Jiji Maa Tuesday 6 October 2020 Update Adom Tv

Jiji Maa Tuesday 6 October 2020 Update
Jiji Maa Tuesday 6th October 2020 Update

Jiji Maa Tuesday 6th October 2020 Update Adom Tv: On Jiji Maa Tuesday 6 October 2020 Update, Jayant saying about Uttara and crying on the current situation in his life. He asks can you make me talk to Uttara, I have many questions, will I get answers. Uttara says sure. Falguni makes the soup for Vidhaan and recalls his words. She says Vidhaan would be happy. She hears a sound and goes out. She picks the vase and keeps it. She comes to hospital and asks Suyash how is Vidhaan. He says he is fine now, you don’t worry for anyone, you raised Niyati alone. She says I love you and worry for you, like you worry for me. Falguni and Suyash go to serve soup to Vidhaan. Niyati asks her to let it be. Vidhaan drinks the soup and coughs a lot. Niyati gives him water. Doctor checks him and asks how did he get cough. Falguni says he just had soup. Doctor drinks soup and coughs. He asks how can you make such chilli soup for patient. Falguni says I didn’t add any chilli, I just added some salt. Doctor says I have tasted it.

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Jiji Maa Tuesday 6 October 2020 Update Adom Tv; Piyali asks him to taste the soup which she got. Doctor tastes it and says its right, you can give this. Piyali smiles. Falguni recalls and understands Piyali swapped the soup. Falguni goes. Niyati stops her and scolds her. Piyali smils. Uttara asks Jayant to come and sit, she will call Uttara’s spirit and make him talk. She asks him not to open eyes, else his wife’s spirit will create a havoc. Jayant agrees. She asks Uttara to come and talk to Jayant. She apologizes and asks him to give her a chance to come back. She promises to make everything fine. He opens eyes and says I got scared of her. Uttara says she is gone, maybe she is ashamed of her mistakes, will you give her a chance and let her come back.

Falguni cries and says what’s her mistake, what shall I tell Niyati about Piyali. Suyash comes to her. She says I will never put Vidhaan in trouble, why is Niyati misunderstanding me. He scolds her. He calls her selfish and says you want to become centre of attention. He gets angry on her for risking Vidhaan’s life. He says I regret to say that you deserve this. She cries. Piyali gets happy seeing Niyati’s rudeness towards Falguni.

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