Jiji Maa Monday 12 October 2020 Update Adom Tv

Jiji Maa Monday 12 October 2020 Update
Jiji Maa Monday 12th October 2020 Update

Jiji Maa Monday 12th October 2020 Update Adom Tv: On Jiji Maa Monday 12 October 2020 Update Adom Tv, Falguni coming to room. She sleeps on the floor. Suyash sleeps on the couch. They both cry. Its morning, Uttara asks Shom to think of her plan, if this works, it will be great. She asks the couple if they are ready to do this. The couple gets scared of Piyali’s anger and begs her not to make them do this. She says don’t be scared, I m there, if you do this, you will get two things, Piyali will never slap you, you will be free forever

Vidhaan asks are you really divorcing Falguni. Suyash says get fine soon, I can’t see you ill like this. Piyali calls him and asks him to take his medicines. She gets water for him. He asks her not to become bad in Falguni’s eyes. She says I know you don’t want me to take care of you, shall I leave you to die, I had hugged you yesterday to show Falguni. He says whatever happened was good anyway. Falguni makes food for Suyash. She sees the dish. Niyati takes breakfast for Vidhaan and goes. The maid says I will add sugar in the dish and get it. She adds something else. Uttara tells Jayant that these servants are of her. Jayant says I have no objection to have them.

Piyali looks on. Jayant says I don’t think its good to make Falguni away from Suyash. Suyash takes the food to have. Piyali sees Uttara signing the servants. She leaves the cat when the food falls down. The car eats the food and dies. Everyone gets shocked. Jayant says how did the cat die. The maid says I have added the sugar on Falguni’s saying, I will show you the box. She shows the box. Falguni says this is rat poison. They get shocked. Falguni scolds the maid. The maid says I was trying to help you. Falguni says Suyash would have died because of your mistake, don’t come in kitchen again. She asks Uttara not to let her servants interfere in her work. Uttara says I got them to serve you.

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Jayant recalls Uttara’s words and scolds Falguni. He says its your mistake, you are careless, why did you give big work to a new servant, you are insulting Sheikh. Falguni says no, Suyash was in danger. Suyash says no need to care for my life, I don’t want to keep any relation with you. Uttara signs Shom to cut the rope. Chandelier begins to fall on Suyash. Falguni sees this and runs to save him. They both get saved. Everyone gets shocked. Piyali goes to hold Suyash. Uttara says Suyash’s life is in danger, is this because of Falguni. Falguni says someone wants to kill Suyash. She sees Piyali and scolds her. Niyati says don’t blame her, it was your mistake. Suyash says this is a sign of our fate, our relation is getting weak, sign the papers and free me.

Jiji Maa Monday 12 October 2020 Update Adom Tv: Falguni cries and asks what’s my mistake, why are you helpless that you want to get separated. She refuses to give him divorce. She says I can’t stay away from you, I know you also can’t live without me, this is wrong. Jayant shouts you are wrong, if he is saying he doesn’t want to keep relation with you, why don’t you get away, free him by ending this relation, give him divorce, leave from his life. Falguni cries. She stops Niyati and says I didn’t do anything, Piyali has done everything to make you away from me, she told me she will make all my relations away, she has done this. Niyati goes. Falguni recalls Piyali’s words and says enough now.

She comes to Piyali and sees her wearing her clothes. She gets angry and asks her to say truth, there is no one to support her truth. Suyash cries in his room and thinks of Falguni. Piyali calls Suyash. Falguni shouts on her to say the truth. Piyali shouts leave me, why do you want to kill me, did you go mad. She catches Falguni. She shouts for help. Everyone comes there and knocks door. Piyali gives a knife in Falguni’s hand and runs. Everyone gets shocked.

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