Jiji Maa Monday 27 July 2020 Update On Adom Tv

Jiji Maa Monday 26 July 2020 Update
Jiji Maa Monday 26 July 2020 Update

This is the written Jiji Maa Monday 27 July 2020 Update On  Adom Tv.

o n Jiji Maa Monday 27th July 2020 Update, The Episode starts with Siyash waiting for Falguni. She comes there. He smiles seeing her. Music plays…. She likes the place. He holds her hand and takes her in. Uttara looks on. Niyati comes to Uttara and taunts her. She says I got one dress for you to cut, and had another one ready for Falguni, I can predict your thinking. Uttara goes. Niyati smiles seeing Falguni and goes. Falguni and Suyash compliment each other. He says I will reach you dance. He dances with her. She smiles. She asks will you make me fall Suyash. He looks at her and asks what did you say now. She asks what will I say, teach me dance.

They have an eyelock. They dance on Hawayein…. They have food and drinks. She smiles. He smiles seeing her. Falguni comes to Niyati and hugs her. She thanks her and says you know hero ji looked a lovely prince, its good you gave me this dress, so I could go. Uttara says yes, see your dress is similar like this doll. Falguni says yes. Niyati shows her Uttara cutting the dress. Falguni gets shocked. Niyati says Uttara has spoiled your dress, you could have not become a princess if you had no other dress. Falguni goes to Uttara and calls her bad like stepmom. She refuses to talk and goes. Uttara says what happened to her suddenly, she called me bad mum.

The drama  continued on Jiji Maa Monday 27 July 2020 Update as Niyati says Falguni got to know that you are bad, how did you like it. Uttara smiles and asks her to say. Niyati says I m glad, I have thought well and did this, I was prepared and made the video to show Falguni, one day everyone will see your true face, everyone will know the truth gradually. She gives the princess doll to Falguni. Uttara comes shouting and stops seeing Falguni. She starts acting sweet. She asks Falguni to forgive her. She sings Aai re hasi aai and tries to convince Falguni. Niyati looks on.

Falguni sits annoyed. Uttara stares at Niyati. She says mum made a mistake, forgive me. She thinks to cry now and melt her heart. She says that dress cloth was very bad, it could have hurt you, so I have torn the dress to stop you, I did this for you. Niyati asks why didn’t you tell Falguni. Uttara says I have made a mistake. She asks Falguni to punish her. Falguni asks her to do 20 sit ups. Uttara does it. Niyati smiles. Falguni calls her good mum and hugs. Uttara says I will leave now. She goes.

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