Jiji Maa Thursday 10 September 2020 Update

Jiji Maa Thursday 10 September 2020 Update
Jiji Maa Thursday 10 September 2020 Update

Jiji Maa Thursday 10th September 2020 Update: On Jiji Maa Thursday 10 September 2020 Update, Vidhaan asking the driver to say who is this Sehgal. The driver says I don’t know. Suyash says leave him, I will go factory and come and then find out about Sehgal. He gets ready. Falguni asks him to think who is this P Sehgal. Suyash says maybe its mom’s enemy, I won’t leave him. She stitches his shirt button. He says this person isn’t good. She says maybe this man wants to just win, we should stay calm and not lose senses. He says yes, you are right. She says I will come along, I have to meet workers, we will deal with P Sehgal together.

Vidhaan and Niyati check about P Sehgal on the internet and read about the business tycoon. She says there is no pic of him. Vidhaan says we have found about P Sehgal, he is dangerous, we didn’t find any pic or website of him, dad is talking to people about him. Suyash says ask dad not to worry, mail me all the info. Suyash and Falguni leave. He says thanks for coming along.

She says we are just a drop if separate, but a sea when we are together, I m with you. They smile. They stop the car. Inspector asks him to get the car checked. Suyash says there is nothing in my car, I m in a hurry. Inspector asks him to open the dickey. They see the wine bottles. Suyash says its not mine. Inspector gets drugs. They get shocked. Falguni says you are blaming a decent man. Suyash says I have to go to the factory, it caught fire. Inspector says you are under arrest.

The episode continued on Jiji Maa Thursday 10 September 2020 Update as Suyash is put in lockup. Falguni says I have called dad, he will arrange your bail. Suyash says I know P Sehgal has done this. Inspector asks her to go and sit out. He asks Suyash since when is he doing this business. Jayant and Vidhaan get a lawyer to get bail for Suyash. Inspector says I will give the bail only when you get proof for his innocence. Falguni cries. She says P Sehgal has done this. Niyati asks her to calm down. Falguni says Suyash is framed in the drugs case. She gets a video clip and sees someone keeping drugs in Suyash’s car. They get shocked. The video gets deleted. She cries. She calls on the number and talks to some man. He asks her to come home to meet P Sehgal. Niyati says I will come along. Falguni says take care of Vidhaan and dad, I will go and meet him. She comes to the place. The man asks her to sit, till the meeting gets over.

Falguni sees a lady talking to some lawyer and managers while grinding the lep. She says you look stress, apply the lep to your face. The manager says our spare part business isn’t going good. She says buy the business which is running better, throw money on their face and end this. The man says its impossible, how can we do this. She gets angry. She asks the man to pour tea on his head. He obeys her. Falguni looks on.

She asks them to just do what she tells them. The men leave. Falguni says I have to meet Mr P Sehgal. The girl sits on the ground and insults Falguni. Falguni also sits down. The girl says you have many enemies, have the poison, drink it. Falguni looks at her. The girl says its a drink, it makes skin better, I m Piyali Sehgal, Suyash didn’t agree to me and went to jail. Falguni gets shocked.

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