Geet Update Wednesday 26 February 2020

Geet Update Wednesday 26 February 2020
Geet Update Wednesday 26 February 2020
 Geet Update Wednesday 26 February 2020 on starlife. Make sure you read to the end.

Geet Update Wednesday 26th February 2020 

Geet gets it that he has turned hosp in to office,Clap coz I won’t let him go to office, Geet goes to him to asks but he tells her to get coffee.  He coolly replies he needs to get few things done and forcefully makes nurse to say yes too.Clap Geet objects what is he doing making them work, where as their job is to take care of his health.
She says sarcastically yeah who dare to say a word when BABA MSk is lecturing. She says any ways you are always right, what’s the point worrying about your health, so am leaving. She leaves, Mk tries to stop, gets interrupted by nurse who has fax for him, he says bring when you come to give me medicine.
Back at KC, adi tells pinky that Mk has called him, he is going to hosp.
She is happy to hear Mk has gained consciousness offers chocolate, but then decides not to give him, he says I have more good news that I heard geet’s voice in BG. She is very happy and hugs himShockedShocked. Adi is shocked. Saasha overhears convo. She decides to go hosp. too. Adi asks pinky does not she think that maneet’s story is different pinky agree saying just like new starone show. Basically it’s advertisement for pyaar ki kahaani. elevator, that why am I worrying about him?? If he does not want. fine.
He only says it for the sake that he can not see me sad, but when he does not understand I get sad seeing his condition, fine why do I need to worry. She says I will go away, MK stops the elevator in time and tells her no matter where you go I will find you,Heart she tells him do not try to be innocent, first you do what you wish to and then try to patch up.Geet Update Wednesday 26 February 2020.
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He tries to turn her towards him, she brushes, and finally he forcefully turns her towards him and asks to look at him. She angrily says all you know is to give order, I refuse to take it, so do not waste your time here, go away, may be a fax is waiting for you??  He is shocked and incoherently asks if she has heard his convo wit nurse, now geet questions him means he actually asked nurse to bring fax. MK is speechless.
He tells her this morning when I woke up, I found you have filled my life with colour, It feels like I am alrite and nothing was happened to me. Now tell me why are you angry. She says how does it matter, I am stupid, who says things for saying. Mk says no I am crazy, but fine if you do not want me to work I won’t. He lifts her chin, she says that is what you understood me??? Have you thought about me?? I had gone nuts looking for you last two days.
MK is shocked to hear.
He asks her you were looking for me last two days??? You were not here all the time in the hospital with me??? Geet says babaaji what have I told him???. She brushes up saying well you were the one who was unconscious and asking me why was I not there?? MK is thoughtful, she twists it saying well I am worried about your health, but in her heart she apologizes to him for not telling the truth.
Geet Update Wednesday 26 February 2020
MK agrees and says no work. They walk out of the elevator holding hand.
Office staff in hosp, saasha comes in too, adi-geet are worried. Saasha says to Mk, she needs to talk something important. Geet looks at MK. He replies, meeting cancel, you guys have come to see me, I am totally fine, I mean I need rest. Adi smiles, says alrite sir, staff member wonders what has happened to him ?? never seeing him before changing his decision.  other one says probably due to geet, she may have told MK truth, geet interrupts, saying truth needed to be told na that he needs rest. Saasha says it’s difficult to understand geet’s truth.  Geet is in tears, MK is confused and shocked.
Saasha says what ever has happened in the office and now here in the hospital, adi cuts her off saying is not it better that we keep office talk in office, and you heard sir said he needs rest, so lets go to office. MK now staring at adi, Adi gives Mk his phone and asks all to leave. Mk thanks him and says to geet one needs to have phone. Geet nodes.
Nt in the hospital,Sleepy self talk about she needs to be very careful in every steps, but first needs to find out what geet has told to MK. Dev comes behind her and says I knew you would be here to find out what geet has told to Mk. Do not get shy, let’s go and asks MK. NT says do not you try to threaten me, If I sink, you won’t be saved either. Dev replies well he is ready to get punished, but wanna see if she can face the truth. He grabs her hand and start walking, she asks him to leave, he says we will face all together.
