I do On Zee World Sunday 26th June 2022

I do On Zee World Sunday 26th June 2022

I do On Zee World Sunday 26th June 2022: Seher is strained to hear ahil’s remark about her not being sanam, yet is feeling better when he adds that she is as a matter of fact a holy messenger, who gives joy to everybody, and who chamnged the significance of his life. She is disappointed with his showcase of sentiment. he says that his liife starts and finishes with her. she says that she isnt this great, and he is overexaggerating. he says that she certainly is. She leaves on the reason of making laddoos. she leaves. Ahil ponders whats amiss with her, and she has been acting abnormal, since the kohinoor inn Party, and fells as though he doesnt know sanam. She meets rehaan on the way, who welcomes her cheerful diwali and wisahes her all the satisfaction. she also wishes him non resignedly. He inquires as to for what reason is she miserable, and she says that its nothing similar to that.

She starts to leave, when he says that he knows her genuinely, and can tell from her face how strained she is, and inquires as to whether ahil said anything. she feels that she isnt strained for ahil however for rehaan, and that the future that he is wishing her, is with him and not with ahil. He says that he knows ahil doesnt like or believe he should converse with her, and consequently he needed to go, yet till tanveer improves, he cant leave. she says that he wont have any issues atleast not because of her. He is strained, and afterward adds that he needs to tell her something, that he ought to have long back.

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I do On Zee World Sunday 26th June 2022:  SAhe asks what. he enlightens her concerning her copy, Sunehri, absent that he is conversing with sunehri himself. He says that she was altogether different than her. she inquires as to whether in the great or the terrible sense. He gets strained recalling his admission of affection, and afterward the way that she made himextremely upset, yet was arguing for one more opportunity. She pauses, while he adds that he wishes god had given her a similar heart, that she has, and afterward adds that her carbon copy cant consider any other individual than herself, and she is harmed. She remarks that it feels she hurt him genuine terrible, yet it perhaps that she was powerless, and assuming he cannot excuse her. he says that this is which isolates sanam from every other person, as she sees as great in each terrible, however there are individuals, who take your trust and afterward break it. He says that he is glad that the young lady is nomore in his lfie, and doesnt make a difference to him. He leaves, while she is apalled.

In her room, Dilshad goes to the master, that on diwali, everybody celebrates with the family, and that she is sad not to have the option to accompany her family, and that she is powerless to the point that she canmt help despite the fact that she knows, and considers how are her girls. she is strained. She is returned to her past recollections, and the joy, and is strained for sanam, and how seher doesnt even know her association with the house. she petitions the Lord to be shown a way, so she can tell the correct approach to seher, and that she simply maintains that her family should be together. all of a sudden, latif comes in, and begins looking for her dupatta. She begins yelling about her excellence once more, till she finds the dupatta. she wears it, and afterward goes out without closing the entryway, through the cuts of which, Dilshad finds seher strolling past.

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Dilshad imagines that she would havr to utilize this oppurtunity to tell seher that something is off-base here. She wheels her wheelchair out, and begins searching for seher, who is profoundly lost in rehaan’s destructive words, that he told her. She feels that she cannot really accept that that he failed to remember her with such ease, and that she was his life yesterday, and today he doesnt even need to keep her in his recollections. Dilshad frantically attempts to contact her, while she is strolling missing mindedly in the anteroom, attempting to catch her eye, yet to no end. she keeps on wheeling in, as seher strolls ahead. From the overhang, razia too catches garments, absent of whats occurring under. Seher feels that she wont let her previous ruin her prsent, and that on the off chance that god wishes her to go about her responsibilities, in his presence so will it be. She asks from God the solidarity to let her carry on with it. At last incapable to stay up with seher, dilshad breaks a jar to stand out enough to be noticed, and seher at long last pivots. Seher checks her in surprise out.

In her room, tanveer wishes rehaan Happy dsiwaly and afterward gives him Nawab’s cloak, and afterward tells rehaan how lavish it is, and praises that it should be looking pleasant on him. However, he is strained and miserable. He takes it off, and expressing gratitude toward her, he says that he doesnt need it. she says that this is affront. He says that he isn’t keen on seeming to be nawab, and that he simply sees the stains of blood on it, rather than costly workmanship. She requests that he fix up atleast on Diwali. Rehaan indignantly tells tanveer, that Diwali is the celebration of prevailing upon great fiendishness, and that she cannot do that, till she continues to plot against ahil. she is disturbed.

Haya tracks down a letter and a parcel from Rahat, as a gift. She energetically understands it, that he realizes she ought to have been with him, however since he cant come, it doesnt imply that she wont get a gift, and expectations that she prefers firecrackers. She kisses the letters and afterward enthusiastically tracks down fireworks inside, and gets close to home. she says that he cherishes her genuinely, and thus sees in any event, when he is away from her. She misses sanam and dilshad severely, and trusts that they were with her.

While haya is playing with the children, cheerfully consuming fireworks, she is neglectful, that an unburnt sparkler, gets the finish of her lehenga and bursts into flames. The young lady at last carries it to haya’s notification. Haya’s dupatta is land in the fire, and she distraughtedly attempts to soak it. faiz sees it, and finds haya battling to remove the dupatta. He hurries to help her, and afterward helps her take the dupatta off. He succeeds and afterward soaks it madly. haya watches stunned. He hurries to her inquiring as to whether she is alright, and she blacks out and falls in his arms, while he gets extremely frightened and attempts to awaken her however to no end. He conveys her inside.

I do On Zee World Sunday 26th June 2022: Seher sees Dilshad and she quickly perceives her, and asks why she also remains here, and in the event that she lives here or came to meet anybody. Dilshad attempts to pass on to seher, through signals that she is her kid, and that sanam is her sister. she tells seher that there’s risk here and that she ought to leave right away. seher is astounded and amazed. The screen freezes all over.

Precap: Rehaan wishes Tanveer on diwali that he hoeps every last bit of her passionate wishes work out as expected today. He leaves. Tanveer says that when rehaan gets lavish and carries on with an extravagant life, he would fail to remember everything, and that is a commitment of a mother to her youngster. In the interim, a disturbed razia wheels Dilshad away, while she keeps on glancing back at seher, and contacts her with her hand. Seher asks for what reason does she feel that she knows this lady. She is strained.


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