Gangaa Wednesday 26 February 2020 Update

Gangaa Wednesday 26 February 2020 Update
Gangaa Wednesday 26 February 2020 Update

This is the written episode of Gangaa Wednesday 26 February 2020 Update.

Gangaa Wednesday 26th February 2020 Update

On Gangaa  26 February 2020 Update on zee world: Savitri, Pratab and Jhumki watches the news about Gangaa and Shiv. The criminals had demanded 10 lacs along with visa and passport. Savitri also cheers about the news.

There, Shiv had been stabbed by a knife. He struggles to get up and says they must get out of here as soon as possible. Gangaa was unable to walk and asks Shiv to leave, Shiv holds Gangaa in his arms.
Riya calls Savitri to inform her that Shiv and Gangaa have been kidnapped. Savitri tells Riya to return home as police would help them. Riya says they are going towards the venue right now and will bring Shiv and Gangaa along.

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Shiv carries Gangaa outside with much pain in his bruise. He fell over her lap and asks her to pull the knife outside as its much painful. Gangaa couldn’t gather the courage. He says there is no time to think when one is at verge of life or death. Gangaa finally gathers the courage and pulls the knife. Shiv screams out of pain. Gangaa was worried at the bleeding. She tears her saree and ties it around his bruise. Shiv cried in pain.
The criminals had come looking for Gangaa and Shiv. They had hidden behind a room and comes out when the men had left.

Gangaa Wednesday 26 February 2020 Update
Kushal and Riya had reached with police. They hear bullet shots inside. Riya was worried about Gangaa and Shiv. The inspector calls from outside at the criminals to surrender.
In a room, Shiv cried badly out of pain. He spots police outside the window and asks Gangaa to move on, their destiny is closer. The criminals now enter the room holding them at gun point. Gangaa was shocked to see the man as he came to bear Shiv with an iron rod. Gangaa was successful in snatching the gun off them, she fires a bullet in air and warns them to stay aside. She tries to hold Shiv up. The criminals get through the other way and approach them with an iron rod and hit Gangaa’s hand. The gun fell down. They get hold of it.

Shiv was able to grab the rod and bear criminals. The criminals get out. Shiv and Gangaa places a table to lock them outside. The criminals decide to put the room at fire and burn them alive.

The police had entered the building and had an encounter with the criminals. Shiv and Gangaa watches the door burning. Shiv breaks the glass of the window and breaks it. He peeks through the window and comes to help Gangaa outside. Gangaa successfully steps outside the hole. She urges him to pass through it, Shiv says he can’t come out of this small hole. He tells Gangaa if he can’t get out of here alone, he wants to share a truth with her about Krishna; Krishna is no more. Gangaa was taken aback. Shiv says he is aware Krishna is life for Gangaa, he couldn’t have let her go as Gangaa is his life. 

He says he has seen Parvati leave in front of him, he realizes the pain of it and never wanted her to bear the pain. He apologizes for hurting her and hiding this truth. He requests her to take care of Radhika if he can’t get out of here. He asks for a promise but Gangaa doesn’t hold his hand. Shiv fell down.


Jhumki bangs her head crying for Shiv. Savitri and Pratab comes to her, Jhumki wonders what would the world think if she doesn’t cry. A servant comes there, Savitri gives him money for coronation ceremony and to announce the election for new MathaDesh would take place at the coronation ceremony.

Pratab gets a call and was left in shock. Jhumki still cried aloud. Riya enters the house and runs to hug Savitri. They watch Shiv and Gangaa enter the home with Kushal, injured. Radhika runs to hug Shiv and Gangaa cheerfully. Gangaa recalls she heard a bullet shot, the criminal stood right behind Shiv then but was shot by a police inspector who then saved Shiv.

Savitri says she is relieved to see them alive. Gangaa was upset and silent, she walks towards her room silently. Kushal asks Shiv and come and take rest. In the room, Gangaa cries remembering her Krishna, hearing her voices. Shiv feels helpless watching Gangaa cry. Radhika comes to Gangaa and gets worried why Gangaa cried. Shiv wonders how he must get Gangaa out of this pain.

The next morning, Savitri complains Gangaa didn’t put sugar in tea. Gangaa takes the cup and fills it with sugar. They wonder what happened to her. Gangaa now comes with a cup for Jhumki but drops it half way. Jhumki asks what this is, she wonders what has happened to her. Riya tells Jhumki to think for a while what she might be doing so. She says Gangaa came to know her daughter is no more alive, but they must not speak to her about it. Gangaa comes to wipe the broken glass and tea cup. Riya tries to take the cloth piece from her but Gangaa doesn’t listen. Shiv observes this.

Gangaa walks outside, away from home with the broken glass. She throws it on the un levelled earth and turns to go back. A thorn gets into her foot, she sits there and cry missing Krishna. She screams Krishna, Krishna.
Riya awaited Gangaa at the door step. Kushal comes there, Riya shares with Kushal she must not have let Gangaa leave home. A lady comes to tell them Gangaa was walking towards the forest, worried. Kushal suggests they must leave Gangaa alone for some time, he will go to take her if she doesn’t return after a while.

Gangaa sits up again finds a stuffed toy there. She thinks this belongs to Radhika, then how it came here. She calls Radhika and looks around for her. She finds a piece of saree along with the toy.
In the room, Gangaa comes to Radhika with the toy and asks if this is her toy? Radhika says her friend Namrita also plays with it, she doesn’t look towards Gangaa and asks her to find her tie. Shiv enters the room, Gangaa’s saree gets tucked with Shiv’s watch. Gangaa thinks she would never be able to get well again. Shiv thinks he really hurt Gangaa. Kushal comes to Shiv with some papers for signatures. He says Gangaa knows everything now, why these misunderstandings. Shiv says Gangaa would never forgive him for hiding the truth. Kushal says Shiv now has to become Gangaa’s courage.

Savitri comes to Jhumki who was crying. Jhumki says they must all practice to get to Gangaa’s feet, she know her daughter is dead and she returned to rule this house. They must apologize her before she throws them all out of the house.:

Shiv watches Gangaa sit in the kitchen, lost in thoughts. He thinks he can’t let her waste herself this way. Riya comes to him. Shiv asks for her help, he thinks they must send Gangaa closer to kids in Math. She would be happy while teaching, playing and spending time with kids. Riya assures to speak to her.

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