MK on his bed reading magazine, Geet at window. He says I am fit, reports are normal, but still I will rest. Geet says hmm. He says just becoz you do not want me to work, she is still stick on hmmm and lost in her own thoughts. He says nurse has given nice magazine, if I would have known it has such a pretty gals, I would have started magazine publication in addition to construction firm. Geet gets angry and tries to take magazine from his hand. He shows her what he was looking.
The drama  continues on Geet 26 February 2020 on starlife 
They talk about each others favorite colour. He says you like red that is why you gave me red rose.  she tries to leave, he won’t let her. He says you know you can tell me anything with out fear, hesitation etc. You do not need to be quite for any reason. why did I feel you wanted to tell me something in the elevator and when saasha had come, If I would have not talked about magazine then you would have still lost in your thoughts. He asks her BOLO NA GEET what is it and again wrong time pe wrong entry devtaara walks in.
geet dev stares at each other. MK asks him have not you met geet before He says yes. Nt is in too, she satres at geet, MK looks to them in confusion. All four in one room. guys be ready for cliff hanger
NT entering… n NT asks Geet that have u told everything ……everything truthfully to Maan Veerji?? MSK looks startled and Dev staring as well… n Geet says…’Everything NT….everything. And btw……what was left to hide? *Geet looks at Dev* NT looks at Dev. Geet crosses her arms and says…. i have told him that we met on the nite of the engagement itself *NT looks skeptically at MSK* Geet looks at Dev and says… ‘Right?’ MSK says..Geet u had told me abt Dev only…..but when did u meet NT?’
Geet stammers n says.. well actually after i got back home and you … n MSK completes saying.. and i was looking for u…!! NT self thot….. ‘Hmmm wow..what love… and guess till now its this love thats saving us coz it appears that Geet has yet not told MSK anything’.
MSK looks at Dev and says ‘Dev… as far as i remember… NT had left home… then what was she doing at home on engagement nite’… Dev abt to answer n NT cuts off n says.. ‘Maan veerji… i had come to take part in ur happiness’. n MSK looks away..!!
Geet says…agreed that Dev is ur hubby…but from the moment he has entered the room he isnt saying a word… Questions are asked to him… and ur answering..?? NT looks angrily at Dev and Dev says.. ‘What can i say… its ur right to say.’ and MSK says.. ‘Meaning?’ and NT says.. he meant that enouf of talk.. Maan veerji shld rest… .right dev?? MSK says..’One minute.. why are u all talking in riddles? Geet ..Dev wats the matter?? Geet …whats the matter?
Geet says..’ all…. i was worried abt ur health…and i kept blabbering on.. u dun get worried’ and MSK self thot..that…whatever u say Geet…ur eyes are saying smthng else……smthng is wrong..that smthng has happened on the nite of engagement. NT says.. ‘ I was thinking that ..i rather go and meet the doc and find out abt MSKs health. Dev come wit me’ we will talk to the Docs 2gether.’ Dev says…..’NT …u’ .. NT says.. ‘What me? And Geet wuld want this only’ and MSK corrects her saying.. ‘Bhabhi…’ and all shocked..and MSK says…. say ‘Bhabhi..Geet Bhabhi…’ and NT says ‘Ji?’ .. MSK says.
‘She is ur soon to b Bhabhi…Atleast..respect this relation. I dun think i need to teach u this. ‘ Geet beams and looks at NT who looks away grimacing her face. MSK says ‘Dev . u go n talk to the doc.. u will get some reassurance’ and Devtara leave.
Geet smiles and says….i will go and get juice for u….n MSK grabs her hand and stops her…n says.. ‘Geet ….ur eyes.. ‘ and Geet says.. ‘What happened to my eyes?’ and MSK says.. ‘Ur eyes speak truth like a mirror..they dunno how to say lie…’ and suddenly MSKs cell rings and its Dadi who calls to ask abt MSKs health and says.. she is making his fave choco cake. and shall send by lunchtime…and asks him to take care and cuts the call. MSK acts as if still talking to Dadi..tat he will send Geet home and MSK tells Geet… Dadi has called u home..she is making my fave choco cake..and she will teach u how to make…! Geet says.. ‘Dadi called me?’ and MSK says…yes…and why are u standing … hurry up and go.
Geet Update Wednesday 26 February 2020 
Geet leaves and MSK self thot.. ‘Sorry Geet had to lie out of compulsion …and that now i have to get discharged fast….so that i can come home and talk to u.’ At Khurana mansion …Dadi is making cake and Geet reaches home…n Dadi surprised to see her…… and Geet self thot..that MSK said that Dadi has called me here to make cake..but it doesnt seem so here…why did MSK do this? Munda tells receptionist.. that prepare my discharge papers….and receptionist says..doc hasnt discharged u yet……MSK says.
