Geet Update Saturday 11 January 2020 On Starlife

Geet Update Saturday 11 January 2020 On Starlife
Geet Update Saturday 11 January 2020 On Starlife

This is Geet Update Saturday 11 January 2020 On Starlife.

Geet Update Saturday 11th January 2020 On Starlife  

The episode starts with Maan’s car pulling up in front of the embassy. He tells his driver he’ll be awhile and for him to eat. (Sho shweet..) Geet is then shown walking in the hallway, and the scene intersperces the two – Maan wondering why he couldn’t have done this over the phone, and Geet walking.

Geet reaches the query counter, and the person asks for her passport. She replies she hasn’t got one, and the person asks if she’s here for a visa. Geet replies she doesn’t want a visa, she wants information on Dev Khurana. The person gets pretty angry, and asks if he looks like a railway master (uh honey, you don’t look good enough even for that). Geet tells him to understand, all she wants is info on him.

The guy gets angrier, and wonders why she’s still there. She tells him that Dev Khurana is a traitor, and he betrayed her. The guy calls for security and tells Geet to go to a police station.

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The security guard comes, and Geet tells him to understand, she only wants two minutes of time, but the guard drags her away. He pushes her out of the place, and Geet watches the doors close in front of her. She thinks to herself, well the doors have closed on me again, but somehow Dev I’ll get through to you.

Maan is walking up the stairs and makes his way to the same place Geet was kicked out of when he bumps into her, as she’s walking away. There’s a look of shock and recognition, as a flashback is played of the last time they saw each other – Maan tells her she’ll never be able to go against her family, and Geet walks off.

Maan sarcastically comments that Geet is still alive. Did her brother leave her or something? He asks her why she came here, and Geet tells him that she came to find out about her past. Maan sarcastically agrees, and says that the daughter came here for her family, but her family tried to kill her – they truly are weird.

Maan has never seen such a family before. Geet looks up (with tears.. Maan always reduces her to tears. Make her smile dammit), and tries to say something.

Maan cuts her off, and says he wants to know nothing about her. Whenever he thinks he’s finally rid of her, she comes back into his life. Geet looks at him and wonders if it’s because he won’t let her leave his life?
Maan wonders what road she’s taking now… Canada? So her and her boyfriend can run away from her brother? Geet says he has it all wrong, but Maan again cuts her off and says she’s the one who’s done wrong by coming to Delhi.

She should have stayed in her small town, and silently accepted her brother’s thrashing because it suits her. Geet has fire in her eyes as he continues taunting her, and she tells him he knows nothing about her… but Maan doesn’t want to hear her majboori (what’s the English translation again?) – they’re the people who take everything silently. Once Maan had respect for her, but when she refused to have Brij arrested, he lost it all (sweetheart, when you find out the truth… things are gonna change).

With a last glare, Maan walks into the embassy query place and Geet is left staring after him. His words ring in Geet’s ears as she walks away – flashbacks occur of all those comments her family put against her about being a woman, being told by Darji to abort, and Maan telling her off/advising her.

Geet Update Saturday 11 January 2020 On Starlife  

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Back outside, Pinky is eating gol guppas as Geet walks past her. Pinky asks Geet if everything is alright. Geet is in her own world as she tells Pinky that she will live her life according to her… she’ll never be called weak again as she holds her stomach. Pinky smiles and says that as soon as Geet got to Delhi, she got a job… and besides, she doesn’t look weak from any angle.

Geet says that life gave her another chance, and she won’t lose it this time. Geet will start again in Delhi… she’ll live according to her own expectations, so no one can call her weak.

(Guess who’s back!) Kamya and Pammi are standing as Dev complains he needs Naintara so much, and wonders why they didn’t tell him Naintara was in Delhi. Kamya thought he was still angry at her, and if Kamya said anything about Naintara then he’d become angry at her too. Dev retorts that if she doesn’t have a brain, why does she think? Pammi intercedes and tells Dev that they kept on getting phonecalls so ‘Noor Rani’ went to get money organised.

Kamya was about to spill something, but Pammi continues for Dev to calm down. Dev asks why they couldn’t have just told him Naintara wanted to go to Delhi… Pammi says that Naintara couldn’t bear his depression, and left quickly. Dev isn’t convinced, as Naintara’s been pretty angry with him too… ever since this Geet business started, things have been all topsy-turvy.

