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Iron Lady Full Story

We are glad to announce to you that Iron Lady Rebroadcast would be replacing Mehek on zee world.

Iron lady will start airing on Wednesday 24th February 202, thereby replacing Mehek from zee world channel.

Iron lady is one of the most interesting series to have ever stared at zee world.

Iron Lady On Zee World Full Story/Cast Summary

Iron Lady full story talks about a girl struggling in her life by taking all the responsibilities, how she lost interest in everything because of the pressure and tension of the family in the title of the series ‘Iron Lady’ was given to Indira Sharma because she never laughed. she always acts like Hitler. her family consisted of himself, her mother, her father (who had left her family to marry someone else), her two brothers and Munna, one sister in the law of Munna and a Mandira sister who operates with every man and a niece of Ishaan.

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she worked for Monalisa Travels travel agents. He managed all her family’s affairs. A story of an ordinary girl who must manage her finances while taking care of her family’s needs. she worked to make her family happy but her family members never supported him in the age of her needs. Everything acts selfishly. They never care about their emotions, feelings. her father had left the family to marry another person but her mother still trust him. When he got a heart attack, Indira was the person who took him to the hospital and made him treated. Still, her father returned to another woman – Jhumpa Lahiri.

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her sister, Munna is unemployed. He just went bankrupt and continued to fool people to make money but did not do any work.

To make more money, Indira rented up her upper room to a new tenant named Rishi Kumar. However, when the story continues, Rishi turns out more than your usual tenant.

From saving Indira’s sister, Mandira from all kinds of difficulties to constantly fight Indira’s battle with her manipulative father, deeper, and help Indira come out personally, Rishi’s personality that is brightly brought slowly through Indira’s cold and hard attitude and she gradually penetrates -Sur start to fall in love with him.

However, it turns out, Rishi is responsible for killing Indira’s other brother, Viren, in a drunk driving incident, which crippled Viren. He just came to Sharma’s house and Indira’s life looking for redemption.

However, Rishi also fell in love with Indira, but what would happen with the love story so all the truth came to light?

8 Years Later

Iron Lady full story continued

Things Have Changed In Chandni Chowk And Sharma Niwas Turned Into Sharm Niwas And Indira’s Father Has Changed And Munna’s Wife Sunaina Ran Away home with Daughter Seher And Indira’s Daughter Indu Is Just Like Her Mother And Calls Her father’s Name And Indira‘s Doppelgänger Zara Malik Khan An Police Inspector From Mumbai And Munna Falls Love with Savita And marries Her But Reveals The Truth To Savita That Indu’s Mother Is Indira And Indu ‘s Mother Lies her And She leaves Home Indira to come back But Sunaina Returned As guru maa And Zaara Kidnaps Indira Kills Savita and hides her body in Bricks But Rishi saves Indira From Zara And Scared Of her. And Zara Disguised as Indira In Rajisthani House Meher treating Sunaina And Seher Badly And Indira’s Mother Teaches Lesson to Meher And Rishi Indu Escapes and Indira Gave birth her child.


Iron Lady Cast Real Names & pictures on zee world

  • Rati Pandey as Indira Rishi Kumar / Zaara Malik Khan
  • Sumit Vats as Rishi Kumar / Ricky Diwan
  • Shruti Bisht as Indu Rishi Kumar / Ricky Diwan
  • Rituraj Singh as Inder Sharma / Kala Diwan Chandela
  • Sejal Shah as Kutumbh Sharma
  • Aakash Pandey as Radhe
  • Moorti Persaud as Jaya
  • Sandeep Baswana as Munna Sharma
  • Smita Singh as Sunaina Sharma
  • Rahul Pendkalkar / Harsh Rajput as Ishaan Sharma
  • Divya Naaz as Seher Sharma
  • Aasiya Kazi as Dr. Shweta Kapoor
  • Girish Jain as Dr Jaswant Rai Singhania
  • Barry Chuckle as Adolf Hitler
  • Silky Khanna as Abha Jaswant Singhania
  • Hardik Somnathwala as Sahil Singhania
  • Rahil Azam as Malik Khan
  • Rohit Roy as Major Kabir Chaudhary / Saheb
  • Dolly Sohi as Noor Kabir Chaudhary
  • Vikram Sahu as Major Khan
  • Abhinav Shukla as Inspector Sumer Singh Chaudhary
  • Mrunal Jain as Sameer Diwan
  • Neha Talwar as Sajni
  • Ravi Jhankal as RajRani
  • Jasveer Kaur as Savita Munna Sharma
  • Kapil Soni as Vidhit Sharma
  • Deepesh Bhan as Pappu Chaddha
  • Gargi Sharma as Mandira Sharma/Mandira Pappu Chadha
  • Preeya Subba as Meher Khan
  • Navneet Nishan as Simi Diwan Chandela
  • Sheeba Chaddha as Dulari
  • Shabnam Sayed as Jhumpa Lahiri Sharma
  • Pankaj Vishnu as Kulbhushan Diwan Chandela
  • Garima Bhardwaj as Nanda Kulbhushan Diwan Chandela
  • Jaanvi Sangwan as Jwaladevi Diwan Chandela
  • Sunita Rajwar as Jamuna Dhai
  • Saurabh Yadav as Saurabh Sumer
  • Nittin Sharma as Vanraj / Inspector Rudra
  • Ranjeet as Ranjeet Kukreja, Owner Kukreja Properties as Special Appearance From Episodes 149.

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