkali to not take his name, Anarkali says I dont know.

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