Hamari Wali Good News 6 Wednesday January 2021 Written Episode

Hamari Wali Good News 6 Wednesday January 2021 Written

Hamari Wali Good News 6th January 2021 Written Episode: On Hamari Wali Good News 6 January 2021 Written Episode, Renuka was arrested. Adi and Navya are worried. Sumitra and Alok look and smile. Renuka is locked. He cried remember everything. Mukund is also sad. He thought of Renuka. Layi vi na gay …plays … Adi argued with the inspector. He said I wanted to meet my mother. Inspector asked him to think about his manners. Adi said my mother was innocent, you would know it easily, she was framed, I asked you to make me meet him. The inspector says alright, only 5 minutes, go and meet him. Navya spoke to lawyers. He asks why you can’t take it. He also spoke with women’s NGOs. Adi met Renuka. He cried and said what happened. He hit his head at the bar. Renuka asked him to listen, lying could be big, but not long.

He said, believe me, God would always be with me, having faith. He said I didn’t trust Bansiwala, dad didn’t believe you, that you can’t do this, I’ll take you and Navya stay away from this city, we are not related to Mukund IT now. Navya goes home. Poonam asks if you find a way. Navya said no, no one wants to fight Alok and Sanjay. Poonam said there would be someone who supported Renuka. Adi asks what is left in this city, in the family. Renuka asked Adi to leave. Adi asks how you think I will leave you and leave. He asked how I would forget my values, how would I leave your father with his sister and go to another city, he has insulted you, even then you think he will accept you, I will keep you away from Mukund’s shadow. Navya came and said Renuka would not stay here now. He held Renuka’s hand.

He said if you want to stay in the house, then I’m with you. Adi asked if you were angry, Mukund had filed a criminal case on Renuka and did Shraddh, no lawyer who wanted to take his case. Navya said we got a lawyer to fight this case. He asks who. He smiled and showed Poonam. Poonam said I would fight your case. He held Renuka’s hand. Navya said Mum had studied the law and practised too, he got a job and left the practice. Poonam asks how I can help you, tell me, you fight with the world for my daughter, can’t I fight your case. Adi and Renuka cry.

Renuka gets a guarantee. Navya said we wrote it in a bail application that you took the knife in self-defence. Inspector said you could not leave the city until the case took place. Poonam asked him not to worry.

Mukund is sad. Sumitra came to him. He washing his brain. She goes. He said he could return to his wife. Mukund came to the police station. Renuka smiled at him. He said I knew that you will come, I know the truth, you can’t do this with me. He showed a divorce paper. He said I have signed it, you also sign, you are dead for me, you are still alive for the community, so this divorce is Imp. Adi clapped. He said I didn’t believe Bansiwale and this man, he could never understand your love, sacrifice, and truth, stop dreaming. Renuka said one day this truth would come out, Mukund and Bansiwale would listen to me. Mukund asked him to sign a paper. Navya says you will regret a little when you know the truth. The newspaper flies far from his hand. He ran to get it. The newspapers burn by falling above Diya in Bansale’s Jhanki. Renuka smiled.

This is the end of Hamari Wali Good News 6 January 2021 Written Episode on zee tv.

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