Back in Delhi, Geet presses a doorbell, but no one answers. She’s worried about Pinky taking forever, so she knocks on the door and a man comes out.

He asks who she is and she says Geet. He wonders for a second, and says “so sing a song (toh gaaye ja Geet.. gaaye ja).” He moves to close the door, but Geet keeps it open and again tells him she’s Geet, and he says the same thing. Geet finally tells him that she’s come to stay here as a paying guest, and the man says that they don’t accept money from guests.

Just then Pinky makes it back from buying sweets, and it turns out that this is her dad (so I’m going to call him Uncleji from now on). Pinky tries to tell her dad about how she called him to let him know… and Uncleji recognises her as being Mahinder’s daughter, the one he knows all about, but shouldn’t say anything. Geet catches that and asks what he shouldn’t say. Pinky gets fustrated and tells her dad he forgot his wig. She mentions for Geet to come inside.

Pinky tells her dad that although their house is small, their hearts are big, right? Uncleji agrees to his daughter, and welcomes Geet into their house.

He asks Pinky if his welcome was nice, and Pinky replies by making him eat an apple. Geet smiles at their interaction, and thinks that this is the new road for her and her baby. (Such an adorable and light-hearted scene.)

The next day, Maan sits down to eat breakfast. (Wah, wah, he’s wearing a pink shirt) Just then the phone rings, and he tells someone that he went to the embassy, but it wasn’t much help.

He agrees to help someone, but for the last time. He hangs up, and knocks his glass of juice on the ground. It breaks, and he goes to the cupboard to grab tissues to clean it up. This is when he notices the taveez. Religious music plays as he remembers the taveez story – from when Maan and Geet first met, to when he threw it out of his car, to when Geet left it in his car. Maan complains he’s already got so many problems, and this taveez won’t leave him alone.

Geet is in her new room packing her bag, and praying to God. She says that it’s her first day of her first job, and she thinks of what her dad would say – flashback of Geet asking Mahinder how he knows everything that’s in her heart. Mahinder replies that his life flows in her, and wouldn’t he know then?
Geet gets upset thinking about it when she hears singing. She goes downstairs and sees Uncleji and Pinky doing a pooja. Geet prays to God to support her as she stands on her own two feet.

She then thinks Uncleji has a nice voice, when he turns and shuts the recording. He laughs seeing her face and tells her that because it’s her first day of her new job, they were doing aarti. He then realises he hasn’t had prasad, and Pinky passes some to him. She then gives some to Geet who sees half the box empty.

Pinky says that she didn’t get a rishta, or become thin so she ate half of it. Uncleji tells the girls that it’s easy to appease God – just gotta butter Him up. But, goodness it’s hard appeasing a boss, and Pinky agrees. She says that DD (not you Doll :P) isn’t easy to please. Geet asks “DD?” and Pinky explains that the boss’ second name is ‘Dhadak, dhadak’ because whenever the girls see him, all their hearts go ‘dhadak, dhadak’.

Back at Maan’s house, he starts reading the newspaper when a servant comes and says that Dadima wanted him to have breakfast with her because he’s working from home today. Maan replies that he’s already had breakfast – he’ll eat with her tomorrow. The servant replies that Dadima wanted to see him today

. Maan asks if the servant listens to anyone else but her, and he replies no. Maan gets angry, but calms himself, and tells the servant to go. The servant replies that Maan is to come with him or else Dadima will come there. Maan gives up and tells the servant that he’ll be waiting for her. The servant leaves, and Maan leaves himself.

Pinky and Geet leave Pinky’s house, and Pinky mentions that Geet has all the luck. Uncleji says Geet will win everyone over.

Maan is walking towards his office, as Geet tells herself that nothing will go wrong as it’s her first day. The episode ends on Maan walking determinedly, and Geet looking determined.

This is the end of Geet Update Saturday 11 January 2020 On Starlife.

Precap: Dev is on the phone to Geet, and asks for Maan Khurana. Geet says nothing, and Dev replies that he’s Maan’s brother. Geet drops the phone…

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