Jodha Akbar Friday 10th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Friday 10th September 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Friday 10th September 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Friday 10 September 2021, Zeenat is about to make Hussain lick the poison when jalal comes there, Zeenat quickly hides poison, jalal says where is ruks? she says ruks is taking bath, jalal takes Hussain from her and says I want to spend time with Hussain, tell ruks that I took Hussain, jalal leaves with Hussain, Zeenat is shocked to find that fake poison finger is lost, she says it must have gone with jalal, I have to find it.

jalal is talking to Hussain, he says you are lucky that your mother Jodha loves you a lot, what? Do you want me to become a horse? he puts Hussain to shoulder, poisonous finger falls on ground but jalal doesn’t see it, Jodha sees Hussain in Jalal’s hands and says my child Hussain, she runs to him, she takes Hussain from Jalal’s hand and kisses him, she says I was craving to see you, you didn’t miss your mother, did you create a problem for ruks, jalal says Hussain is smiling seeing you, seems like he wants to play with you, suddenly it starts raining, Jodha says the weather has become naughty too, they take shelter, jalal says look at his hairs, he seems like old man, Jodha says my son is not old, you are old now, jalal says still many girls want to marry me.

Jodha says they want to marry your wealth, Jodha plays with Hussain, jalal thinks that after many days I have seen a smile on your face, I am sure you will get fine if Hussain remains with you, jalal ask Jodha to give a son to him else he will pee on her, Jodha says I won’t get stunned like you so don’t worry, ruks sees them with Hussain, she shouts jalal, ruks starts coming there, Jodha hugs Hussain, ruks comes to jalal and sys you took Hussain here, jalal says yes, I wanted to play with him, ruks in polite tone says to Jodha that give Hussain to her, its time for his feeding, she takes Hussain from Jodha, she leaves from there with Hussain, Jodha gets sad.

ruks is playing with Hussain in her room, she ask hoshiyar to call Zeenat, Zeenat herself comes there, ruks says I was calling you only, I get glad seeing your concern for husssain, I don’t know what would happen if you were not with me, Zeenat says god will happen with Hussain, I am his nanny so I have his duty, I am lucky to be his nanny, she takes Hussain from ruks and starts leaving, ruks says don’t go from here, sit here only, don’t get it wrong, you are the I most trust now, I am bcoming responsible mother, I didn’t like when you gave Hussain to jalal, Zeenat says I couldn’t says no to king, ruks says I know that’s why I have decided that Hussain will be infront of my eyes 24*7, Zeenat says ok and sits to feed Hussain, after sometime ruks says I think his belly is full now, she takes Hussain from Zeenat, Zeenat says I don’t have any work, you can rest, I will handle Hussain, ruks says no, I am fine, I want to be alone with my son, you go and rest I will call you if I need, Zeenat thinks that how will I done my work now, I have to find that poisonous finger too.

Jodha Akbar Friday 10th September 2021 Update Zee world; At night, Zeenat is finding a finger in the garden area, Salima comes there so she throws her ring, Salima asks what are you doing here? Zeenat says I am searching for my ring, it’s lost, Salima says I will help you, she starts searching and find the ring, she asks is this your ring? Zeenat says yes, it is my favorite one, Salima says but this finger? Zeenat gets tensed, Salima says your finger is burnt, let’s go to the doctor.

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jalal says to Jodha that I am sorry for ruks behavior, Jodha says nothing like that, I spent little time with Hussain, that’s enough, ruks is protective as she loves him a lot, jalal says don’t pretend infront of me, I know you, I have decided to take Hussain back from ruks and give him to you, Jodha says no don’t do that, I lost Hassan that doesn’t mean you will snatch Hussain from her, I know what mother feels when she loses her child, jalal says I didn’t like it when she snatched Hussain from you, she should understand that you have done huge favour on her, I will talk to him and if she doesn’t understand then I will take Hussain from her, Jodha thinks that why jalal is not understanding, I don’t want ruks to go through some pain.
food is made for ruks, dasi tastes the food first, ruks eat food then, ruks coughs and ask hoshiyar where is drink, Zeenat says I will bring it, she goes to the kitchen and mixes some syrup in drink, she brings that drink for ruks and gives it to ruks, ruks drinks that.

ruks is playing with Hussain, jalal comes there and says you remember or should I make you remember that how you were begging infront of Jodha and Jodha gave her child to you, being a great woman but you are still very small, how can you get so low that you didn’t allow dadi to touch Hussain, what you think that they will snatch Hussain, ruks says nobody thinks that Hussain Is my child, I just want Hussain to be safe, I don’t want any harm come near him, didn’t you see what happened with Husain, everyone used to play with him and he became ill, I can’t be irresponsible like Jodha, jalal says how dare you, don’t forget that Jodha gave you the happiness of being mother, ruks says I don’t care about anyone, I only care about Hussain, jalal says to try and understand, I just want Hussain to be with Jodha for some time then I will give Hussain back to you, Ruks says that Hassan died because of Jodha’s carelessness and you are protecting her? jalal shouts and raises his hand to slap her, ruks suddenly feels something in her stomach and feels like vomiting. jalal holds ruks and calls the doctor.

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ruks is unconscious, jalal says to doctor that I shouldn’t shout at her that’s why she became unconscious, the doctor says nothing like that, she is having fever, ruks wake up and ask the doctor to make her right fast as she has to protect Hussain, the doctor says but it is my suggestion that you should be away from Hussain for one week as a child can get ill too, ruks says ok Zeenat and some dasies will look after Hussain, jalal says its enough, you cant give Hussain to his real mother, Hamida says to give him to Judah for one week, Salima says I will be with Hussain too, jalal says to its decided that till you don’t get fine, Hussain will be with Jodha, jalal takes Hussain and leaves from there.

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