Jiji Maa Monday 5 October 2020 Update Adom Tv

Jiji Maa Monday 5 October 2020 Update
Jiji Maa Monday 5th October 2020 Update

Jiji Maa Monday 5th October 2020 Update: On Jiji Maa Monday 5 October 2020 Update, Jayant asking Falguni to go home. She says Niyati didn’t let me see Vidhaan, do you also think I m responsible. He says everyone is worried for Vidhaan, Niyati is angry, you go home for some time, I will ask driver to get the car. She agrees. Niyati holds Vidhaan’s hand and apologizes. She says even I m hurt seeing you, don’t know Falguni did mistake or what. Piyali shows video of goons beating clients. She says I have done this with them, they have made you cry. Uttara looks on. Piyali says I will not bear if anyone hurts you. Niyati hugs her and cries. Uttara says I got the goons beaten up, but this girl took the credit, she is very clever. Piyali asks Niyati to wash her face. They go. Uttara comes to Vidhaan and sees him. She cries thinking of his words. She says I m bad for world, but I m your mum, you left real mum and accepted step brother, you aren’t hurt seeing me, but how can I turn away seeing your pain, I promise you, Piyali did this with you, see what I do with her. She leaves.

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Jiji Maa Monday 5 October 2020 Update: Jayant and Suyash come. Jayant gets a call and asks Niyati to have some food. Uttara cries for Vidhaan. Jayant gets shocked hearing her. He goes to see and doesn’t see anyone. Suyash gets Falguni’s call. She asks are you with Vidhaan, where did you go. He says Vidhaan is unconscious, I m with you, I don’t want to talk right now. He ends call. She says maybe he is also annoyed with me. Uttara says I have prayed for your son’s well being, how is Vidhaan. Jayant says we can’t say anything now. She says you look worried, what’s the matter. He says I felt I heard Uttara’s voice here, maybe I m stressed and this is happening. She says its not good, you can talk to her, I can help you, you take your time. She goes. Falguni sees Niyati’s pic and cries.

Suyash asks Niyati and Piyali to go home. Piyali asks him to take care and get some food. Falguni calls Suyash and asks how is Vidhaan. He says he isn’t fine, I have sent Niyati and Piyali home, I will stay here,, you have food. She says I m not responsible for Vidhaan’s state. He says we shall talk later. Servant gets food for her. Falguni thinks Suyash has sent it and gets glad. She eats food. Uttara thinks Piyali has done wrong, I will always rule on my family, its not impossible. Niyati comes to room and cries thinking of Vidhaan. Jo bheji thi dua….plays… Falguni and Piyali get food for her. Niyati ignores Falguni and dines with Piyali. Falguni cries and thinks its fine that you had food, but Piyali is cheating you, once you get fine, I will tell you what Piyali is doing.

This is the end of Jiji Maa Monday 5 October 2020 Update.

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