Gangaa Wednesday 24 June 2020 Update


Gangaa Wednesday 24 June 2020 Update on Zeeworld

Mehri proudly tells Maharaj ji that she has done most of the work. He replies that he has to decorate the house now. Sagar hears about the flowers. Amma ji diverts him that they were talking about the plants. She takes both of them inside.

Gangaa Wednesday 24 June 2020 Update

The landline rings. Sagar picks it up. No one speaks from the opposite side. He realises that it is Ganga. Say something. I know it’s you. Madhvi asks him how is he so sure. He says that he doesn’t know but he is sure about this fact. Ganga ends the call. Sudha asks Ganga to eat something as she will eat late in school. I don’t know you don’t like the food that we get here but how long wont you eat. 3-4 days? Ganga replies that she wont be staying here for that long. Babu and Bahu ji will take me back real soon.

Gangaa Wednesday 24 June 2020 Update
Gangaa Wednesday 24 June 2020 Update

Amma ji has made up her mind. I wont let Ganga come back in this house ever. Ganga and Sagar will have to become habitual of living separately. In the school, Mrs. D’Souza explains the story of Krishna and Sudama to the girls. They both were from different backgrounds yet they always stood by each other. Do any of you have such a friend? Ganga smiles thinking of Sagar. Mrs. D’Souza notices her thus but Ganga answers in denial. Bulbul comments that she wont have any friend. Reena calls Ganga her friend. The class gets over. Reena asks Ganga if she was thinking of Sagar. Ganga nods. There is no point thinking about it. Sagar has forgotten me.

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Sagar is trying his father’s number but it is unreachable. I had to talk to him about Ganga. Only he can help me in bringing Ganga back to this house.

Niru is still in the hospital with doc and police Inspector. Sagar finally is able to connect with him. Inspector goes to talk to Niru before Sagar can say anything to his father.

Sagar goes to the kitchen to get water. He notices the cake inside the fridge and gets happy. Amma ji and Madhvi are relieved to see him happy.

Reena and Ganga are on their way back. Reena keeps talking about what all happened in the day. Ganga thinks of wishing Sagar. I cannot even go to the house. Reena notices a cosmetics shop. She goes to buy bindi for her mother. Ganga notices socks there. She recalls the day when Sagar was talking about socks that easily get hidden in the wardrobe. Ganga takes out the money that Bahu ji used to give her every day. Bappa used to tell me that one should save money. They will come to use today. The socks cost Rs. 60. Ganga only has Rs. 55. Please give me some discount. He agrees. Ha wraps it in a coloured paper for her on her askance. Reena is curious. Did he call you? How will you give it to him? Ganga gets thinking.

Gangaa Wednesday 24 June 2020 Update

Chaturvedi Sadan is fully decorated. Sagar comes downstairs. He quietly picks up the cake from the fridge and heads upstairs. Prabha looks wide-eyed at the decorations. She greets everyone. Yash is tempted by the food items. Prabha starts her drama so Madhvi offers to celebrate Yash’s birthday in a similar grand way. Amma ji taunts Prabha and Madhvi indirectly.

The door bell rings. Sagar’s friends come. Amma ji thinks how happy Sagar will be to see this surprise.

Sagar goes upstairs near the balcony. I want to be with you on my birthday. I will have to come in your style only. He makes a rope using the clothes and hangs it down the balcony. He takes the cake with him.

Gangaa Wednesday 24 June 2020 Update

The kids rush to see the magician doing some tricks. Amma ji sends Mehri to bring the cake. She also shushes the kids. Make noise when Sagar enters. Pulkit ties a big balloon in the centre of the room while Maharaj ji goes to bring Sagar. Pulkit switches off the lights. Pulkit bursts the balloon but it is only Maharaj ji who has come back. Amma ji asks him about Sagar. He shares that Sagar is not in his room. I searched the entire house. He is nowhere. Mehri announces that someone took the cake. Amma ji knows where Sagar will be.

Sagar is running on the streets. Pishi Ma asks Ganga if she is missing Sagar. She retorts that why should she miss him when he does not miss her. A lady informs her that Sagar is outside. She runs out to meet him. Pishi Ma jokes about what she was saying a second ago.

Sagar and Ganga see each other and smile.


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