How Zara’s Nikah Ended on Zee world

how zaras nikah ended on zee world
how zaras nikah ended on zee world

A lot of zee world lovers are trying to know how zaras nikah is going to end on zee world, in this post am going to share with you a storyline of how the tv series is going to end on zee world.

so let’s get started.


“Towards the end of the series, Kabir and Zara argue over where Ayesha will go for schooling. Zara says she will go to my school. Kabir says she will go to a madarasa. They smile at her. Zara says we will respect each other’s thoughts. We will give her teachings and let her choose her path. Kabir says we will not fight in front of Ayesha. Zara says she will see our love only. We will spread love only. They hug as a family.

Did Zara really die in Zara’s nikah?


Zara learns about Ayesha’s illness from Kashan and decides to go back only for Ayesha’s sake. She decides to reunite Ayesha and Kabir on Eid. Shahbaz and Zeenat worry that Zara and Kabir might get back together so Shahbaz constantly provokes Kabir against Zara. According to the Sharia Board, all the board members should attend the Eid celebrations with their entire family.

Shahbaz tries to foil the plan but Zara is the event organizer and manages the situation. Rukhsaar returns and the family is unaware of it. Zara and Azra succeed in reuniting Kabir and Ayesha with Rukhsaar’s help. Rukhsaar vows to reunite Kabir and Zara. Zara tried to find out who shot her on 12 April.

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Rizwan misleads her and tells her that he did not attack Kabeer purposely but was blackmailed by someone else. Rizwan begins to plan his revenge against Shahbaz and Kabeer. He plans to frame Shahbaz for Kabeer’s murder. During this time, Kabeer and Zara start working together at an NGO and have to go to a village to help save kids education. At the village, Shahbaz plans the explosion of the warehouse while Rizwan plans to put Zara and Kabeer inside the warehouse so that Shahbaz gets the blame for their death. Kabeer and Zara escape in time and come back to give Khula and separate, it is then revealed that Rukhsaar never intended to reunite Kabeer and Zara and but is instead plotting to take revenge and ruin their lives.


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Rukhsaar, with the help of Rizwan starts planning and plotting against Zara and Kabir but their plans constantly fail. Zain comes from Mumbai after saving Zara from being arrested (which was part of Rukshaar’s plan to trouble Zara ) and Salma and Irfan plan his wedding to Zara. Kabir forbids his family from informing Ayesha about Zara’s upcoming wedding, while Zara tells Kabir to attend her wedding agree to her getting married before she does, which Kabir agrees to. While worsening her condition under the pretense of taking care of her, Rukhsaar’s evil plans are discovered by Ayesha on Zara’s wedding day, but before exposing her, Rukhsaar smothers Ayesha with a pillow and kills her. Ayesha’s last rites are performed, Kabir agrees to Zara getting married, but Zara’s wedding is canceled.

With the help of Imran, Zara and Kabir discover Rizwan’s plans and get him arrested. Kabir then realizes that his presence around Zara is not the reason for putting their lives in danger on previous events. He then goes to Irfan and Salma to ask for Zara’s hand in marriage which they agree to. Kabir takes Zara out on a date and proposes to Zara, but their happiness is short-lived as Shahbaz shoots and kills Zara on that same night. A truck runs over Zara’s car and pushes it off a cliff which explodes and Zara is declared dead.

It has been a year since Zara’s death. Kabir, who goes by the name of Johnny lives in a mosque, he helps police officers in disabling bombs without protection deliberately trying to get himself killed so that he can reunite with Zara. Salma is unwell and is hoping for Kabir to return soon. Rukhsaar rules the Ahmed house and is blackmailing Shahbaz using the evidence of Zara’s death against him. It is later revealed that Rukhsaar was the one who got Zara’s car run over killing her in an explosion. While in the wild, Kabir saves a girl from thugs who coincidently have the name, Zara.

On the day of Zara’s one-year death anniversary, Kabir goes back to Lucknow to visit Zara’s grave which is next to Ayesha’s. On the way back to where he was, Kabir sees Salma in a car with Azra looking unwell. He decides to follow them and finds out that Salma has been ill since Zara’s departure.

Imran informs Shahbaz about Kabir’s return and Shahbaz asks Kabir to return home, to which he reluctantly agrees.



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