Jiji Maa Thursday 8 October 2020 Update Adom Tv

Jiji Maa Thursday 8 October 2020 Update Adom Tv
Jiji Maa Thursday 8th October 2020 Update Adom Tv

Jiji Maa Thursday 8th October 2020 Update Adom Tv: On Jiji Maa Thursday 8 October 2020 Update, Suyash scolding Falguni. He leaves in a rush. He comes to meet doctor and says I felt I won’t be able to come here today. Doctor says you took medicines and managed to come here, you can’t deny this truth Suyash. Jayant asks Falguni what did you do that Suyash was so angry. She tells everything. She says Suyash got much angry on me, but I felt the matter is something else, he is hiding something from us. Doctor says your lung cancer reached third stage. Suyash gets shocked.

Jayant says Suyash’s anger is justified, Vidhaan would have died by your mistake. Suyash asks how long will I live. Doctor says just 2-3 months, come to my clinic for tests and get treatment done. Suyash asks will I get saved after treatment. Doctor says you will get few more months to live. Suyash cries and smiles.

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Jiji Maa Tuesday 6 October 2020 Update Adom Tv

Uttara says sorry, I went to hospital, but no one told me. Jayant says maybe Falguni told everyone to hide this. Falguni says no, I didn’t do anything. Jayant says I don’t want to listen to you. He stumbles and leaves. Falguni says Jayant won’t understand me in this situation, how to tell how Piyali is breaking family by these games. Suyash is on the way. He cries. Falguni cries in her room. She sees Suyash and her pic and picks it. The pic gets torn. Falguni and Suyash think of each other. Suyash says maybe Falguni got hurt by my anger, when she learns that I m going to leave from this world, she will break down, I have stay annoyed so that she gets habitual to live without me. Falguni calls him. He doesn’t answer. She sits awake till morning.

Niyati asks Vidhaan to take rest. Piyali says I will get Vidhaan for checkup, whatever happened yesterday won’t happen again. Doctor says thank God nothing happened to him, take care. Niyati asks what happened to Vidhaan yesterday. Piyali says I didn’t wish you to know. She tells everything. Niyati and Vidhaan get shocked.

Jiji Maa Thursday 8 October 2020 Update Adom Tv: Falguni waits for Suyash and wishes he comes soon. Suyash goes for tests. Doctor says your family should have been here. Suyash says I don’t want to tell anyone, you start the tests. Vidhaan comes home and asks about Suyash. Jayant says he has gone to office for work. Falguni comes to see Vidhaan. Niyati draws a line and asks Falguni not to cross it, as she wants to snatch her Vidhaan. Falguni gets shocked. Uttara learns everything and looks on. Niyati asks Falguni to stay away. Falguni cries. Jayant comes to Falguni.

Falguni says Suyash isn’t answering, talk to him once and ask him when will he come home. Jayant says he will come soon, I spoke to him. He requests her to not increase the problems in the house. She says you also think that I m doing this intentionally. Vidhaan rings bell. Jayant asks her not to come, he will see. Suyash comes home. Piyali holds him and jokes. She asks did any issue come in work. He asks her not to worry for him. Niyati comes and asks do you care for Vidhaan, he is asking about you. She says Falguni broke my trust, you shouldn’t.

This is the end of Jiji Maa Thursday 8 October 2020 Update Adom Tv.

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