Geet Update Tuesday 28 January 2020 Starlife


This is Geet Update Tuesday 28 January 2020 Starlife.

Geet Update Tuesday 28 January 2020 Starlife 

On Geet Update Tuesday 28 January 2020 Starlife: Geet rushes to Nizaamuddin. She decides to check the cars parked near the place or ask people around if they have seen Maan. Geet asks people randomly. She is sick with sorry and just wants to see Maan alright! She prays to god to protect Maan. She agrees that she did say, she didn’t wanna see Maan again but that was a lie!..She requests god to just once, show her Maan’s face. She goes inside the Dargaah searching for Maan! She sees Babaji’s dargaah and prays again to show her Maan’s face just once then she would never ask for anything in life.

She closes her eyes and opens it back to see a Thread in her hand, she turns behind and finds a man standing at a distance. She goes near him to hand him the Thread. The man turns out to be Maan and Geet’s happiness has no bounds! There is a extended eye lock session! She wipes her tears and Maan looks at her in surprise. Maan (in trance) asks her why did she come here? Before Geet could reply, a woman pulls her to the Ladies queue.

Geet hands over the Thread to Maan before being pulled. The scene looked as if Geet was being separated from maan and Geet gets restless!
Maan wonders what unknown thread keeps binding them always. Geet wonders what kind of feelings are cropping inside her. Maan wonders why is he seeing the same feelings in Geet, the ones he is fighting with constantly!
“Teri Diwani” songs plays on and Geet keeps staring at Maan. She follows him everywhere. Geet even hallucinates Maan helping her tie the thread and puts a paloo on her head! They both wonder whats happening to the other!

Maan and Geet come close to each other and while walking together, their hands constantly touch! A Fakir comes and blesses them that they would always remain a couple! Maan is shocked, he sees their hands touching and removes it. He tells Fakir that they are not together. Fakir tells them that People follow Gods wish and not vice versa. He leaves both of them zapped!

Maan asks Geet again that why did she come here? Why did she leave Dadi alone especially when she is not well! He scolds her that when he isn’t home, there had to be someone to take care of Dadi! She never does anything right! Geet realizes what she had done! Maan wants to know why did she follow him here! Geet turns around’Maan doesn’t know what to do with her, why doesn’t she listen to him? He calls Geet and and orders her to come home with him.

He warns her never to leave Dadi alone again as Dadi means everything to him. If she exists than his world exists else nothing exists! He leaves Geet hurt, sad and zapped! Geet herself wonders why did she follow Maan like a mad woman. Why did she feel that her world had halted when Maan turned and looked at her! She wonders whats happening to her, what kinda feeling is this and why is she thinking like this?

Daadi having melted ice creams, but hides it when she sense maneet are back. Daadi pretends to be innocent and says to MK that she thought he went alone, questions geet that she followed him?? Geet is quite daadi adds more massala that is why you were asking where is MK. MK looks at geet, but daadi turns to him now, asking have you called her?? you need secretary to bring halva ( he needs her every where) MK goes to say nothing like this, geet cuts him off saying she herself gone.

she feels awkward goes to get water. MK sees water at the table and angrily says water is right here and this gal gone to get it, this gal is so unpredictable ( so does your anger). Finally daadi tries to put some sens in him saying that Maan, I thought you would understand that why is she doing this. MK like robot replies one who is mentally imbalanced can understand why and what geet does. She went to dargaah for no reason. He angrily gives halva to daadi.

Daadi is on roll today, questions him what do you think?? For whom she went to dargaah?? MK interrupts her telling stop thinking and I do not want to talk about it ( more I thot more I feel like go niharoo her faceEmbarrassed) He babbles first the car broke down and now you. he sees daadi smiling so tells her looks like you are fine, so shift to haveli. daadi agrees, but tells him to do self assessment before reaching at conclusion and asks him to find out what is bothering him. MK goes back in FB about fakir’s word and leaves. Daadi haapy.

MK walks out almost bump to geet, he remembers in FB, thread holding at dargah, ( what’s up with you MK, now are you going to grab glass too) He again asks her you have not told me why did you go to dargaah, all geet could say woh.. and goes in FB. MK goes in FB too and thinks what he saw on geet’s face was it and stops. He turns to her when she does not reply.

Finally she tells him I had gone for the same reason, i e. to pray for daadi, MK unknowingly says he has not gone for daadi. He realizes what he said, after solid eye lock he leaves. Geet talks to her self what do I tell you?? Why I gone there?? Why am I worrying about you.

NT in self assuring mode that she was geet, questions her self she is in delhi?? Who knows she abort the baby or not?? Is it that dev knows her being here and is hiding from me. dev walks in and she tells him to give straight answer for her question about why did he talk about geet few days back. Dev is upset and questions back that what happen to her, whenever they are happy she brings geet in btwn and he does not feel like answering.

Now dev’s mind start working over time why is she asking about geet?? Has she seen her??
Geet in room pacing slowly, in FB abt dargaah, questioning her self what is happening with her? He has scolded her so much, then also just a thought of not able to see him made her so upset that she went to dargaah. MK doing same, that how did geet know why he gone dargaah, how and why this gal read his face. MK thinks just coz he could not control his feeling and he feels attracted towards her, he said so much to her
Geet trying to calm her self down, saying forget all, stop thinking abt him. Geet says to her self after so much insult, she can not tolerate any more, she has a fight ahead to fight, she has big responsibility and her hand goes back on abdomen…. she adds she can not let anyone come in her way. Geet decides to leave job and out house for her own good, back at MK he is remorseful that he said things to her which would hurt her the most, he has crossed all the limits. why he always feels that she is right and he is wrong
he hit the shelf and taveez falls.

He now goes in FB about all taveez moments he been so far and thinks what do I do with this gal… why I am not able to go away from her.. but not any more I have to part from her.
Great going now both are packing and ready to leave, while packing geet finds his jacket and kerchief, thinks to herself that she always thot that he may blunt but his heart was good but now why he forgot decency, means I have lost something that is why he has changed, geet goes to return his stuff, both of them talk same time just like first apology scene in office. Finally he yells at her saying you go first coz no one can speak in front of you.

She goes that she was saying it’s better to leave. MK replies he was thinking same, Geet tells she knew this is what something you would say and want. MK is shocked how does she know about his decision. She has read his mind again.
MK thinks he should go away from her fast. He answers back she does not need to think what is right or wrong for him . He can think about himself.

Geet is like I am leaving then also he is scolding DUSHT DAANAV.
She returns his stuff, MAHI moment, dargaah FB, MK back to angry font, thinking this is height, this gal has made all arrangements for my leaving. Geet thinks how eager is he for getting rid of me, he did not even say in courtesy not to leave, any ways he is hopeless. She takes her bag and starts walking, now MK is shocked and skips his heart beat.

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