I do Saturday 26th February 2022 Zee World


I do Saturday 26th February 2022 Zee World: on I do Saturday 26 February  2022  Zee World.




Location: Asad’s residence
a courier delivers a parcel that zoya receives. Zoya, placing it on the table, thinks that she should bid goodbye one last time. But she accidentally spills some water on the parcel, and goes on to dry it, wondering that asad might get angry otherwise. While surfing through the papers, zoya comes across tanveer’s pregnancy reprots, which say that she’s twelve weeks in gestation, and she is shocked as she deduces that this isnt asad’s child. She hurriedly leaves having decided to tell this to asad, rightaway. She goes into asad’s room, where asad is sitting upset. She remembers tanveer’s warning, and instantly turns around. But asad having seen her stops her, and says that he knows that she doesnt want to stay here, but he wanted that instead

of staying in a hotel, she should stay here only.(MITWA MOMENT) So that he knows that she’s safe and alright. but if she still insists then he wont stop her as he has lost that right. He asks if she’s leaving rightaway. Zoya says that she would leave after the evening Namaaz. She turns around, in tears and leaves his room.(SAD MITWA)
Dilshad is telling nazma the holy stories. Zoya too comes in then, and hears it all, the story of Hazrat Ibrahim having finally willed to sacrifice his son, after his son asks him to do whats right. Nazma is emotional hearing this. But actually his son hasnt been sacrificed as it was a test by the Lord. dilshad sees zoya and asks if its time to go. she comes in saying that she would leave in a little while. Dilshad continues that with this story, they learn that they should always be ready to sacrifice everything for the truth and the lord. Zoya remembers tanveer’s warning. She wonders what to choose, let asad live with the guilt of something that he hasnt done, and destroy him and his family by letting him marry a girl like tanveer. she thinks that she cant let that happen. as dilshad talks about how they have to choose the right and truthful path always, and listen to the heart, even if its very difficult and full of troubles.





Location: Ayan’s residence
humnaira is again b*t*hing about haseena and razia. ayan comes in, amused hearing it. While nikhat is upset, humaira still hasnt stopped ranting about haseena. Nuzrat says that imran has promised that they would leave seperately after marriage, but nikhat is sure that he wont break his promise. She leaves for preparing for breaking the roza. Ayan discusses it with humaira. Humaira says that imran was wuiet when his mother was shouting at his would be wife. ayan says that he too would say this and agree to her. But then stops himself saying imran is scared of his mother, and he loves nikhat a lot. Humaira says that if a person loves, then it should be shown, how else will the girl know. ayan is emotional hearing this, as humaira tells him what a guy should do when he’s in love.


Humaira again grows sad and on arant about vikram. She asks ayan why isnt he coming. ayan again mumbles, but is distracted when a servant comes and says that she has brought the clothes and asks them to hurry up as its ekadashi. this startles humaira who considers herself a hindu, rajni and she is shocked. ayan asks where is she going. Humaira says that she’s going to the temple so that she gets vikram there, for the ekadashi puja. Buut ayan stops her saying that she cant go like that. He then composes himself and asks if he even knows where the temple is. Humaira doesnt, but still she says she would find out. Ayan offers to go with her too. As they leave, nikhat and nuzrat are discussing about humaira’s condition when she remembers somethings about her past and doesnt remember others. they are shocked when nuzrat wonders if she actually finds vikram.


Location: At the temple
Ayan and humaira come to the temple, where the puja is on in full swing, amongst loads of devotees. Humaira searches around for vikram but in vain. she is extremely upset that she couldnt find vikram there too.She thinks that she cant recognise anyone, and vikram didnt come here after all. Just then, she hears the priest saying out loud, calling vikram’s name to come and take the prashad. she turns around happily, relieved to have found vikram at last. ayan is perplexed and tensed too. She runs after that voice, but seeing the prist as she approaches him, she asks about vikram who he was just talking to and giving prasad. The priest shows him her vikram. She is shocked when she looks in that direction.



Location: Asad’s residence
Tanveer is victoriously burning the pregnancy reports, the proof of her promiscuity. zoya comes in and instead of being tensed, she throws water on the paper and tanveer too, with a sigh at tanveer’s stupid ideas. Tanveer is boggled and irritated too. Zoya says that she doesnt even know how to play, as she should have looked inside before burning it, as its empty and the contents of it are safe with her. zoya says that she lost yet again from her, and the game is interesting only when both the players play, but regretfully, she destroyed her hopes this time. she sarcastically wishes her best of luck next time. As zoya leaves, tanveer is frustrated. the screen freezes on her face.



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