I do On Zee World Friday 24th June 2022

I do on zee world
I do on zee world

I do On Zee World Friday 24th June 2022 : Seher strolls inside the room, in a shock, streaked by her past recollections. She finds extra food flung all over, and individuals dozing on the bed, under the cover. she is stunned to have a room so filthy. her feet slips on a banana strip, and sha falls on the bed, and azhar’s folks are stunned to think that she is here. they begin criticizing her how dare she came inside. Seher takes her pad, and afterward they inquire as to whether she is attempting to take their room. Seher is disappointed with their hogwash. She simply takes her pad, and thinks that they are distraught, and afterward finds a blade and starts looking at it, sadly. She attempts to show it to them, and they are terrified and frozen, that she would hurt them tolo like tanveer, and begin blurtiung that what they did was by simply following tanveer’s requests, and afterward requests that she stay here, while they will leave the room. With the blade in her grasp, seher is stunned and overwhelmed as they rush out. She sits on the bed, baffled with their tirade, and figures that its best for her to leave from here pronto. she naps off.

The following morning, while seher is sleeping soundly, with daylight spilling all over, ahil strolls in and is upset to see the wreck that the room is in. He comes to her, and attempts to awaken her, however she pulls the curtains over herself saying that she isnt sanam. He wakes her once more, and she at long last awakens with a beginning. he asks what was she talking about, and afterward touches her face. she says that she had a bad dream, and afterward diverts him by tossing the caution on the floor, and afterward getting it herself. He says that her aggravation is finished, it appears. she guarantees him vivaciously that she is totally fine at this point. He asks her for what good reason is she acting so odd since yesterday.

She is strained. She then says that she is doing this deliberately, as she feels that there is a lot of earnestness in their lives as of late, and subsequently ought to act normal and silly some of the time. she makes himjump tenaciously, until he at last requests that she stop it. he causes her to plunk down, and afterward demands her to close the eyes, which seher has a lot of trouble. At long last Ahil takes out a wedding band, and puts it on seher’s finger, while her eyes are shut, and she is totally staggered to see the extreme shining diamond studded ring, with shock, when she wakes up.

she is stunned that its a genuine jewel, and ahil says that he knows the differnce among genuine and counterfeit. He says that the ring is exceptionally unique, and that it was given to him by his badi ammi, who requested that he give it to somebody, who loves him, yet in addition figures out it worth. He says that it implies the admiration of the family, and in addition to the way that he adores her, and requests that she safeguard it similarly. She says that she would keep it more valuable than her own life. He gets some information about his gift, and afterward she asks what could she at any point give him. He expresses that since she doesnt know, he would need to take it himself. He leanes in to get a kiss, yet she slides to the side, expressing that since she needs to safeguard the standing and thus goes to check whether breakfast is prepared for everybody. She leaves. Ahil imagines that jewels are a young lady’s closest companion, however he would need to do something else to dazzle her.

I do On Zee World Friday 24th June 2022 : haya, with the lamp, thumps on Faiz’s entryway, and lets him know that she has spread out nourishment for him, as the light may very well come anytimte. Her brings up that heartfelt setting that he had made for her in their room just, and is returned to their marriage night. He says that he made plans himself to astonish her. She asks him for what valid reason is he doing this for her. He is overwhelmed and feels that haya is disturbed. He is sorry, and asks her not to misjudge, and since he thought she was worn out, he laid nourishment for them by warming it up, and because of no power, he lit candles. haya resignedly goes along and plunks down. He inquires as to whether she believes that they shouldnt eat alone. He then adds that he also knows that it isnt appropriate for them to meet like this, as its against the practices. she can’t comprehend because of the low light, which make it hard for her to lipread. He keeps on saying that he isnt ready to bear this partition now, and that they shouldnt talk, by custom and requests her perspective from the equivalent. Haya quietly gestures without understanding what he is talking about. he is sorry and guarantees that he wont do anything that make her anxious. She trusts that its great that faiz doesnt have any off-base rationale and perhaps she was off-base in making a decision about him.

In tanveer’s room, rehaan does the dressing, and afterward goes to the washroom, to clean up, while tanveer requests that he turn on the spring too for her shower, and afterward seher opens the entryway somewhat to find what tanveer is upto. Seher believes that the moment she steps her foot on the floor, she would fall and see begins in wide sunshine. tanveer takes her drugs, and is going to get down, while seher holds up in expectation. Tanveer gets down and afterward begins strolling foot by foot, getting away from the lathery water that she has splashed from the start, intentionally keeping away from it, causing seher a deep sense of’s shock and bogglement, contemplating whether she is really visually impaired or is establishing.

I do On Zee World Friday 24th June 2022 : She attempts to postpone her hand before tanveer, as she strolls towards her, lastly tanveer snatches her hand, stunning her. tanveer grins evilly, saying that she blind yet not nitwit, but rather it appears to be that she is, as she doesnt realize that the people who are visually impaired, are elevated in smell, and she knew that sanam has arranged something against her. Seher says that she would be caught in her own snare. tanveer says that her changed disposition is exceptionally alluring and she cherishes a test, when she realizes she will win. Seher also says that she couldn’t imagine anything better than to play with her. Seher tells tanveer that she doesnt understand what she gloats such a huge amount about, yet she most certainly would appreciate, and keeping in mind that tanveer is going to give her a befitting answer, when seher comes by shushing her. Seher advises her that one hand is broken, she would break the other one as well. tanveer is disappointed. She leaves carelessly, and hears rehaan’s voice asking latif for tea, and she remembers it as rehaan, and is overpowered as she pivots to see him. he also completes his call, and winds up eye to eye with sanam, who he doesnt acknowledge is seher. the screen freezes on both their appearances.

Precap: Seher expresses that for diwali, azhar’s folks would make desserts. they inquire as to how could that occur. seher shows them the blade, and inquires as to whether they would set out to reject her. That’s what azhar’s mom says assuming they tell tanveer, she would show her a thing or two. Be that as it may, seher is determined. Afterward, tanveer thinks and communicates to azhar’s folks that instaed of dealing with the papers, she would need to focus on to get sanam in the groove again and in her control first. tanveer imagines that she would need to break ahil and sanam’s adoration.


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