Maan Singh Khurana decides when to get discharged …not doctor. So now hurry up and prepare the papers and says..that only when i will reach home Geet will b convinced that i m perfectly fine.
At mansion…. Geet thinks..that MSK wants Dadi to forgive me… so.. he has sent me here… Dadi making cake.. n Geet trying to help… but Dadi ignores her..n then says… that if i have accepted ur ‘Sorry’ doesnt mean that i hv forgiven u…….now onwards my eyes are gonna b on u. one wrong step n!! Geet says.. ‘But Dadima ‘ and Dadi gives her a stern look and says ‘U have hurt my Maan a lot pls take care…that his happiness always remains and if u can do so..then maybe my thot regarding u shall start to improve. ‘ Geet says.. ‘ Wont repeat the mistake’.
Dadi gives an approving nod. ! Geet self thot…. that watever happens after the truth is out…watever he decides…..whether he supports his family or me…… i will do only that which has MSKs happiness and i wont think abt myself for once. Henceforth …this life is only for HIM…… for his happiness ..!!
Munda in hosp alley and says.. ‘Nothings better than flowers to bring true happiness on Geets face’ and is on phone. Yash in the hosp as well n self thot..those kids have made my life hell. and says aloud..Relax…all ur problems will b solved in a few days. and MSK gets off phone and says.. ‘What to do now…. the boquet i hv to send..what shld b the note on it? Well it isnt necessary that smthng has to b written.. only flowers are to be given. …thats enouf. Before today ..i hvnt sent flowers to anyone.’ Yash says.. ‘Just once i find Geet…’ and sees MSK. and says.
if MSK is here..Geet outta b somewhere near. Yash walks upto MSK and MSK is on phone… n says.. ‘I want some flowers’ and Yash says.. ‘Buying flowers?? Well relax ….coz …she doesnt like flowers’ and MSK says on phone ‘She likes ….red roses’ and Yash says.. ‘Wow ..ur an awesome bf.. .getting roses for his GFs new job. .Great..n well this formula isnt in my list even. ‘
MSK on phone and says ‘Do one thing ..just write Maan…she will understand’ n gets off the phone. and says.. one things for sure..on seeing the flowers ..she will smile once for sure. Yash says.. ‘Really? She smiles as well? coz i hv only heard her.. shouting or scaring ppl ..but never smiling… and are u sure that we are talking abt the same girl?’ MSK asks.. ‘Who u talking of ??’ Yash says. .’Ofcourse Geet’…. n MSK startled and says.. ‘ U knw Geet?’ and Yash says ‘Oh so she took credit for the whole thing herself? I tell u these girls…they are totally thankless… btw…yday she met u coz of me’… n MSK looks annoyed..n says ‘Due to u?’ and Yash nods..n MSK asks ‘Who are u?’ and Yash streches hand and says.. ‘Hi…m Yash Malhotra..’ and MSK says.. ‘Why wuld i want to know u?’ and Yash says… ‘Well the happiness for which ur ordering flowers has been given to Geet by me…….that is the job Geet has got has been given by me…from today’ and MSK shocked and says.. ‘Geet is joining ur company?’ and Yash says.. ‘Obviously since she had to fulfil her promise … btw tell me where is Geet ? I cant locate her’ and MSK gives a touf look and Yash says…..if u dun wanna tel dont….why giving such touf looks…i will search on my own and leaves.
MSK says.. ‘Geet is leaving KC and looking for another job? Why din she tell me?’ MSKs moby rings and its Geet who says.. ‘U lied to me… U told me Dadi is calling me home..whereas she din even know dat i was cmng home. There has to b some plan of urs behind this. ‘ MSK says..i m cmng home…n we wil talk. then……..n Geet says.
‘What? Ur comng home? But doc told u that u cant get discharge for next two days..n so thats why u sent me home to do as u please…wait let me call doc ….if ur health deteriorates??’ MSK says.. ‘Geet listen to me …i m perfectly fine..i m coming after meeting doc…we will meet at home’ and cuts the call.
This is the end of Geet Update Wednesday 26 February 2020.
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