Jiji Maa Wednesday 29 July 2020 Update On Adom Tv

Jiji Maa Wednesday 29 July 2020 Update
Jiji Maa Wednesday 29 July 2020 Update

Jiji Maa Wednesday 29 July 2020 Update On Adom Tv.

On  Jiji Maa Wednesday 29th July 2020 Update, Falguni playing with a paper plane. Uttara sees the bond paper and worries. Suyash says you have made nice plane. Uttara asks her to go upstairs and play. Suyash checks the paper and asks Falguni to give the rest of the papers. He checks all. Niyati says I will get you a real plane. Jayant asks for papers and checks.

Niyati asks where did you get this. Falguni says I got this from Uttara’s locker. Niyati thinks your game is over today. Uttara thinks it means the first paper isn’t here, I have to think something. Jayant asks why did you hide this will papers till now.

Uttara says there is a reason, you listen to me once, you know my world starts and ends on this family, Suyash and Vidhaan are my heart, I can’t tolerate them to fight, they both are dear to me, when I learnt that my dad in law named entire property to Suyash’s child, I got happy, then I thought about Vidhaan, I didn’t wish them to get separated, I didn’t want this, don’t get me wrong, trust me. Falguni asks her not to cry.

Suyash says don’t cry, we know you are so good. Jayant says we know you kept this family united always. Suyash says even if Lord tells me that you are wrong, I will not believe. She hugs him. Niyati thinks she trapped everyone in her words cleverly once again. Falguni says hero ji is good, he consoled my mum. She hugs Suyash and thanks him. Suyash calls up Vidhaan. He asks him to finish work and come home.

He says I want to name everything to Vidhaan. Uttara smiles and asks what, why. Suyash says I don’t want him to have any complains. Jayant says we will divide it equally. Suyash says you both didn’t differentiate between us, I assure you I will not have any problem. Jayant asks him to think again. Suyash says its not needed. Suyash says I m calling my lawyer tonight, don’t tell this to Vidhaan, its a surprise for him. Falguni plays. Uttara comes and praises her for doing much good. Niyati comes. Falguni shows the chocolate which Uttara gave her.

The drama continued on Jiji Maa Wednesday 29 July 2020 Update as Uttara says I’m so happy, everything will go to you and Vidhaan, aren’t you happy. Niyati says you should be ashamed, Suyash worships you, you just play games with her. She goes to Suyash and hears him talking to Vidhaan. Suyash says Vidhaan is asking me for the surprise. Niyati says don’t do this, Vidhaan won’t need this. He says I want to end mum’s fear, she is elder and have seen the world, there is one way to end the property fight, Falguni would have agreed with me if she was fine today, lawyer didn’t message me, I will come.

Niyati says Falguni knows Uttara’s truth and fought for your right, today its going off easily. He asks lawyer to come in evening. He sees Falguni eating chocolate and smiles. He clicks pic and shows her. She applies chocolate to his hand and says now you laugh. He stops her. She cleans his face. He cleans her face. Music plays. She spoils his face again and runs. He smiles. He sees Gayatri’s pic and says you would be happy right, Vidhaan and I are brothers, I don’t want Uttara’s fears to get high.

This is the en  of Jiji Maa Wednesday 29 July 2020 Update  on  Adom Tv.

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