Geet Update Friday 24 January 2020 On Starlife

Geet Update Friday 24 January 2020 On Starlife
Geet Update Friday 24 January 2020 On Starlife

This is the written episode of Geet Update Friday 24 January 2020 On Starlife.

Geet Update Friday 24th January 2020 On Starlife 

Geet is in tears, hearing all. Mr Chopra says it’s very strange she quit last mnt. MK in anger replies yeah exactly that is the problem with employees, no sens of responsibility , they quit when ever they want. He says do not worry she is not important at all. Geet wipes her tears and says if he feels I am not important then I do not need his company either.

Mannet stare at each other in anger and walk out different direction.
Work speaks for it self.
Mr Chopra praises the arrangements, says what a theme you brought all Indian culture in party. MK is shocked to hear this and remembers what he said to geet about it. Mr Chopra says he does not care who’s idea is but it’s brilliant. MK still in FB.

Geet has changed back to her green dress and packing her stuff as she has no ahmiyat of her in office. While packing she remembers all her office days aka basically all maneet moments ( a quick down the memory lane for us viewers)
Back at the party, Mr Chopra brings MK back to present and asks what is he thinking. MK finally speaks up that the whole idea and success is not his., but geet is the one who did all. I love saasha’s face for a change.

Geet is about to walk out when she hurt herself with chair ( ladki careful, NO MK around) she says to her self today is bad day, she start walking again, limping and foot is bleeding, leaving blood stain on floor she is unaware of it.
Aa gaya Mk walking in the office, thinking what ever he did to her was wrong, what ever company has achieved it’s all becoz of her and her ideas, but I scolded her so much without listening the reason, He comes to her cabin to see she has gone but bloody foot stain is there. MK is shocked.


Geet Update Friday 24 January 2020 On Starlife

Says abruptly that the moment I do not pay attention, she is in trouble and remembers that she was bare foot, suddenly he notices all her things gone too, and goes back in quitting convo, and that is when reality kicks in that she has sure gone. He hits her hand in frustration on table and push pin gets stuck, hand starts bleeding. MK is remorseful, that he scolded her too much ( ab samjha), in oreder to hide his feeling he went too far, he says I am like what she calls me dusht daanav ( OMG MK so you did hear at dhaaba what she said).

Always Better to tell the Truth : one looses nothing
Geet reaches at home for another bomb shell. Pinky’s father tells her she looks sick, so good that I have called doctor (Oh lord, MK come fast to save her) Doctor offers her to get check up done. Geet tells pinky’s father that she wanted to tell him long back but was scared, she knows what has happened to her and tells him the truth about her pregnancy.

Uncle ji is rooted on his place. Doctor starts talking rubbish, you are not even married, he says OMG what people will say?? Geet asks doctor not to say anything to uncle, he has given her shelter, it’s not his fault. Doctor asks uncle to kick geet out for his rapo. Doctor does not stop there says pinky needs to get maary yet etc. uncleji asks doctor to quite, but badameez goes on.

And finally leaves. Uncleji supports geet. Tells her do not worry, I’ll not ask or say anything to you. There has to be reason for hiding this. Geet hug him. geet is worried about doctor. Uncleji asks her to wait and goes to handle the doctor. good uncleji gone Mk only you are missing. Come yaar kahaa ho.

Geet sits, looks at her one shoe and says to herself that she got message this morning, when other shoe went and drop on Mk’s head. Door bell rings, geet goes to open the door, shoe in her hand.
She opens the door, shoe in hand and MK straight walk in side the house , Mahi in BG. First he lost in her eyesROFL and now sees shoe in her hand (LOL) he babbles main ,yeh chappal ,tumhein, geet hides chappal behind and says this is not to hit you and he is like what, He goes I am not talking about shoe in your hand, I have come to return other.

Geet retorts back return??? do you want to hit my head, have not you bashed me enough?? He asks have you gone mad, geet starts crying and says yes I have gone made, do you understand ( OMG geet no hug please varna Pinky ke father will misunderstand)
Mk asks her not to cry, she retorts why should not I cry, it’s my eyes, LOL( good point) my tears, my emotion my chil—- and stops, MK looks at her. She is unstoppable now.

She says I am not robot like youLOL, he calls geet, she turns back to him and says you know what you call my name like my uncle calls his dog tommy, he again calls geet, she goes you see. Mk is hurt hearing this.

Mk pulls him self together and says geet I have come, she won’t let him finish, and adds you have come to see, how am I after loosing job, how much have I cried after getting insulted, right?? He walks back to her and in soft voice says nothing like this, geet asks him then what is it, are you going to tell me that you are upset not seeing me in the office coz you love me. Mk syas geet in shocking tone. Mahi moment. Mannet stare at each other.

Starts from last night’s questioning confession line from geet that, have you come to tell me that you miss me at office coz you love me??? MK yells Geet. Geet says accept it sir, accept it ( what geet your love?? say then), I know when ever I am in trouble why you always find me. MK closes his eyes, MK shocked, then geet adds coz you feel very happy when you see me crying, is n’t it sir??Silly. But let me tell you I am not crying for you, I’ve got other problems in my life ( why do not you tell him geet, he will get dev here right now), do you understand that ( yeah he does, but why do not you understand him geet) she is about to faint, MK says careful, she brushes him off saying stay away from me ( what is it yaar?? Are they taking turn every week to say other stay away from me, last week it was Mk now geet)Confused, she is constantly crying, she goes I do not need your fake sympathy, any ways you must be feeling relaxed seeing me crying ( hey raamji geet if we all can read his eyes then why can not you?? What is wrong with you?? From which angle he is looking relaxed),

she says why are you standing here, go away, Now MK opens up geet you understood me this much only, she is on roll today, tells him that whatever I understood is enough, I have no patience. You just go.

