Geet Update Wednesday 12 February 2020

This is Geet Update Wednesday 12 February 2020.

Geet Update Wednesday 12th February 2020

On Geet Update Wednesday 12 February 2020: Maan shouts that helping a girl who fainted without help is considered a crime in this city. Next time if he sees Geet dying also he wont do anything for her.

Geet update Wednesday 12 February 2020
Geet update Wednesday 12 February 2020

Geet regains concience and she comes down from his arms. Geet’s mother takes Geet inside. Brij and the men deal with Maan.

Geet is sitting in the hall surrounded by all the women. She is lost in her own world  People are talking around her..asking her questions..but she is not bothered. She is shown thinking of flash-backs with Dev. When he kissed her at the airport..he said ILU ..put flowers on her..etc etc. Then the zameen papers been given to him..and the zameen papers with Maan now..Tears roll down her eyes..  thinking about all this. Now she realises FINALLY that Dev married her for her money and not love.
Daarji and Brij come inside. They are very angry with Geet. They decide to punish her. Brij gets this black pot with burned charcoal. Mohinder and Rano get very scared and start crying that please Geet should be given another chance. She will ask for forgiveness and all.
But Geet stands up and says that she deserves this punishment and she will give to herself for not believing her parents and family  everyone is shocked too.
Geet sits down..and with the tongs takes out a piece and puts it on her palm..eyes closed..she closes her palms and feels the burning coal on her hand. Mohinder goes to stop her..but then Brij stops him  God he is so irritating.
Daarji is looking on. Geet remembers all her times with Dev. then after a couple of minutes..her parents release the coal from her hand. Geet apoligizes to Daarji. Saying she has now understood that Dev married her only for her money and not love. The women take her inside. Mohinder feels very upset seeing Geet like this. He curses himself for Geet’s depression.
This is the end of Geet Update Wednesday 12 February 2020
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