Jiji Maa Monday 3 August 2020 Update On Adom Tv

Jiji Maa Monday 3 August 2020 Update On Adom Tv
Jiji Maa Monday 3 August 2020 Update On Adom Tv

Jiji Maa 3 August 2020 Update: On Jiji Maa Monday 3 August 2020 Update, The Episode starts with Uttara saying Suyash will hurt me. Falguni asks her not to cry. Uttara says just listen to him, and do as he says, else he will not leave me. Falguni hugs her and goes. Suyash asks Falguni to have milk. She gets scared and drinks it. He gets the blanket. She pushes him and runs. She falls down and screams. He asks aren’t you tired of playing around. He asks is it hurting. He lifts her and makes her lie on the bed. She recalls Suyash and her old moment. She gets shocked. He asks what happened, are you fine. She runs out. Niyati comes. Falguni says was this a dream, but I didn’t sleep, why did I call hero ji as Suyash, who is he. Suyash and Niyati come to storeroom and see her hiding. Falguni shouts go from here.

Falguni cries and says I just saw a dream with open eyes, I have seen it before. Niyati says it happens, its called deja vu, you shouldn’t worry. Suyash says like I gave you chocolate before, even now I m giving. Falguni nods. Suyash says this is called deja vu. Niyati asks her to go and rest. Niyati asks what did you see. Falguni says don’t know, my head is aching. Niyati says you sleep now. They make Falguni sleep. Suyash says she has recalled a moment spent with me in past, its a good start. Niyati says yes, she will recall everything soon. Uttara looks on and thinks Falguni will kill Suyash soon.

Falguni comes to Uttara and sees the rates in room. She sees Uttara’s bleeding toe. She asks what happened. Uttara says don’t know what happened to your hero ji, I came to greet you, he didn’t like it and left a rat here to punish me. Falguni gets angry and goes. Uttara cleans the ketchup from her toe and smiles.

The episode continued on Jiji Maa Monday 3 August 2020 Update  as Falguni goes to Suyash. He asks did you see my mouse. She recalls the rat. Uttara gets his computer mouse. Falguni pushes Suyash. He gets hurt. Uttara smiles. Suyash shouts Falguni….falguni says sorry, I have pushed you. Niyati and Vidhaan come there. Uttara comes to them and asks what happened. Suyash says Falguni did this. Uttara says don’t know what happens to Falguni. Falguni goes. Uttara apologizes on Falguni’s behalf. Suyash says I m ready to get hurt many times, I just wish her to get fine. She says I also want this.

Niyati thinks mom would have done something. She goes to Falguni to ask. She asks did you get hurt. Falguni signs no. Niyati asks what game were you playing that Suyash got pushed. Uttara signs no to Falguni. Niyati asks her to take rest and goes. Falguni says I feel like I did wrong. Uttara thinks she lost memory, but she is still being a good wife. She says Suyash did wrong with us. She hugs Falguni.

Suyash gets the first aid box. He sees Falguni coming. She asks him to take care. She does the aid to his hand. He smiles. Janam janam….plays….. he is about to hold her. She disappers. He calls her out and gets sad. Falguni comes to her and sees his wound. He asks her to do aid. She says no, its bad ointment. He says it will help me heal wound, you won’t say anything now.

This is the end of Jiji Maa Monday 3 August 2020 Update On Adom Tv.

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