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I do On Zee World Monday 27th June 2022: Seher misinterprets dilshad’s signs, that she needs to go outsidre. Razia finds dilshad attempting to flag seher, about her security, and hurries to her to keep away from seher understanding what dilshad’s attempting to say. She jolts dilshad away, while seher is stunned. razia distinguishes her as her deadened sister. Seher says that razia cannot actually deal with anyone,without any aim. Razia says that she also got to be aware of her, yet request that she center around her work and that’s it. She asks seher not to be companions with anybody. A disturbed razia wheels Dilshad away, while she keeps on glancing back at seher, and contacts her with her hand. Seher comes upto her and gets her, while razia is strained. She tells dilshad to let her know if razia bothers or makes issue with her, and expectations that she will be fine very soon, and afterward they will talk. Dilshad touches her face and wishes her Diwali, while seher wishes her a blissful diwali as well. Razia wheels her away. Seher asks for what reason does she feel that she knows this lady, and whats turned out badly with her, and for what reason is she feeling such a lot of torment. She is strained.

In the interim, Tanveer asks rehaan whats wrong in the event that a mother attempts her level best for her child’s satisfaction. Rehaan officially tells her thankyou for the gift, however says that he doesnt need it. Rehaan wishes Tanveer on diwali that he hoeps every last bit of her impassioned wishes materialize today. He leaves, despite the fact that tanveer shouts to him. She imagines that rehaan doesnt comprehend that worth of cash since he hasnt seen the world yet. Tanveer says that when rehaan gets extreme and carries on with a rich life, he would fail to remember everything, and that is a commitment of a mother to her youngster.

In the kitchen, azhar’s folks with much disappointment, raise a plate of laddoo, for seher to taste, who is entertained at their situation. she tastes the desserts, and afterward approves it, including that from here, they would need to accomplish a lot of work. Ahil begins hollering for her, and they get terrified. Ahil comes inside, while seher conceals them both, and asking whats the matter. he asks her where has she been concealing this time. He gets some information about the desserts, and show up with him. She asks where are they going. He blindfolds her and afterward takes her in his arms, and conveys her outside.

I do On Zee World Monday 27th June 2022: Azhar’s folks are seething at their situation. That’s what they feel if this go on very soon, the couple will expect a child soon, who will acquire the whole property. Ahil gets her out in the yard, which is lit with candles and diyas, prompting a middle table with two seats, and apacket kept on the table. she is overwhelmed and confused. Ahil goes for her hand and strolls her through the lit way, and takes her close to the table. He grasps her hand, while she eyes the lighting and the design. Ahil communicates that this is their first diwali together. Ahil tells seher that on this diwali, he needs something from her, and lands a diya. Then, at that point, he illuminates a streaming sky lamps, and requests that she let it stream away along with him, diverting every one of the recollections of the past, while they start once more from hereon. Seher is strained and reluctant and eyes it ungracefully. He says that he realizes old recollections are difficult to neglect, yet he wishes her on this diwali, that she can fail to remember every one of the severe insights of her life, and the days where wrong happened to her inspite of her being right, while she recalls her experience growing up of eating from the wastebins, and rehaan tracking down selling out from her. He says that he adores her so much, that noone else can cherish any other person to that degree, and she is returned to rehaan’s admission and proposition of his adoration. he requests that she take it. she stands quiet and profound. she at long last is going to hold it alongside ahil, when she refrains her hand, thinking what was she going to do, as this right just has a place with sanam.

I do On Zee World Monday 27th June 2022:faiz takes haya in his arms, and afterward lays her on the bed. He asks why she didnt know about the fire, and afterward raises her with his arms and gives her some water. she then, at that point, rests once more and he inquires as to whether she is alright. she communicates her longing to rest, and he goes along, requesting that she holler for him, assuming she really wants anything. she dosages off. he sees her affectionately and afterward gets upto go, when he finds his string hooked onto her kurti’s string. he gently takes it out so as not to awaken her. He is hypnotized as he sees her resting. He inclines in nearer to her, unfit to oppose himself, as their past minutes streak before her. He draws his mouth right close to hers, and feeling his breath, she awakens with a jerk, and drives him away, staying up with a frighten. She asks him what was he doing here. he says that she is misconstruing, and attempts to tell him of the trap. She doesnt tune in and requests that he go. He lifts his hands and requests that she quiet down and he will leave. Haya finds his palm consumed. She asks him what has been going on with his hand. He says that he got scorched when he attempted to soak the fire. she quickly races to apply medical aid. haya imagines that because of her, faiz’s hand got scorched, and rahat would be exceptionally miserable and upset to hear this, and gets mournful. Faiz gets it wrong. He imagines that he accepts once more, haya still loves him, or probably she wouldnt be hazy seeing him hurt.

I do On Zee World Monday 27th June 2022: Ahil asks sanam whats she thinking, while she stands dumbfounded. she pulls her hand away and afterward leaves from that point quickly, while the light floats away. Ahil eyes her apalled, as she surges without answering him calling her. He wishes her an exceptionally Happy Diwali, and right at that point, fireworks light up, however seher is gone at that point. Ahil tells that he cherishes her without question, getting sincerely wrecked, and that they won’t ever part, and right at that point, sanam awakens in a locked room, noticeably drained, exhaisted and in subjugation, sad, contending energetically to liberate herself, while believing that she also adores him. The screen freezes on both their strained appearances.

Precap: While strolling lost in her viewpoints, seher crashes into tanveer, who taunts her asking when did she get visually impaired as well, or is dazed by the cover of adoration. Tanveer imagines that adoration has got her visually impaired. Seher also answers back saying that the cloak can vanish yet visual deficiency cant. Tanveer is disappointed.


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