Geet Update Tuesday 25th February 2020

Geet Update Tuesday 25th February 2020
Geet Update Tuesday 25th February 2020
This is Geet Update Tuesday 25th February 2020.

Geet Update Tuesday 25 February 2020

Geet is crying and asks MK where did he go??? Who does this?? You did not worry about me at all. do you know I was looking for you like crazy, I died every moment, how lonely was I.
when geet is scolding him public sun rahi hai. She tells him if you repeat this then I won’t talk to you, won’t come to look for you, do you understand it and hits him by mistake at his fake injury, apologizes and asks if it hurts,he denies and says in soft voice that is what I was waiting for. I was waiting for you. Instrumental anthem in BG, janta abhi bhi watching shooting.
Geet tells him you always used to say me that you have to keep eye on me all the time so I do not get in trouble, but today what did you do?? I took my eyes off and see what you ended up. Mk says geet, notices finally public is around, yash is smiling , so takes her away.
Meera says to herself some one got love, am so happy, yash blurts out loudly that I am so happy, I was not happy this much at the time of my break up and hugs tightly meera.
Meera pushes him, both are shocked, he apologizes to her and says it happens due to internal excitement, please do not misunderstand me. She replies it’s okay, any one will be excited seeing union of true love. Yash thinks to himself about meera romantic heart and clear mind with smoking heart. I have heard about gals from Delhi, today seen it. He introduces himself to her saying all gals know about coolest, hottest, romantic person yash Malhotra. He starts flirting with her when she replies to him I was in US for 3 yrs.
Meera tells him she does not talk to strangers and when we won’t meet again what is the point in geeting to know each other. He still flirts saying never say never ( I agree) if not US then Delhi. He asks her tell me one thing what I need to do to get to know you. Meera questions him so you never give up or you are stubborn  and walks away. Yash says well you are right, I won’t give up, we sure will meet again sometime. Anyways I did my job now it’s geet’s turn to fulfill her promise.
MK takes geet in Flower room… both are lost in eyes, he wants to say something, he puts his finger on her lips, signals her no, wipes her tears, holds her and plants a kiss on her forehead, she goes up to him, but gives up, D’ohgets shy and rests her head on his shoulder D’oh and another hug. He asks her was she missing him so much?? She moves away but he holds her hand  and asks same question with BOLO NA GEET. In return she reads card, day is not like day so as night, Sun seems faint and Moon seems pale, smile has vanished from lips, tears do not leave eyes, life has become like stranger to wait for your return.
She asks him for assurance if he has returned. Now he moves away and reads, The day and night can not be with out Sun and Moon respectively. Smile and Tears, closeness and separation are complementary strands for each other then how can I have life with out you. He asks her when I was gone from your life so I will have to come back.
OMG OMG this time she does it aka kisses him on forehead. Hmmm means my video was not missing any shot. MK is surprised, happy; she gets shy on her action. He lifts her chin and asks do I matter so much in your life. If so then why did not you trust me?? Why you had gone with out telling at the day of engagement?? What was the reason?? Answer me?? Before geet can reply CV has cut us to NT who is looking for geet Sleepy and afraid what if geet meets MK, I won’t let that happen.
Geet goes to say something but stops hearing dev’s voiceD’oh. who is telling to doctor Mk does not listen to him, doctor says he is not fit, he needs medication, rest and any stress would be dangerous for him.D’oh Geet hears that too. Doctor says we need to find him asap. Geet decides not to tell the truth till MK fully recovers. Geet says to him, you heard what doctor has said, so we need to go. Let’s go. MK refuses to go till she answers. He asks her to tell the truth. Geet tells him, you have accepted me with my past, but last minute I was weaken, got scared with my past, when I saw so many guests, I got scared and thought if they know the truth then what will happen to your rapo and daadi?? He asks her are you telling the truth??? She looks at him, before I could read her facial expression, D*** I see twilight ki desi version.
Geet says..on day of engagement wen i saw so many guests i got nervous….tat if they find out truth wat will happen….. was dadi will think….n wat abt ur prestige .. MSK tells Geet.. u got scared for such a small thing…. look at these roses..u taught me to luv them…. n i told u before..tat between u n all trouble..i wll stand as ur strength… so trust on ur strength..on me.
Geet Update Tuesday 25th February 2020
Maneet join heads…. n NT sees.. Maneet walking in alley as lovey dovey..n resolves that i wont let balance tilt so soon.. n poisons Dadi abt Geets negative influence on MSK..n Dadi says… i will kepe Geet away from MSK … Dev comes n tries to reason…. but Dadi not ready to listen to logic…n Dev stops NT from butts in…. Dev tries hard to explain that Geet cant hurt MSK…n Dadi says.. i cant believe this…. dun u remember..she deserted MSk on enagement day..?? Dev says…things are not wat we perceive… Dev asks Dadi to find out full truth from Geet..
Doc scolding MSK for walking out..n Geet is also busy chiding hubby..Embarrassed n says.. office is diff from hosp……n u hv to follow rules.. Geet teasng MSK…as to what was so imp that u walked out?? MSK says…shall i tell doc..n Geet stammers…n Doc says..i m going out…n says..take care..n MSK says… u relieve me…n Geet says..that..Doc how u order MSk…ordering is MSKs birthright..n MSk says.. shldnt she let me rest doc?? N doc escapes..
Geet too leaves n MSK stops…n eyelock n Mahiiiiiiiii n MSk says..wen u get angry … u come closer to me..n pulls Geet on top of him..n eyelock.. Dadi comes… Geet tries to talk to Dadi but Dadi cuts off…n MSK realises that Dadi is angry..n MSK says…plz explain to Geet that i dun wanna stay in hosp…Geet is keeping me here.. i wanna go home..!! Dadi says…dun b stuborn u need care….n Dadi says…that u hated so many flowers…n MSK says..i like flowers…n Dadi says…sometimes u shld remove the glasses…u see truth.
MSK begs Dadi not to b it wasnt her fault..n Geet tries to explain… n as she abt to say..she is preggers… MSK cuts off..n says.. Geet was nervous that day..she missed her family… Dadi says..wat if she gets scared again…?? Geet assures saying…how can i lose wat is so precious to me…Embarrassed n looks at MSK n says….he is my whole world….. if he is not there..i m not there.. Maan ki Geet….
Munda busy working….n Geet butts in..n stops his call…n both are having hubby-wifey fights.. MSK wants to see his reports wit Geet…..n says..they are give me..n Geet u find out all things…?? MSK says..if i werent ok.. ur eyes wuldn shine.. n MSK gets up n come close to Geet n squeeze her hand..behind her back..n eyelock.. n Geet says.. ‘MAAN’ Embarrassed
Munda says.. MAAN?? Geet says..ur Maan office n not here….n throws away Mundas phone..n MSK says…go get it..n Geet says..i wont get it..coz i wont let u be DD tonite…. n Munda says…if ur going to rule…then i shld rather rest….n we will talk tmrw…n then dun tell me i din warn u.. n Geet says..ok .
This is the end of  Geet Update Tuesday 25th February 2020.
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