High Class Season 1 Episode 9

High Class Season 1 Episode 9
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Yeo Wool was arrested and questioned by the police as a suspect of murder. Yeo Wool quickly mentions immediately singing to help before they look for his house. Then Yeo Wool warned Na Yoon for reporting the wrong statement. Meanwhile, the police find out who turned off the circuit breaker at school at night.

High Class

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 9

Episode Title: The Final Request

Air Date: Oct 4, 2021

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Snowpiercer returned this week for the second piece of Sci-Fi Dystopian and one thing to be sure – finale formed to be an episode that could not be purified. With a battle line drawn and some decent drama throughout, Snowpiercer really came alone for the past few weeks to end things ready for the second season.

Episode 9 Snowpiercer starts with Melanie imprisoned with other men and women from the tail. When the train demands blood, he watches helplessly as a man is executed. With a face mask connected to the outside, his face twisted and froze.

With a fight regarding a deadlock, for now, rich and poor passengers have very different ideas to handle the next stage of ongoing rebellion. Pike was released along the train and, as we saw in the previous episode, working with class 1. He presented their offer to Layton which included him gave up with Jackboots rewards that did not spur each carriage and killed many people. Give him an hour to decide, Layton reflects on what to do next.

In class 1, Ruth who was angry began to filter through the Melanie cabin and found the audio log from Mr. Wilford. Take control over the train itself for now, while Melanie sits in the execution chair. Fortunately, he was saved by one of the engineers who guided him directly to Jinju. The girl tried in vain convincing Melanie to fight the soldiers directly but she had a different idea.

Layton finally decided to bite and give up. Pike Heads Back-Train to deliver the news but as he did, Melanie crawled out ventilation and facing Layton. He decided to work with them and explained how they could take the train for themselves. With a fork on the track appears and all Jackboot gathered together, it’s just the opportunity they need to take the train. If they succeeded, Melanie agreed to retreat and hand over leadership duties to Layton.

With a plan on the spot, Layton heads the train and signed a declaration of submission because the pictures flinched. The plan kicked into the teeth and broken fight, with Roche helping Layton escape. Time slowly counted down when Layton was forced to make a difficult decision and sacrifice many of his friends for the good of the bigger train.

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