Jiji Maa Tuesday 13 October 2020 Update Adom Tv

Jiji Maa Tuesday 13 October 2020 Update
Jiji Maa Tuesday 13th October 2020 Update

 Jiji Maa Tuesday 13th October 2020 Update Adom Tv: On Jiji Maa Tuesday 13 October 2020, Piyali lying to everyone about Falguni. She frames Falguni. Falguni shouts trust me, its her game, I didn’t do anything. Suyash takes her out. He says I m not giving you divorce because of Piyali, you begged everyone to accept Piyali, you changed a lot, so I want divorce from you. He gets angry and asks her not to harm anyone else, and just leave. Falguni cries. Piyali says forgive her, she is in a shock. Suyash says I don’t want to keep any relation with her. Falguni cries and goes. She cries recalling him. Chann se jo tuta….plays… Suyash also sees her pic and cries.

The episode continued on Jiji Maa Tuesday 13 October 2020 Update  as Suyash says I wish I could take time back, I should have not made Falguni away from me, don’t know how she thought of killing you, I m sorry on her behalf, she is worried about divorce. Piyali says I know what she is going through, she will hate me, she will think you are doing this because of me, she thinks you have love for her, since her belief breaks, she won’t say yes for divorce. Piyali goes to room and steps on glass pieces. She sees Uttara and says you have gone mad. Uttara scolds her and asks her to say what’s her planning.

Piyali walks on the glass pieces and smiles. She doesn’t say her plan. Uttara says you think I shouldn’t care, fine, I will tell the people that those servants are your parents. They argue. Uttara goes. Its morning, Falguni comes to everyone. She says truth is with me, I didn’t try to kill Piyali, I won’t sign divorce papers, I know Suyash’s anger will calm down soon and he will realize his big mistake. Suyash asks her to stop it and sign divorce papers, else he will take matter to court. Falguni gets shocked. She cries and asks Suyash what is he saying. She goes and packs a bag. She gets the bag downstairs. Piyali stops Niyati from going to Falguni. She asks Niyati to leave Falguni alone. Niyati asks Suyash why is he doing this.

Vidhaan and Niyati ask Suyash not to have annoyance with Falguni because of them. Suyash recalls the doctor’s words and lies to them. Falguni gets the bag and shows all the gifts which Suyash gave her, her special things and memories. She asks Suyash if nothing matters to him. She asks him to burn the memories. Suyash pours the kerosene on the things and ignites fire. Falguni gets shocked seeing everything burning. She saves few things from fire and cries. She runs upstairs. She sees Suyash and her relation ending. She cries recalling Suyash. Suyash comes to Falguni and sees her burnt hand. He kisses her hands. He disappears. She cries.

This is the end of Jiji Maa Tuesday 13th October 2020 Update .

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