I am tired of getting scared of people, am tired of life ( yeh MK bhi na. C’mon buddy hug her and that will do it. MK all the time you used to grab her in office. what happen to you today??) I do not need your or anyone’s help and support. I can live by myself.

MK is hurt, she asks him to go again and that is it, he goes back in his angry Ramji mode. and in firm tone replies I thot I misunderstand you, but no I was absolutely right and he goes away (haha MK you watch she is going to haunt you like hell, anj what is your status on haunting and priorities??)
Geet at window, MK in car both are vulnerable. Geet pray baabaji show me path and sees broken star ( I never got any wish fulfill so far after watching toota taara).

I do not want to talk but I’ll not keep quite week for MK
Mk enters in the house angrily throws shoe, awww what I see anju aunty as daadi ( naa aunty you are fine for western role) daadi asks what is wrong?? He goes, no I am not in the mood to talk ( now Mk can I ask why you bring back chappal, you could have left at sofa), but does not stay quite goes on what does my secretary think of her self ( your wife what else, but you treat her like tommy), I went to talk to her and she thought I had come to hit her with shoe.

Stupid gal, no she is ill-mannered, daadi all smily ( I miss old daadi) Now MK is unstoppable here, says, she talked back to me, asked me to leave her house ( yeah, you asked her to quit she asked her out of her house, account even), she is the one who left the job, then also I went to manaofy her, but why would she listen to me coz she is the angle from aasmaan, she did not think for once that she is new in the city, what would she do if she quit the job, no but how could she think, she has no brain.

Now daadi is confused how come this happen, it was suppose to be other way round. Geet was the one who went to apologize. Daadi questions him why are you worried about her, he replies some one has to worried about her so I and stops—-, back to his senses looks at daadi turns and says I do not want to talk about that gal, this gal said to me whatever she felt like saying(well she had her day today), She told me that I would be happy seeing her tears, she has no idea what all I did to wipe her tears ( I know, keeping score on it, gave her rumaal 2 times and told third time not to cry coz you did have kerchief). Now daadi says if you want you can talk to me to get things out of your heart. Maan turns back to her says you are the one who says I have no heart, now you are talking about it. MSK never had heart and will never have one. He syas he wants to be left alone and leaves.

Daadi thinks to herself first time I am seeing you getting soften, seems you are ready to open your heart again for love ( hey????? Means a gal dumped him before???Silly Who was that unlucky idiot??? Was it nayan taara??? Broken HeartNO CV please)
Geet on phone telling daadi he is not dusht daanav he is daanav of 10 heads, perfect one liner here when she says all his heads work in one direction only how to make geet’s life hell ( I died in laughter).

Daadi calms her down and offers same job aka secretary for her grand son ( hahahha old wine in old bottle). Geet fumbles and daadi asks what ??? do you want to go back to old job?? Geet says no, then daadi adds that her grandson works from home most of the time so she needs to come and stay in the out house. ( great .

Office main no privacy all the time saasha and Co disturbing so this would be prefect, send dev to office) Geet is speechless, thanks her for thinking her so LAAYAK ( capable) and asks to give her one day time to think.

Daadi thinks if she agrees then all will be fine
MK and dev working out together, as usual MK lost in geet’s thot. Dev asks him if he can also come to office. MK says nothing, dev calls him 3 times finally says what happen to you?? Are you thinking about your secretary again. MK gives him back very nicely that you are my younger brother but it does not mean you can say whatever you want. He asks him what was he saying, dev asks again, MK surprisingly asks him how come now??? You never showed interest in work earlier ( other than gals) dev says I accept that I made mistakes and disappointed you and NT.

I want to grow up now and be responsible, daadi hearing all. Mk agrees and tells him I hope, you will not disappoint me. Daadi plays her card, if dev will go to office then who will take care of her, she has health issues,so why not MK moves back to haveli, she will arrange staff for him at home including secretary. MK bluntly denies for secretary and says your health issues are old excuses so come with new one. Mk asks dev to get ready for office.

Geet is saying good bye to pinky and her dad. Pinky is in tears tells her you really going I thot we will have gogappe as they are on discount.

Uncleji asks pinki to say bye happily, asks her to get dahi sugar ( yogurt), uncleji tells geet that he is aware of the truth why she has decided to take up the job. She is doing this for pinky and him, she does not want any one to point fingers towards them.geet hugs him.

daadi aska servant to take off all the pictures as she does not want to see her Maan’s picture. daadi talks to herself geet should not know that this house is MK’a till he starts working from home

Geet walks in her sauraal, thinks wow I am current and future daughter in law of this house, just kidding she says the house looks like palace. Geet hesitantly walks in slowly, a bit scared, thinks what Mk would have said and brushes off his thought.

Daadi welcomes her and tells she is very happy to see her here. Geet says that she hope her grandson has no problem and wants to meet him once, when she was saying this MK is out side right behind geet. Daadi sees him but tells geet that he does not live here and mumbles to herself first time I am feeling good that MK does not live here,,,, daadi asks her to get some fruits, geet confused, daadi says coz she did not have Bf so please get some fruits from table. Geet goes. And MK enters.

This is the end of Geet Update Friday 24 January 2020 On Starlife.

Make sure you come back for more updates.

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